The short-form week of 15–21 Jun 2009

22 Jun 2009; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 59 messages in 52 conversations. (With 3 favorites.)

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In a conversation that started on Monday at 03:05am

what did I do three weeks ago?—@Rits
@Rits Timesheets from six weeks ago?—@ndw

Monday at 08:00am

Reverse-engineered my way out of—@ndw

Monday at 08:21am

Engineer*ing*. The atom feeds don't contain the actual URIs. #FAIL—@ndw

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[#wc09] We all thought DocBook was going away, but it's resurfacing in a big way as a result of XQuery - Ann Rockley—@scottabel
@scottabel I'd love a pointer to more detail on the #docbook comment.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Monday at 10:52am

getting setup for my attack run. travellin through powerpointspace ain't like dustin crops boy!—@peteaven
@peteaven Stay on target. Stay on target. We have your back red leader, stay on target.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 01:29am

@innovimax *chuckle* Thanks, Mohamed.—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:25am

Hmm. The MacPorts update dance seems to have given me a version of subversion that IntelliJ doesn't understand. Feck.—@ndw

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Being branded a member of "The anti Flash Mob" after a bit of a @psd style rant about Flash v Web. Thinking of getting t-shirts made!—@philhawksworth
@philhawksworth You can probably sell me one!—@ndw

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@ndw The 8.1.x IntelliJ EAP supports Subversion 1.6:—@inigos
@inigos Thanks. I'll give that a try.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 06:23pm

Ugly bug having to do with p:variables inside p:for-each loops. Workaround: add a p:group.—@xmlcalabash
Would be nice to have a test so I can see how we deal with that. @xmlcalabash Ugly bug having to do with p:variables inside p:for-each loops—@vojtechtoman
@vojtechtoman I added required/for-each-005.xml to the test suite. Let me know what Calumet does :-)—@ndw

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Ah, no it's fine on twitter's Web site -- it's @Twitterrific getting the i18n wrong.—@mnot
@mnot And @tweetie getting it wrong too.—@ndw

Wednesday at 08:18am

You can't put music hosted on a media server into an iTunes playlist? Really? I mean #$@&%!? really? iTunes remains the suck.—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:33am

The Nikon 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX lens is *still* out of stock.—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:41am

For my birthday, I asked Deb for a couple of things off my Amazon wishlist...instead, she bought my entire wishlist. How sweet is that?—@ndw

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Wrecklessly downloading iPhone v3.0—@ndw
@ndw "Wrecklessly"? Really, norm? Spell much?—@ndw
@ndw Was the download wreck-less?—@david_megginson
@david_megginson I'm happy to report that my phone seems to be working fine. It passes the power-on test, anyway.—@ndw

Wednesday at 12:14pm

Recklessly downloading iPhone v3.0—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 12:15pm

@dnovatchev It's not extra functionality, it's an incompatibility! The expression "&" means different things in #xquery and #xpath 2.0.—@jpcs
@jpcs Yes, they're different. XPath does it the right way for embedding. It's v. hard to embed XQuery in say XProc or XSD.—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay You said it. We ended up with a whole p:data system more-or-less just to support XQuery.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 02:10pm

Wrote a password for a client system on a little scrap of paper. Where is that %#$@! piece of paper?—@ndw
@ndw That's what Keychain Access secure notes are for. Not that it helps at this point. Just sayin'.—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens Yeah. I've got several better places to store notes. If only the damned pencil didn't have such a remarkably efficient UI.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 02:20pm

Tried to explain computers as big as rooms to the eldest recently. Maybe a trip to Bletchley Park would be a good idea.—@JeniT
@JeniT Can I come? Please? :-)—@ndw

Wednesday at 05:38pm

You know what smells bad? When you cut a desiccated bull penis in half with a hacksaw, that smells bad.—@ndw

Wednesday at 06:08pm

You must be FUCKING kidding me! I can't upgrade the Photoshop component of Adobe CS3 Design Premium to Photoshop CS4?—@ndw

Wednesday at 06:14pm

Why does ctrl+clicking on a CD on the desktop (in order to eject it) cause the spinning beachball of death for *several minutes*? #mac—@ndw

Thursday at 10:04am

Anyone know the magic invocation to get the Songbird daap plugin working?—@ndw

Thursday at 10:43am

Show support for democracy in Iran add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click -—@ndw

Thursday at 11:19am

@vojtechtoman I'm not sure. iTunes is useless with a media server; I'm hoping Songbird is usable. If only it could *see* the media server...—@ndw

Thursday at 11:46am

Worked out how to configure the mt-daapd media server to setup playlists there. So less burned by iTunes suckage now.—@ndw

Thursday at 12:16pm

Final #Balisage papers are due 17 July, not 19 June. Man, am I relieved. Now let's not repeat this investigation on 16 July, ok? Ok!—@ndw

Thursday at 01:14pm

♺@docbook It's official, O'Reilly will publish the second edition of _DocBook: The Definitive Guide_ for DocBook V5.0.—@ndw

