The short-form week of 30 Jun–6 Jul 2008

07 Jul 2008; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 40 messages in 37 conversations.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

In a conversation that started on Monday at 02:18am

Fluid is out with a bunch of bug fixes.—@iTod
@iTod Thanks for fixing the missing icon bug in the update.I have one wish: could the update leave my user stylesheets (default.css) intact?—@trieloff
@trieloff I will try to add that next time... Still wanna do a proper Userstyle feature for stylesheets matched against URL patterns.—@iTod
@itod Why did upgrading Fluid cause all my app icons to get randomized?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 04:44am

Fell down the stairs. Ankle has swelling the size of an orange. Ow ow ow ow ow. Hope the frozen peas can perform some magic.—@JeniT
@JeniT Ow! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!—@ndw

Monday at 07:29am

Someone asked for RDFa in DocBook. I wonder if that's a good idea.—@ndw

Monday at 11:48am

Running setup.exe from remote share too slow for words. Wonder if it'll work if I copy everything locally first? I'll find out in two hours.—@ndw

Monday at 11:51am

If you perform a Finder copy/paste while another is executing, the first is aborted!? WTF? Maybe I'm mistaken. I'll know in 13 minutes...—@ndw

Monday at 12:05pm

No. If you perform one Finder copy while another is in progress, you only see the progress bar for the most recent. Both continue. 1/2 FAIL—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 03:49pm

"The End of Theory" is wrong on so many levels.—@timbray
@timbray Heh. Been there, done that (re: parsing RDF with XSLT)—@ndw

Monday at 09:01pm

Mental note: must make more effort to get to OSCON next year—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 09:25pm

SWEET! FriendFeed has released a mobile interface too... great for a Fluid MenuExtra SSB....—@iTod
@itod is missing a "documentation" link where I'll learn things like how to change the app icon. I knew once, but've forgotten.—@ndw

Monday at 09:33pm

Heh. "But've" What one will do to the English language to fit it in 140 chars.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 12:04am

Q: Google used to have a search (not ad) affiliate deal where u earned $ for searches made in a goog searchbox on yr site.this still around?—@iTod
@itod "Location" behaves bit oddly when creating Fluid apps. What's your bug reporting tool of choice?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 01:26am

A new newsletter on mobile tech at Mozilla -—@karlw3c
@karlw3c You have a free portable high performance spoon? Do share!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 05:47am

This is just not healthy! WTF are they thinking? Teaching small kids to fire machine guns is wrong!—@asbjornu
@asbjornu Interesting. I'll try that if it ever happens again. I almost never use Finder, just happened to be copying from mtd win shares.—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:23am

Anyone figured out how to get logo images on MOO business cards. I'm seeing totally nonlinear behavior!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 10:19am

Creepy America's got talent contestant video—@bh5k
@bh5k As magic tricks go, that one is pretty impressive.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 10:41am

Ok, so AT&T is charging the usual extra $ for SMS with the new iPhone plans. What a disgrace.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez Blech. I don't really care about SMS, but I'd like a 225min/mo plan for $35. I'm not sure I use 450min/year on my mobile.—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:50am

Maybe I'll give up my work land line. That'd almost make it affordable.—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:17pm

Why does Chase bank *never* recognize the computer I'm coming from, it's always the same!—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:19pm

Fifty-nine new photos on Flickr. I think I see the surface above me now. Ever upward!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 08:49am

Becoming assimilated. Trying to live without focus-follows-mouse today.—@ndw
@ndw focus-follows-mouse seems like a long lost childhood friend - would love to get in contact with it, but it doesn't frequent my circles.—@aloofschipperke
@aloofschipperke MondoMouse supports it, and it works pretty well, but I finally decided it was introducing odd side effects—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 09:55am

I think focus-follows-mouse is only practical *without* auto-raise and I haven't found out how to turn that off.—@ndw
@ndw what system are you using where you can't turn off that icky auto-raise?—@dcm
@dcm OS X. Since it's click-to-focus, auto-raise doesn't come into play. But the hack to get focus follows mouse effectively enables it.—@ndw

Wednesday at 02:16pm

No, thank you, twitter wasn't distracting enough. I *needed* to join too.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 02:37pm

Despite all the talk about and FriendFeed, Twitter is like eBay, the network effect is too strong, there will be no way out.—@avernet
@avernet Yes, I suspect that's the case. So making it, you know, work would be lovely. kthx.—@ndw

Wednesday at 09:27pm

I missed the entire month of June, but I'm back. (He says optimistically).—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 09:28pm

Twitter,, friendfeed, I need to come up with some sort of plan—@ndw
@ndw ditch them all for something pinax-based?—@jtauber
@jtauber Oh thanks. More choices :-)—@ndw

Thursday at 07:08am

I wonder how Small Pieces Loosely Joined and SPLJ: a unified theory of the web differ. Amazon has both.—@ndw

Thursday at 07:41am

I wish Quicksilver wouldn't get confused periodically and forget all my apps..—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 09:37am

tic as a verb also suggests games on tic tac toe, say. also nice sense of confirmation - i tic that. instead of ping, ticl..—@monkchips
@monkchips 24th to 22nd? Can I haz backwards time machine?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 08:57am

Dear PR-people, the releases you send today will fall on even deafer ears than usual.—@edd
@edd If the rain stops, it'll be less quiet around local nightfall :-)—@ndw

Friday at 09:08am dns still borked?—@ndw

Friday at 09:19am

Dear T-Mobile, emailing me a link for a new service where I have to login to see it only works if your login remembers what I wanted to see!—@ndw

Friday at 09:23am

Dear T-Mobile, putting the whole thing in flash: epic FAIL—@ndw

Friday at 06:56pm

Too wet to go see fireworks. Not raining now, but the grass will be cold and wet. :-(—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Saturday at 10:51am

Not. Joking. Axe shop is one of this morning's stops.—@plasticbagUK
@plasticbagUK WHOcamp?—@ndw

Saturday at 01:12pm

Cable co. replaced PVR. Lost Dr. Who. *pouts*—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 01:50am

After two days of ripping off carpet and a long visit to IKEA, I am really looking forward to Monday—@avernet
@avernet If you want the full text in the feed, uh, subscribe to the full text feed? Follow the subscribe link on the home page.—@ndw

Sunday at 04:19pm

Surrendering to temptation and grabbing the Dr Who finale via torrent.—@ndw