Volume 11, Issue 56; 04 Aug 2008; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Push came to shove, and push won.

After a fair bit of agonizing, I replaced my aging Sidekick II with an iPhone 3G. It's a sweet device, as long as you accept that it isn't yours. And as long as you don't worry about the future.

I do worry, of course. And it gives me the blues too.

So here's the deal. I've leased my soul to Apple and AT&T for two years. (Unless all those [expletive deleted, -ed] early termination charges go away.)

In two years, I hope there are open alternatives to the iPhone. I don't care if they're not as slick, as long as they're within spitting distance of being as useful. If there are, and if Steve hasn't opened up the platform, I'm gone.

And if OS X starts going the DRM encrusted way of the iPhone, it gets its sorry ass burned off my disk too. Photoshop and Lightroom be damned. I like Linux, you know.