The short-form week of 20–26 Apr 2009

27 Apr 2009; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 66 messages in 60 conversations.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 07:13am

So, Oracle buys Sun. Oracle stock is at 19ish, Sun gets 9.50, so that turns 10 shares of Sun into 5ish shares of Oracle, is that right?—@ndw

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Bizarre--not a turn of events I would have predicted. Oracle buys Sun. What happens to MySQL?—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides Nothing good?—@ndw

Monday at 07:28am

Plans for a new XML Calabash release this morning stymied by a bunch of regressions. Drat and blast.—@ndw

Monday at 08:24am

Can't seem to authorize multiple accounts on Mac client #tweetie—@ndw

Monday at 08:25am

Please put the compose window in the timeline window, if it's visible #tweetie—@ndw

Monday at 08:25am

Feature request: multiple accounts on multiple services (twitter,, etc.) #tweetie—@ndw

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Is there any theory / research out there on addressing - why postal addresses, phone numbers, DNS, etc, all look the same?—@blaine
@blaine I've heard there was much research by AT&T about US phone numbers when they were devising them, but no pointers sorry.—@ndw

Monday at 09:47am

Anyone else having mail delivery problems with DreamHost today?—@ndw

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can someone in the US please download emusic track of the day and send it to me #digitalborders—@monkchips
@monkchips eMusic says "Ooops! ... track is unavailable at the moment" Did you just blow up their server?—@ndw

Monday at 10:41am

Yeah, my email problems are DreamHost's fault.—@ndw

Monday at 10:54am

I wonder to whom I should move my email service. Email not working is just not on.—@ndw

Monday at 11:34am

Turned off filtering at #dreamhost. Seems to have fixed my email. Please resend if you got a bounce and noticed and still care.—@ndw

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argh mail is down it—@libbymiller
@libbymiller The trick seems to be to turn off spam filtering in the #dreamhost panel—@ndw

Monday at 12:40pm

Re: Mail, yeah GMail is a possibility. Seems stable to me, but I see complaints here now and again.—@ndw

Monday at 01:10pm

Snort. Flickr took my money for a pro gift, but hasn't yet sent me any indication of how to actually, you know, give it.—@ndw

Monday at 01:30pm

RT @dhmspector Awesome Cassini pics of Saturn—@ndw

Monday at 02:27pm

Dear #charter, we have business and residential service, please coordinate your telemarketing. kthxbai.—@ndw

Monday at 03:30pm

@pandora_radio I can thumbs-down individual songs. Can I exclude an entire artist. Or do I just have to thumbs-down them all individually?—@ndw

Monday at 03:36pm

@dorotheasalo Thanks. I knew there was some sort of two-thumbs-down rule, but had forgotten what it was. #lazyweb.—@ndw

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@ndw It was a just joke for Eve.—@umityalcinalp
@umityalcinalp As my reply was a joke for you :-)—@ndw

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Most XML Calabash regressions resolved, expect to release tomorrow.—@ndw
@ndw u using an implied CDATA section for c:query on xquery step ?—@cutlass
@cutlass Nope. If you've got XML markup characters in there, you have to escape them yourself.—@ndw
@ndw ouch—@cutlass
@cutlass There's always p:escape-markup—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:31am

‚ô∫@xmlcalabash XML Calabash 0.9.8 released.—@ndw

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Looking forward to uninstalling that OpenOffice piece of crap and installing M$ Office on my Mac. MS, please don't give up your day job!:)—@marcosc
@marcosc man, I feel the same, OpenOffice only beats MS Office on the horrible suckage meter—@robinberjon
@robinberjon Have you seen the latest version of MS Word? A hammer, chisel, and stone table would beat that on the suckage meter.—@ndw

Tuesday at 11:36am

@tweetie In the Mac client, why are some tweets light gray and some black? I though it was @replies to others, but that's not it.—@ndw

Tuesday at 11:44am

Editing Word docs for work and fretting in the background about my #balisage submission—@ndw

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For a given gmail address, the profiles at and are distinct. #fail—@ndw
@ndw You can associate several GMail addresses under one account. You can then use the same login for all and choose which for each app—@adamretter
@adamretter Right. But that's not what I meant. There's a prof for my addr at but doesn't use it. Has it's own.—@ndw

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Astonishing website:—@plasticbagUK
@plasticbagUK Astonishing is a word for it. Good grief.—@ndw

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UFOs: they're out there? One astronaut thinks so, and the survey on this page suggests many people think so too—@billtrippe
@billtrippe No amount of belief, no matter how earnest and sincere, matters at all in matters of reality.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:46pm

A thing is. Or it is not. There's no evidence to suggest we've been visited. There isn't even any to suggest we aren't alone.—@ndw

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163 in Flight Control.—@fraserspeirs
@fraserspeirs You sir, are a Flight Control wizard. My current high is 120 and that was the only time I broke 100.—@duncan
@duncan Egad! 120 puts my puny little 67 to shame!—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:48pm

Is recursing through parallel hierarchy in separate files really this hard, or am I being stupid?—@ndw

