The short-form week of 27 Apr–3 May 2009

04 May 2009; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 64 messages in 54 conversations.

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In a conversation that started on Sunday at 04:02am

Coolest. Website. Design. Ever. (via @willfrancis)—@abcoates
@abcoates Bah. All in flash. #fail—@ndw

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how many toothbrushes left behind? how many room keys taken home?—@danja
@danja Can't help with the toothbrushes, but I have a small collection of credit-card style hotel room keys in a desk drawer. Whadya need?—@ndw

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Another perfect day. First ride of the season: 14ish miles. Parts of me will be sore tomorrow. Reward: steak on the barbi—@ndw
@ndw 14mi == awesome!—@hexmode
@hexmode I can't tell what radius that circle has, but if it's 14 miles, it should be 7. I had to go out *and* back :-)—@ndw

Monday at 06:39am

Improving the statistical graphics on—@ndw

Monday at 07:22am

Mailed camera out for cleaning, expect aliens to land in back yard this afternoon.—@ndw

Monday at 09:26am

@davewiner I assume the point of RT is to spread something interesting to *your* followers, who might not follow the original tweeter.—@ndw

Monday at 09:26am

@davewiner It's not about voting, it's about spreading something interesting across the graph.—@ndw

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Uploaded new XProc test results for Calumet:—@vojtechtoman
@vojtechtoman Ha! You best me by three. Clearly I'll have to do some programming this evening :-)—@ndw
@ndw ...I had to add a couple of new tests to get that percentage. That always helps :-)—@vojtechtoman
@vojtechtoman Oh, cool. Maybe I already pass those :-)—@ndw

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Ok, why does US immigration form G-325A, Biographical Information start with 4 identical pages? Do they just hate trees?—@ndw
@ndw They're preparing for the future, when you'll need to register your clones too. Aren't you already in the US?—@shanecurcuru
@shanecurcuru My mom's English and is planning to return. I'm printing the forms, nevermind.—@ndw
@ndw Have fun. I got stuck when they ask you where you're planning to stay, but tell you not to make any plans till your visa is approved—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay Heh. I suppose my mom can safely claim she'll stay at our place even without the visa in place.—@ndw

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just heard that 5 members of US Congress arrested outside Sudan Embassy—@christo4ferris
@christo4ferris That post is dated 29 Apr 2006...—@ndw

Monday at 11:20am

Windows open, toads trilling in the distance. Ah, #spring!—@ndw

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Glad of @pragdave & @KathySierra's tweets on new MacBook strategies. Clean or copy? I'm scared of copying, but clean start is so much work.—@edd
@edd Reduce the work (next time) by doing a clean install, installing all your apps, configuring things, then make a backup. Next time...—@ndw

Monday at 03:32pm

It must be warm, my laptop is becomming too warm. Time to get the little desk fan out.—@ndw

Monday at 03:45pm

@vojtechtoman @xmlcalabash gets 406/412. Whew! :-)—@ndw

Monday at 03:48pm

@vojtechtoman I spoke too soon. I swear I saw 406, but it's 405. Tied for first!—@ndw

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UK - Police to eavesdrop on all internet use:—@webmink
@webmink Because decentralizing the database is so much better. Here's hoping y'all can talk some sense into your government.—@ndw

Monday at 06:27pm

Hmm. Finding a way to pass tests/required/rename-003 just keeps getting harder. #xproc #xmlcalabash—@ndw

Monday at 09:00pm

Inspiration arrives. Rip out crap code. Implement fix. Pass 407/412 tests, including rename-003 FTW! #xproc #xmlcalabash—@ndw

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@ndw sounds like it's Miller Time.—@sideshowbarker
@sideshowbarker Bed time, certainly. With a Clipper City Brewery "Loose Cannon (Hop^3 Ale)", as it happens.—@ndw

Tuesday at 06:22am

@edd There's a roller coaster on the top of the Stratosphere—@ndw

Tuesday at 06:58am

Now passing 407/412 tests. Next up: use Jing instead of MSV for RELAX NG validation. #xproc #xmlcalabash—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:40am

Where the frick are my car keys?—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:44am

Can I limit @tweetie search to only the people I'm following?—@ndw

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In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 09:12am

‚ô∫@xmlcalabash WHOO HOOO! I assert that XML Calabash passes 100% of the XProc test suite!!!—@ndw
@ndw nice one, looks like I should spend some time adding some more ;)—@cutlass
@cutlass Could you start by reviewing optional/err-c0033-002.xml, which I don't think is valid (—@ndw

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Turning on the wifi router impacts network perf. of wired machines. Bandwidth thieves (cracked WPA2?) or something else?—@ndw
@ndw use istumbler to see if u have a lot of wifi traffic around u using the same channel—@cutlass
@cutlass Channel conflicts could effect the performance of the wired network? Not even going through the wifi AP?—@ndw

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‚ô∫@xproc Halleluiah! The XProc WG is down to (only!) four eminently closable CR issues!—@ndw
@ndw If you want a lot more unclosable xproc issues just let me know ! :)—@DALDEI
@DALDEI Uhm. No. But thanks anyway.—@ndw

