One of those days…

Volume 11, Issue 53; 21 Jul 2008; last modified 08 Oct 2010

How many things can go wrong on the way to the airport? Let me count the ways…

First, a tollbooth receipt fluttered out the window as I attempted to extricate a dollar bill for my second toll on the pike.

Second, I dutifully locked my pickup in the garage and did my habitual pat-down: wallet, watch, phone, keys…keys? Yes, there the were, sitting on the front seat. How did I do that? I have never done that before. Quick mental calculation, attempt to fix it now, risking this flight, or face it at 10pm on Friday.

I opted to fix it today. I now know in practice what I have long known in theory, locking your car is a total waste of time. With a slip of metal and little wooden wedge, my truck was unlocked in less than 20 seconds. I counted.

Third, I managed to miss-read the signs as I was driving into the garage. I am parked nice and close to terminal B. Unfortunately, my flight is in terminal C, about eight-tenths of a mile away.

To my colleagues, if I don't make it to the meetings this week, it's probably because my day didn't improve after I got on the flight…but realistically, I'm probably alive. Probably. :-)

(Zeroeth, in a moment of ill-considered planning, I chose to fly out of Boston instead of Hartford. So I've got a two hour drive on each end.)


I'm surprised you don't have a Fast Lane transponder. Yes, I know the bank/state gets to hold some of your cash in their cache. But it is really convenient, and the itemized statement makes dealing with expense reports a breeze. Plus, no opening the window on cold or rainy days.

—Posted by Tony on 22 Jul 2008 @ 03:56 UTC #

I've never had to travel on the pike often enough to overcome my inertia. But your point is well taken.

—Posted by Norman Walsh on 22 Jul 2008 @ 05:23 UTC #

Having once managed to leave for an overseas trip with my wallet sitting on the dresser at home and about $5 in loose change in my car, I feel I can welcome you to the guild of absent-minded travelers... it does make the trip more memorable, but not typically in the way one would choose.

—Posted by Jim Hendler on 22 Jul 2008 @ 07:22 UTC #