Tuesday at 03:05pm

@abcoates At least you don't get, uhm, pick your favorite verb, by this circumstance very often on the Mac—@ndw

Tuesday at 03:48pm

Turning off email. Turning off twitter. Turning off IM. Working on #balisage symposium submission.—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:20pm

From MythBusters via Bad Astronomy: Best. Video. Clips. Ever. Well, blowing up the cement mixer was good, too.—@ndw

Wednesday at 08:00am

Finished stitching panos from AZ trip, on to real work now.—@ndw

Wednesday at 08:41am

All my speaking engagements at the Mark Logic User Conference are on Monday and Tuesday. Woot! C'mon down, y'all!—@ndw

Wednesday at 12:06pm

Someone tweeted the Edgar Mitchel UFO piece yesterday. Say hello to my little friend, reality.—@ndw

Wednesday at 02:57pm

Invented (no claim of design) Calabash report markup carelessly. Now paying the price. And it's expensive.—@ndw

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Reasons for not watching The Apprentice. (a) It sucks. (b) I'm making a site work with IE6 and 7.—@tommorris
@tommorris You know, I just might prefer watching The Apprentice. Might.—@ndw

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W3C staff refuses to use HTML5 to publish the HTML5 spec. I couldn't come up with better symbolism for the W3C's fear of change if I tried.—@Hixie
@Hixie You mean they only want to use Recommendations for publishing on the TR page? How outrageous!—@ndw
@ndw to be fair, publishing HTML5 in HTML5 would make some sense...—@robinberjon
@robinberjon Yes, it does, but that doesn't mean it makes sense to publish it on the TR page that way.—@ndw

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Croquet:Tony Stephens wins NZ Open at age 66; he last won it at age 16.—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay Persistent, wasn't he? :-)—@ndw

Thursday at 04:19pm

Got my #balisage symposium submission in *one whole day early*. Finger's crossed...—@ndw

Thursday at 05:40pm

@dorotheasalo Well, thanks. It's a tough gig, the analysis in my submission is a bit weak, and it'd be hubris to take anything for granted—@ndw

Thursday at 05:41pm

@timbray I'm sure it's not lost on you that taking the post down made some of us go looking for it and that, of course, it can be found.—@ndw

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no matter how hard I try, I'll never make a good project manager.—@psd
@psd Maybe you've been making them out of the wrong material?—@ndw

Friday at 01:13pm

Running Disk-Inventory-X looking for what to whom all my disk belongs—@ndw

Friday at 01:15pm

Just noticed that my mail collection script hasn't been running for several hours. No wonder it's been so quiet.—@ndw

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Super-proud of Opscode team & grateful for the incredible support from #chef community. This funding is fuel for awesome!—@jesserobbins
@jesserobbins @ndw @ndw congrats to all - espec in this VC climate—@geoffarnold
@geoffarnold Did you mean me, Geoff?—@ndw

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Attempt to install Ubuntu 9.04 under VMWare Fusion: CPU#0 stuck for 87s [scsi_eh_2:505]: FAIL—@ndw
@ndw openSUSE 11.1 (64-bit) works under VMware Fusion. Not so different to Ubuntu in practice.—@abcoates
@abcoates I've seen some raves about the new Ubuntu UI and thought I'd take a peek. I've got CentOS and an older Ubuntu running under VMWare—@ndw
@ndw Who #fail (ed): Ubuntu or VMware?—@david_megginson
@david_megginson Good question. I was blaming Ubuntu when I said it.—@ndw

Friday at 03:21pm

Dang it. I want to send my D80 in for cleaning and I cannot for the life of me find the body cap.—@ndw

Friday at 03:38pm

Must do some more writing for my Mark Logic User Conference presentation*s*. Going offline.—@ndw

Saturday at 10:10am

Errands now. Yardwork later.—@ndw

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RT @xmlpress: Ubuntu Open Week ( Docs Day 4/28 (DocBook session at 2200Z; 6pm EDT)—@richardhamilton
@richardhamilton Oh! Cool! Thanks for the tweet, I'll see if I can be online at 6p.—@ndw

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Finished watching Dexter season two. Gosh, so that's what happened to the lady from Hustle when she moved to the states...—@simonw
@simonw Dexter's good stuff. What an antihero.—@ndw

Saturday at 03:31pm

Starting to work on DocBook: The Definitive Guide again—@ndw

Saturday at 03:34pm

@SarahM @timoreilly Congrats on getting #twitterbook to the printer! A book authored with powerpoint, is that a first?—@ndw

Saturday at 03:51pm

Created a 'punk' station on Pandora because that's the mood I'm in.—@ndw

Saturday at 03:56pm

I wonder if @BrentSpiner is legit? It's deliciously surreal, whether it's really Mr. Spiner or not.—@ndw

Saturday at 04:41pm

Today's weather: #perfect—@ndw

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Another perfect day. First ride of the season: 14ish miles. Parts of me will be sore tomorrow. Reward: steak on the barbi—@ndw
@ndw 14mi == awesome!—@hexmode
@hexmode I can't tell what radius that circle has, but if it's 14 miles, it should be 7. I had to go out *and* back :-)—@ndw