Volume 12, Issue 19; 29 May 2009; last modified 08 Oct 2010

On speaking engagements (two excellent conferences), anniversaries, and VoIP.

The years teach us much which the days never knew.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

On the whole, I try not to travel more than I have to. I try to mitigate the travel by planning ahead. My plans this year now officially include (among other things) two marvelous events: Balisage, my absolute favorite XML gig, in Montréal in August, and XML Summer School in Oxford in September. At Balisage, I'll be talking about XProc, at XML Summer School, open source XML applications and Web 2.0 technologies.

Both events offer an opportunity to talk to some of the sharpest markup technogists in the world about the problems, peeves, or practices that you care most about. Highly recommended!

In other news, my calendar reminds me that I decloaked this weblog six years ago today. My output has been down a bit of late, I know, but I still enjoy writing when I have the chance and I have (renewed) plans for tinkering with the technologies that underly the site (more fun for me, perhaps, than you, but an important reason why I do it). Thanks for reading!

Lastly, perhaps leastly in this mixed bag, I've decided to give Skype a try in a serious way, mostly because it's incredibly inexpensive but also because I've been using my cable company's VoIP technology for months now without any problems. (I tried Vonage a few years ago, but it was a total failure for me.)

If you've a reason to call, my Skype ID is my first and last names (“norman” and “walsh”, respectively) all run together. The inbound phone number is +1-413-284-4793. That's a Palmer number, they tell me, basically one town over, because they didn't offer any numbers in Belchertown. (I've only paid for the number through August, 2009. So if it's September 2009 or after, you might want to ask before you call, in case this experiment fails.)

Be seeing you! Or hearing you! Or both!