The short-form week of 13–19 Apr 2009

20 Apr 2009; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 66 messages in 57 conversations.

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In a conversation that started on Monday at 04:36am

55% of the UK believe in heaven However only 5% of the UK believe in surveys conducted by religious think tanks—@tug
@tug Is it just me, or is the fact that the "believe in heaven" story comes with a picture of a tarot reading just too funny.—@ndw

Monday at 11:27am

‚ô∫@peteaven Vintage Dharma Initiative ads. Very clever.—@ndw

Monday at 11:31am

@abcoates Unicode has been around for twenty something years. Get with the program, people.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 07:38am

Fighting with spurious 
's in the output from my MIME multipart parser—@ndw
@ndw Funny, I think #twhirl displayed 
's incorrectly in it's pop-up, but correctly in the main stream window—@shanecurcuru
@shanecurcuru My IM client that received the reply back from dropped it completely, but I haven't the time to investigate.—@ndw
@ndw Lesson to world: always sanitize inputs. You never know what someone else will think that punctuation means otherwise.—@shanecurcuru
@shanecurcuru Alternative lesson. Programmers are lazy and won't get anything out-of-the-ordinary right without proper resting.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 08:56am

New blog entry on utility I wrote to wrap shortened URLs with <a> elements storing actual link destinations:—@bobdc
@bobdc LOL. I swear I tweeted about storing the long versions before I read your blog. Seconds before, I admit, but before, I swear.—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:58am

Hmm. The commercials on Pandora Radio have started to become more frequent. Maybe it's time I gave them money to stop.—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:59am

Short URLs have value in SMS or twitter, but surely the web archives of those things could store the expanded URIs, no?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 09:57am

Ooh, new TripIt app for the iPhone...—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl I actually bought FlightTrack which integrates with TripIt and provides live flight updates and maps.—@ndw

Tuesday at 12:15pm

AT&T on-hold advertising tries to persuade me that I need an email address. That'd be fail, folks.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:38pm

Windows Vista Backup and Restore Center takes a drive letter, not a folder as a destination. Is it going to trash the disk?—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:45pm

Bah, apparently it's notion of file selection is crap anyway—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 02:41pm

Are 'implementation dependent' parts of technical specifications primarily political, philosophical, technical ?—@rajmohan
@rajmohan Some of each. Depends on the spec and the feature.—@ndw

Tuesday at 03:05pm

Settled on SyncToy instead of Windows Vista Backup and Restore.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 03:27pm

Unbelievable thievery: Goldman Sachs decides to not count huge Dec 08 losses, and then gets free $ from gov and voila, now makes money!—@DaveO
@DaveO And here I thought Thievery Corporation was a band!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 02:10am

@pandora_radio I'm not able to find Bear McCreary on your artist list to create a station. Can Pandora add his music?—@allen099
@allen099 If you follow me back, I can direct message you answers to your questions. Or, you can email me: Thanks!—@pandora_radio
@pandora_radio I think it's odd that I can't delete a station from either my profile page or from that station's page.—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:02am

Grumble. Mac crashed. Boot disk needs repair. My office is guest room. Guest room is occupied. How long can I ignore disk errors?—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:02am

The missing point being: Leopard boot CD is in office.—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:56am

@marjoleink Yes, I have backups. But I really hope it doesn't come to that.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 10:40am

oXygen 10.2 is available:—@georgebina
@georgebina Congrats George!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 11:27am

"Estimated time" is such a worthless lie in Disk Utility that it's hard not to imagine it's an intentional, cruel joke—@ndw
@ndw "Cruel joke" seems to me the code name for the making of that entire family of OSes.—@efliski
@efliski Oh, I'm grown mostly content, so I wouldn't go that far. But 2 min, no 4 hours, no 1:26, no 4 min, less honest than no clue—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:55am

RT @bsletten Death and taxes, where your (US) money goes:—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 12:29pm

TunkRank puts @dtunkelang in the 100th percentile of influential Twitterers! How influential are you? --w00t!—@dtunkelang
@dtunkelang Which end is up? Are the most influential in the 1st or 100th percentile?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 12:49pm

this makes total sense right?: let $AC := (fn:string-to-codepoints($letter) - 64) let $NAC := (($AC[1] * 26) + $AC[2]) return $NAC—@peteaven
@peteaven Hard to say, what's it supposed to do, besides the obvious?—@ndw
@peteaven In that case, I think the code you posted only works for columns whose labels are exactly two letters long.—@ndw

Wednesday at 01:23pm

For the record, I'm happy to pay taxes because I expect services from my government. Plus, I got a refund this year :-P—@ndw

Wednesday at 01:26pm

about:plugins says 'Shockwave Flash 10.0 r22', Amazon says 'to listen, install Flash Player or higher'. #FAIL—@ndw

Wednesday at 01:28pm

Aw, fek. It works in Safari. Firefox #FAIL?—@ndw

Wednesday at 02:21pm

Inserting a page break in a table (1) introduces a blank line above the table at the top of the page and (2) creates a new table? #FAIL—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 03:18am

@cutlass: It's like default method arguments in some programming languages: no input binding provided -> fallback to default (if available)—@vojtechtoman
@vojtechtoman I understand the concept and like it, but I think its another hidden 'gotcha' for end users ... just noting for the FAQ—@cutlass
@cutlass What's the gotcha for the FAQ? Getting the FAQ updated is on my list. Not near the top today, alas, but on the list.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 04:45am

searching for Has someone seen it anywhere?—@HudRom
@HudRom In the DocBook projects SVN at, /xsl-saxon/...—@ndw

