The short-form week of 3–9 Mar 2008

10 Mar 2008; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 35 messages in 33 conversations.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 11:21am

Nonsense, @DaveO, it always rains in Vancouver :-)—@ndw

Monday at 12:45pm

Monday at 02:25pm

procrastinating filling in my expense report—@ndw

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Best invention ever: mute button.—@roessler
@roessler, +1, otherwise you'd be hearing me eat these potato chips :-)—@ndw

Monday at 03:18pm

wondering when the image counter in my D80 reset itself to 1. Glad I don't rely on that for globally unique names!—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:28am

requesting a Fire Eagle invite because, though he has no real idea what it is, it's clearly cool.—@ndw

Wednesday at 01:27pm

scores FireEagle invite from Dopplr. FTW! Now what's a fire eagle?—@ndw

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please tell me yahoo built some privacy into fire eagle. if i share my location with you that shouldnae give programmatic access to all—@monkchips
@monkchips I thought there whole point was privacy but I don't have an account and I have no inside info.—@storming
@storming that's what they said about facebook...—@monkchips
@monkchips gets chin posin' Friday, I claim saccharine Wednesday—@ndw

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22:17: just say no to a pot of coffee—@dehora
@dehora I understand al the words in that sentence, and yet it makes no sense—@ndw

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So, am I alone in my lack of distress over the lack of Flash on the iPhone?—@timbray
@timbray nope.—@ndw
@timbray and since I've been told that unlimited data is included in the standard package, it starts to look more attractive—@ndw

Thursday at 10:17am

struggling to find a way to close the last few XProc issues—@ndw

Thursday at 10:19am

maybe breakfast will help—@ndw

Thursday at 02:14pm

wondering why I can't get into the swing of keeping IRC up on the Mac. I had no trouble on Linux.—@ndw

Thursday at 03:05pm

playing with Fluid—@ndw

Thursday at 03:11pm

travel web site says "LHR" is a restricted airport, please call. Phone message says, "please consider using our web site". Sigh.—@ndw

Thursday at 03:24pm

Hmph. Time Machine failed: Indexing a file returned -1134 aborting backup—@ndw

Thursday at 04:50pm

wasted ten minutes editing the wrong stylesheet wondering why the #$@%! my changes didn't seemt o have any effect—@ndw

Thursday at 05:48pm

contemplating the right way to parameterize XSL FO stylesheets—@ndw

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this will cache your latest avatar on the chinposium—@chinposin
@chinposin update - now that's a chin!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 09:46am

Overheard: “The American people are suffering from Stockholm syndrome towards their government.”—@apag
@apag that feels too true to be funny. :-)—@ndw

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Happy Birthday, @skrocki!—@kevinchu
@kevinchu gets first inbound link—@chinposin
@chinposin update—@marshallk
@marshallk leaks awesome 4k: let me tell you, however, is in fact a valid social media *technology play*—@chinposin
@chinposin update - more chinposin while I wait for an e-freaking-normous svn co to finish—@ndw

Friday at 11:39am

who checked in every version of every binary artifact from every client drop?—@ndw

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@guaravonomics posted @chinposin pic, with distinct redmonk overtones (little buddha)—@chinposin
@chinposin update - one more, while I wait for my commits to finish—@ndw

Friday at 02:08pm

found stash of cheap, nasty chocolates in my office. Why can't I stop eating them?—@ndw

Friday at 02:47pm

pimpin' @chinposin on because I'm James' beatch. *snort*—@ndw

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Wondering just how bored @ndw is.—@roessler
@roessler not bored so much as doing large commits over a slow network—@ndw

Friday at 03:02pm

LOL. IBM Warranty Services just sent me email addressed to %%custfirstname%% %%custlastname%% FAIL!—@ndw

Friday at 06:42pm

open seating at the Young at Heart concert—@ndw

Friday at 09:55pm

Young@Heart Chorus. Combined age, nearly 2K. Genre, classic rock. Result, spectacular!—@ndw

Friday at 11:45pm

reading @timbray and wondering if another pocket cam is in my future. And how do I explain that to my better half?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Saturday at 09:03am

wondering if Plaxo is trustable; apparently it has good contact/calendar syncing—@ndw
@ndw I've been using Plaxo for over 2 years and I like it—@afalk
@afalk thanks!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Saturday at 12:15pm

wonders how close he would be to the next solar system if he could travel at the speed of light since he was born? probably half way.—@briansuda
@briansuda you could have reached any of the ten closest easily—@ndw

Saturday at 09:57pm

chuckle @diveintomark—@ndw