One shelf to hold them all

Volume 11, Issue 12; 22 Jan 2008; last modified 08 Oct 2010

I just couldn't stand the mess of cables behind my desk, or in front of it, depending on your perspective.

The problem wasn't simply (or even) that they were an unsightly mess, which they were.

The problem was that I'd get my feet tangled in them sometimes. And the dogs, chasing each other around like lunatics, would crash into them sometimes. Occasionally, they'd yank a cable free. It was a accident waiting to happen.

My solution was a simple shelf:

I'd like to move the two external drives (on the immediate right and left of my monitor stand) down to the shelf too. The one on the left holds two drives, and a couple of fans, and screams like a banshee when it's running.

For that, I have bigger plans involving toggle switches and soldering. My initial experiments have not gone well, but at least the cables are off the floor.