DocBookers dinner

Volume 10, Issue 135; 30 Nov 2007; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Coming to Boston for XML 2007? Interested in DocBook? Eat? Let's have dinner!

In the spirit of blog-announced geek dinners, I propose to dine with DocBook geeks at XML 2007. That's you, dear readers, or at least those of you who will be in the vicinity of the Marriott Copley Place and in possession of both your appetites and at least a passing interest in DocBook on Monday, 3 December 2007.

Concrete plans always work better than vague ones, so I propose that we meet in the hotel lobby at 7:30p, departing for dinner promptly at 8:00p. There must be restaurants close by.

If you look at the schedule, you'll see that there are events every evening. There's nothing to be done about that. If you're not free for dinner, I'll be wandering around every day.

If you're interested in dinner on Monday evening, add a comment. Restaurant suggestions most welcome.

(And sorry for the late notice; I blame my cold and too much work. Thanks to Keith Fahlgren for the just-in-time reminder!)