Thursday at 01:16pm

Now @richardhamilton and I just have to, you know, get the damn thing written. #docbooktdg—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 01:26pm

Is it a good idea to try this iPhone tethering hack, or am I just asking for trouble? #iphone #tethering—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens Let me know if it works. I've got 18mo left on my wifi modem, so I'm not that anxious to test it :-)—@ndw

Thursday at 01:34pm

I'm still steaming about the CS4 upgrade. My own fault for not checking more carefully, sure, but $#@%!-me I'd still like a workaround.—@ndw

Thursday at 06:40pm

IntelliJ 8.1.3: pro: Subversion 1.6. con: crashes every five minutes—@ndw

Thursday at 07:00pm

Bah. Now IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.2 is crashing regularly. Didn't someone say there was a new NetBeans on offer...—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 08:45pm

So does anyone know *where* notes on iPhone get synced to on the Mac? Can't find them to save my life. Just entirely broken?...—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl I read something about that. In, I think. Seems like #FAIL to me, since I wouldn't touch with a stick, but...—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 08:12am

Now, I found #xproc parameter ports a bit tricky. It turns-out that a mixture of p:error and p:choose takes a bit of figuring-out too!—@philipfennell
@philipfennell I think we improved that a little bit by adding an output port to p:error—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 08:15am

Make sure you declare your output ports, especially for the subpipelines with p:error in. Go look at < - Example 7.—@philipfennell
@philipfennell Ack. That example is now out-of-date. Damned useless editor, we should fire him.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 08:52am

Pointing twonky media server at a ripped DVD produces a list of TS* files. That's not very satisfying. What should I do instead?—@ndw
@ndw Get a lovefilm account?—@ceri
@ceri Looks like the UK equivalent of NetFlix. Yes, I have that. I'd still like to be able to serve video to my PS3 off my media server.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 09:15am

Building a beta release of Saxon-EE 9.2—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay Just seen your announcement. Sounds exiting! Hope you'll keep the same policy regarding oXygen ;-)—@fgeorges
@fgeorges There's a lot of change, but the idea of a beta is that integrators like Stylus Studio and oXygen get a chance to see the impact—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay Did the "I want the base URI to persist through validation" feature I requested make the cut? I guess I'll find out :-)—@ndw
@ndw Base URIs through validation: yes, it's in, I've just run the unit test to make sure.—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay Sweet!—@ndw

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@billtrippe Sounds like a good idea to me. Shame that the "Sign the Petition" link is totally broken.—@ndw
@ndw Ah. It was transient. Seems to be fixed now.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 11:10am

Of course, another #oharefail (thunderstorms, delays). I think something like 80% of all my flights to/from ORD have been delayed/canceled.—@abdelazer
@abdelazer Yep. ORD is best avoided in the summer and the winter. And it's not so reliable in the spring or fall either.—@ndw
@ndw if only I didn't need to go to the Midwest. That said, trying MSP next week instead of ORD (for TVC).—@abdelazer
@abdelazer Sadly I often *choose* ORD because getting upgraded from IAD-SFO is damn near impossible. Not that I have any miles left anyway—@ndw

Friday at 04:02pm

I don’t gamble. I don’t drink. My one vice is buying a new iPhone every summer. Well, that and lying about drinking and gambling.—@gruber

Saturday at 09:46am

“The reality is: ‘Given enough eyeballs, all bug reports are shallow.’” —Damian Conway—@apag

Saturday at 09:54am

Restocked beer making supplies. One ale coming up.—@ndw

Saturday at 03:37pm

Length of *my* Scrabble winning streak vs. Deb: 1.—@ndw

Sunday at 09:46am

Grains steeping. All-American Cream Ale in T-minus a couple of hours plus a few weeks.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 12:28pm

found in yard this morning No, it didn't ask me if I'd like to save money on car insurance. about:—@chucka_nc
@chucka_nc I wouldn't expect it to ask, it's not a gecko. Looks like one of the Anoles.—@ndw

Sunday at 12:52pm

2 gal boiling wort + 3 gal cold water = 70-85 deg mixture? Maybe if you start with three gal of *ice* water.—@ndw

Sunday at 01:57pm

Updated my Ubuntu 9.04 VM and now shared drives have stoppedw orking. But VMWare tools reinstall seems to have worked. Odd. And annoying.—@ndw

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Collective gut check: is using the word "cunt" in a gender non-specific manner beyond the pale for a *camp session?—@tommorris
@tommorris Yes. On this side of the pond at least, it stretches the imagination to invent a context where it would be acceptable.—@ndw

Sunday at 02:32pm

Chuckling at the Joan Jett cover of Dirty Deeds on @pandora_radio—@ndw

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This large Scientology exposé is going to cause a stir. I wonder if the cult will get an injunction to stop it?—@webmink
Via @webmink journos discovers Scientology is sleazy, abusive, and larcenous. Also, there was a Tuesday in last week.—@timbray

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Discussing how much better hospital rooms should be for the per-night cost—@hexmode
@hexmode Don't disagree. But I think it's the amenities you're paying for. You know, the ones that restart your heart if it stops suddenly—@ndw