Tuesday at 03:14pm

Found my keys in my bike bag. That was not the first place I looked. Not by a long shot.—@ndw

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RT @rampent: So if asteroid Apophis, swine flu or the recession don't get you, the Sun when it engulfs the Earth will! (via @twazzup)—@ramblingman
@ramblingman On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.—@ndw

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like looking for needles in haystacks? multi-tasking? believe in Standards? xmlgeek? customer-focused? detail-oriented? possible opp.—@fiberartisan
@fiberartisan Finding a needle in a haystack is easy. Finding a particular needle in a needlestack, much harder.—@ndw
@ndw @filberartisan Finding hay in a haystack is easy. Finding a needle in a haystack is hard, unless your haystack is made of needles.—@abcoates
@abcoates Uh. If it's made of needles, it's not really a *hay* stack is it. Sort of by definition.—@ndw

Wednesday at 09:52am

It sounds like Google Voice might give me back the features I miss from Vonage (which was unreliable on my network)—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:37am

Caution be damned. Letting update-manager upgrade gutsy to jaunty. Maybe the acpi_notify bug will go away?—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:38am

Well, to intrepid, I guess. Over VNC this is probably a bad idea either way.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 12:05pm

Fairly sure that's the last we're going to be seeing of @ndw for a while : "Caution be damned". Newbie :)—@malcolmt
@malcolmt Heh. It's an alt. box, so the fact that kacpi_notify is burning so much CPU that the upgrade will take 4 hours shouldn't interfere—@ndw

Wednesday at 03:20pm

Hey! Update-manager upgrade gutsy to intrepid went without a hitch and the acpi_notify bug seems to be gone. FTW!—@ndw

Wednesday at 05:59pm

‚ô∫@xmlcalabash Whee! XML Calabash has a semi-working NVDL step.—@ndw

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RT @cote: Sun + Oracle = "Snorkle" LOL!!!—@dberlind
@dberlind @cote It's actually spelled "SnORCL"—@webmink
@webmink Shouldn't that be JAVORCL?—@ndw
@ndw If you want to combine those to tickers try ORCA—@webmink
@webmink ORCA. That's pretty good.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 03:26am

Failing to grok XProc parameters—@al3xbrown
@al3xbrown Yeah, parameters are...odd. They're like options, but you don't know their names until runtime. Really there for XSLT, mostly.—@ndw

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just released BETA of my xprocxq XProc processor written in XQuery—@cutlass
@cutlass Congrats, James. Another #xproc implementation!—@ndw

Thursday at 10:39am

‚ô∫@xproc The XProc WG has addressed and achieved consensus on all CR comments!—@ndw

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@ndw New to Mark Logic but more XML technologist than "architect". Which half-day tutorial should I attend?—@evanlenz
@evanlenz Go see Mike. We can chat standards and related XML randomness over a beer. I'll even buy.—@ndw

Thursday at 05:33pm

So, noise cancelling headphones. Should I go for the Bose, or are the more affordable choices just as good?—@ndw

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Holy shit! Huge tractor trailer lodged himself under bridge on Memorial Drive. Doesn't he know he doesn't fit?—@zephoria
@zephoria He does now. Several trucks a year hit the NoHo bridge out here in the west. Despite the signs and the dents in the bridge.—@ndw

Thursday at 06:11pm

Thursday at 06:22pm

Random connection of the day and I think I got some 'splainin to do—@ndw

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Is anyone using a customized #DocBook 5.0 DTD? The lack of response to my question at has me wondering.—@bobdc
@bobdc My bad. I'll try to follow-up later today.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 03:54am

Turns out people still carry laptops with parallel ports on the back! Who knew?—@edd
@edd My last ThinkPad had a parallel port but no serial port. I haven't seen a parallel printer in ages, but I still have a serial GPS cable—@ndw
@ndw What's Levono thinking? Parallel port is a huge waste of weight and space. Provide a USB parallel adapter if needed.—@david_megginson
@david_megginson My last Thinkpad was pre-Lenovo. Don't know what the modern ones have.—@ndw

Friday at 06:10am

DavMail is the bomb! Proxy for iCal and SMTP to Exchange. (And LDAP, but I don't have that working yet)—@ndw

Friday at 01:22pm

@amyvdh One was perhaps deployed to cover the other. No, I'm not that paranoid. Not quite. #swineflu #privacy #paranoia—@ndw

Friday at 03:37pm

Crud. Did not get enough done on presentation for #mluc09 this week. And code doesn't run anymore. Feeling the pressure, baby!—@ndw

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The Arctic Breeze USB-powered desk fan is very nice.—@ndw
@ndw How geek is that? :) Good stuff.—@fribeiro1
@fribeiro1 It's whisper quiet. It blows enough air to keep my laptop cool. And I don't have to string another power cord.—@ndw

Saturday at 02:04pm

Wasted effort: Create new VM. Install CentOS 5.3. Install MarkLogic Server. Stop VM. Proceed to backup erasing it. #fail.—@ndw

Sunday at 10:47am

One of our "squirrel-proof" bird feeders is not chipmunk proof.—@ndw

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Had a nightmare: Apple had released an "iPhone Pro", which looked like a clunky typewriter.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez at least it had a real keyboard, right?—@ndw