Every street, attempt #3

Volume 11, Issue 32; 23 Mar 2008; last modified 31 Oct 2010

Another attempt to collect the whole set.

I've made two attempts to cycle every street in Amherst. This is attempt number three.

Last year, I failed so spectacularly, that I'm not advertising this page. But I'm still gonna try.

Ride 1 (16 Mar)

From the far end of the rail trail in Belchertown, parts of which turned out to be too snow-covered to ride, down to Bay Road and back through Amherst.

Ride 2 (23 Mar)

Up over the giant hill on Gulf road, back down into Amherst, through the University and back home.

Ride 5 (20 Apr)

Up through Baconville. Who knew Sand Hill Road was a dirt road? Ugh.

Ride 5 (4 May)

Short loop. Dog tired.