Norfolk, GB, and Prague, CZ

Volume 12, Issue 9; 29 Mar 2009; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Photos from my recent trip to England and the Czech Republic.

Herewith, a semi-random selection of photographs from my recent travels; it feels like a long time since I did a photo essay. I started in England, visiting my folks outside Norwich.

I'm often struck by the beauty of old doors. I don't think I'm particularly good at capturing it though.

This is a panorama of Aylsham Church. I went looking for wifi in Aylsham. When I asked at the local computer store if there was a cafe or pub with wifi, they just chuckled. Even if I was willing to pay $20/mb, I couldn't get my laptop data card to work.

The Spread Eagle got a new sign. I'm really surprised I don't have the old one online, I'm sure I have photo of it.

Here's another shot of the pub sign of the Aylsham Unicorn.

And a few parting shots…

The title I really wanted to give this essay, Mad Toad Sex Orgy, comes from this photo.

But I thought that'd get me written off as a p0rn blog.

I have an inordinate fondness for toads.

Onwards to Prague for XML Prague. By day and by night.

And with more doors and graffiti.

There are a few more shots on Flickr.