Thursday at 06:11am

Ack! Found messages in my outgoing mail queue that were *days* old. Must check that more often!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 06:26am

Adding Infected Mushroom into my regular @pandora_radio mix has made for a ... different listening experience.—@ndw
@ndw Infected Mushroom for the win! :-) Which tune is your favorite?—@asbjornu
@asbjornu Not sure. Got the band from a tweet weeks ago, perhaps one of yours. Good coding music. I let @pandora_radio play it for me.—@ndw

Thursday at 06:52am

Track work continues. My train is a bus from Hartford to New Haven. TANSTAAFL. The train will be faster when the work is finished. In May.—@ndw

Thursday at 07:04am

Trains: mostly comfortable. Planes: mostly cramped. Buses: %$&@ me! Can't I have enough space to get my kneecaps out of my mouth!? kthxbai—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 08:49am

com.nwalsh.saxon.Table.convertLength(java.lang.String)}: Exception in extension function java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0—@HudRom
@HudRom Well crud! If you've got a small test case, send it my way and I'll try to take a look. No promises though...—@ndw

Thursday at 08:53am

@HudRom I've got lots to do before the Mark Logic Users Conf. in May. To which you're all cordially invited, btw:—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 02:38pm

Path train arr 33st at 3:30p, Amtrak dep NYP at 3:30p. Man, am I ever glad it was delayed a few minutes. Oh, and I can haz shape back plz?—@ndw
@ndw did a weekly commute between RI and NYC for about a year and I found that Amtrak trains are always delayed and could bet on it—@cutlass
@cutlass Yeah, the 3:30p often departs a few minutes late, but you know what happens if you rely on that fact...—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 02:45pm

Anybody got recommendations for casual iPhone games? Had a lot of fun with Drop7, but now I'm dreaming in it, which doesn't seem healthy.—@edd
@edd FlightControl, Aurora Feint II, Chess With Friends (and Drop7) are my current favorites—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 04:04pm

Stamford, CT. Next stop Nooo Yawk! :-)—@davewiner
@davewiner I'm going the other way, I'll wave as you pass! :-)—@ndw
@davewiner In fact, I think you must have been on the last train that rattled by, Stamford is now behind me. Homeward bound.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 04:33pm

30 ways to lose a job on Twitter:—@charltonb
@charltonb People really need to be told these things? Really? /me rolls eyes—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 05:16pm

Pondering "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance-Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem" as an iPhone kindle app test—@ndw
@ndw FWIW, my spouse is loving the (tree-pulp version of) Pride and Prejudice and Zombies #books—@david_megginson
@david_megginson Mostly I'm curious about the iPhone Kindle app. Got a few preview pages, seems like maybe it would be good.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 05:50pm

Momentarily excited about PhoneGap, but not willing to shell out 9 for an iPhone SDK. Rats.—@ndw
@ndw phonegap is really awesome for doing HTML(5 even), Javascript for cross platform mobile. it's worth $99 for the SDK as well.—@DaveO
@DaveO Maybe. Spending $99 for an SDK for a closed platform so I can use an open source framework feels like a step backwards though.—@ndw

Thursday at 05:51pm

$99 that is—@ndw

Thursday at 06:12pm

Oh spinning beachball, how I hate thee. / Your taste I do find / like a great glass of wee / the less I might mind.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 06:15pm

@ndw That's right up there with "Ode to a small green lump of putty that I found under my armpit" etc. etc.—@abcoates
@abcoates Vogon poetry. I haz it.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 06:29pm

@ndw It's more like a one-time $99 fee to be able to install your own apps on your own phone.—@robc2
@robc2 Yeah, that's so much better—@ndw

Thursday at 08:22pm

Modern Toss is ... different—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 08:25pm

@ndw still want to play with PhoneGap? I might be able to arrange something ...—@perigrin
@perigrin Yes, definitely interested, thanks!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 03:58am

@ndw The SDK always used to be free; are you sure they started charging?—@ceri
@ceri I'm sure the web page gave me that impression...—@ndw

Friday at 10:54am

‚ô∫@ronkjeffries [via Chris Locke] exceptional Wolf and Pig stop motion video—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 03:19pm

Is there a ready-made DocBook project template that builds with ant, produces a PDF and just works I can download? Tried a few but no luck.—@robc2
@robc2 You know, that would be a good thing to build.—@ndw

Friday at 04:08pm

@larsga I must learn to delete more aggressively. Have gobs of, well, crap on file.—@ndw

Friday at 04:09pm

@abcoates I'm quite happy when I think my good/bad ratio is up to around 1/300—@ndw

Friday at 04:11pm

@richardhamilton I don't use DITA, I use DocBook. Oops. Did I say that out loud?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Saturday at 07:36am

@david_megginson That's also why I use VMware, so I can just copy over the virtual disk files and not have to migrate apps and settings.—@abcoates
@abcoates Tempted by VMware, to avoid having to reboot when I need to use MS Word (rather than OOffice).—@david_megginson
@david_megginson With enough memory, VMWare is remarkably good. Without, not so much. 4G is enough, 1G isn't. Don't know about in between—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Saturday at 03:44pm

Having lunch at the Twin Peaks diner where they still serve cherry pie and "damn fine coffee". Seriously.—@geoffarnold
@geoffarnold Very cool. Watch out for Bob.—@ndw

Saturday at 03:45pm

TomTom GPS was very disappointing, trying Garmin today—@ndw

Sunday at 08:14am

@umityalcinalp What is this "too much XML" of which you speak?—@ndw