The short-form week of 22–28 Dec 2008

29 Dec 2008; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 12 messages in 11 conversations.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 08:34am

Still failing to get MediaTomb to transcode audio to the PS3—@ndw

Monday at 10:32pm

Apache commons-httpclient only accepts name/value pairs for POST? WTF?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 12:44am

Spent like two hours trudging through HTTPClient 4 JavaDocs, could have saved 100 minutes or so if I'd found first - sigh—@timbray
@timbray @superfell pointed me to InputStreamEntity, so I think I was wrong. Happy happy, joy joy!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 08:23am

just ate it on some black ice. Haven't done that in years...don't think anything broke though.—@bh5k
@bh5k CI, C2 whatever it takes...—@dwellman
@dwellman :) I am using Hudson right now and have been pleased with it.—@bh5k
@bh5k Hudson is wonderful.—@ndw

Tuesday at 09:22am

I guess the 40 minutes I spent consing up some code to deal with cookies was wasted after all. Feh.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 01:27pm

being sent out to do The Christmas Shopping. STRESSCON 1.—@psd
@psd I hope that's for groceries and not presents at this late hour, Paul!—@ndw

Tuesday at 05:37pm

Long HTML page. Browser view is window over the middle. Any way to center a 'popup' div in the browser window?—@ndw

Tuesday at 06:32pm

@dorotheasalo With J/S is fine by me—@ndw

Tuesday at 06:32pm

I can find reference to the page view, but I'm struggling to find references for the window view. #jquery—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 10:10pm

J's reading an old story of settler life in the 1860s. All in house are aghast at tales of eating kakapo to survive a winter. Dodo pie?—@gnat
@gnat kakapo is name of a printer in oreilly Cambridge office; if it's me or it this winter, mmmm... toner...—@andrewsavikas
@andrewsavikas remembers kakapo!—@ndw
@ndw remember? It's still going strong! I think it might actually be older than me.—@andrewsavikas
@andrewsavikas Confusing tweet. I meant, *I* remember it.—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:53pm

Sporadic connectivity next couple of days. Happy holidays to all.—@ndw