The short-form week of 14–20 Sep 2009

21 Sep 2009; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 38 messages in 36 conversations. (With 1 favorite.)

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In a conversation that started on Sunday at 04:00pm

Things I learned today: Snow Leopard disk won't boot if laptop HD isn't formatted. SL won't install on a blank, formatted HD. Upgrade only.—@ndw
@ndw SL DVD won't boot unless HD formatted, but won't install on a formatted HD because it's only an upgrade -- Isn't that contradictory?—@asbjornu
@asbjornu No. Unformatted=won't boot. Formatted=boot but won't install. Formatted+10.5 installed=boot and install—@ndw

Monday at 10:40am

If upgrading installed MacPorts is possible, it's too hard for me. Giving up. Blowing it all away. Starting over.—@ndw

Monday at 11:16am

Do I want to know why installing mercurial requires X11? No, probably not.—@ndw

Monday at 01:23pm

Anyone managed to get MacPorts (1.8.0) to install exim under Snow Leopard?—@ndw

Monday at 02:20pm

Anyone know what "TLS cache read failed" means or how to fix it? (Exim trying to send mail with TLS)—@ndw

Monday at 02:35pm

WTF!? MS Exchange calendars don't support floating events?—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:47am

Drat. Amara 1.1.6 won't work with Python 2.6 on SL. And 4Suite won't build with python2.5 on SL. Fsck!—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 10:01am

@shelleypowers Popularity seems to have brought down?—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:41am

@uche Thanks for the tips. I'll look at the new XML API.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 10:49am

I've put up my other @barcampbrighton talk - how to become a command-line superdork.—@tommorris
@tommorris Where are the slides for command-line superdork?—@ndw
@ndw there are no slides. it was done using live demo.—@tommorris
@tommorris Fair 'nuff—@ndw

Tuesday at 02:25pm

Wow. Installing Java Update on a windows box offers the Bing! toolbar. Do. Not. Want.—@ndw

Wednesday at 06:42am

I managed to build exim from sources only marginally faster than MacPorts got it fixed. Bravo!—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:35am

Pelham Auto Service in Pelham, MA (in addition to being an excellent repair shop) provide free wifi. I love these guys.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 10:45am

Hacking a large, complex #marklogic install in CQ. It doesn't feel exactly like juggling chainsaws, but I really don't want to FU, either.—@ndw
@ndw I agree CQ has it's limitations, maybe a job for oXygen? or has someone @MarkLogic come up with an eclipse plugin yet?—@migueldemelo
@migueldemelo CQ was more-or-less just what I wanted. But it's a sharp knife, that's all. You can do a lot of damage if you're careless...—@ndw

Wednesday at 12:46pm

@dckc Webex is pretty spiffy when it works. And derails a meeting almost completely when it doesn't.—@ndw

Wednesday at 03:34pm

webkit2png requires pyobjc. What are the odds that that's just gonna work on Snow Leopard?—@ndw

Wednesday at 03:38pm

Whatever the odds, I seem to have beaten them. Sweet. Now why doesn't my AppleScript to change the desktop background work?—@ndw

Wednesday at 03:39pm

Because I renamed my laptop's hard disk. Works now. TYVM.—@ndw

Thursday at 07:39am

Dear @newegg, why do you keep emptying my shopping cart every few days. Damned annoying.—@ndw

Thursday at 07:49am

@ndw Even their saved carts are pretty awkward as well.—@ashooner

Thursday at 01:10pm

OH "I just want to play life with disasters turned off" #sc34—@al3xbrown

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 01:32pm

I accidentally configured an app not to appear in the dock or the menu bar. Uh. Now how do I get to it to fix that?—@ndw
@ndw Find it in Applications? Drag it back into the dock, or run it and check its preferences?—@abcoates

Thursday at 01:56pm

Dragging something to the dock. Who'da thunk it. Thanks @abcoates—@ndw

Thursday at 01:58pm

Er. Oops. I didn't mean to say that twice.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 03:06pm

"If you can get past the first 27 seconds of anime weirdness, you'll get to the *real* weirdness.—@ndw
@ndw plz to be passing the brain bleach kthx—@TheRepoRat

Friday at 07:03am

@ndw glad you like identica-mode. Let me know if you have any suggestions/bug reports :)—@gabrielsaldana

In a conversation that started on Friday at 07:04am

"Dog bath" is invariably followed shortly thereafter by "wet dog in lap".—@ndw
@ndw Nature's laptop cooler tray?—@abcoates

Friday at 10:42am

@ndw I've been working names completion, hopefully I'll get it done soon—@gabrielsaldana

In a conversation that started on Friday at 11:47am

How on this small blue marble do you change group membership in Snow Leopard. Can't find a cmd. Editing /etc/group doesn't do it.—@ndw
@ndw in the utilities folder netinfo—@fsanders
@fsanders not in SL. S'been removed.—@ndw
@ndw if it's like other unix, maybe you need to grpconv?—@msokolov
@ndw Open "System Preferences", underneath "My Account" you have a "Other Accounts" list, click triangle to collapse it...—@PauloGaspar7
@PauloGaspar7 There's no black triangle for me on Snow Leopard. Nor any Groups list.—@ndw
@ndw Are you using an account with admin privileges?—@PauloGaspar7

In a conversation that started on Friday at 02:38pm

@ndw @xmlcalabash any documentation on writing extension steps for calabash ?—@DALDEI
@DALDEI No, not yet. I'm just about confident enough in the API to start documenting it. More in...a few weeks, or so? If luck holds.—@ndw

Saturday at 04:41pm

Beginning my journey to #xmlsummerschool. Still hacking slides. Still not sure how best to approach the last half-hour of my sessions.—@ndw

Saturday at 05:43pm

Sierra USBConnect USB modem just locked up my laptop. Oh, joy.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Saturday at 07:52pm

RT @bnjmnbck: Video: Social Media Revolution (via vowe)—@innovimax
@innovimax I should believe those statistics...why? They may be true, on the other hand...—@ndw
@ndw I take them more as a general trend than exact statistics...—@innovimax

Saturday at 08:16pm

RT @ndw Beginning my journey to #xmlsummerschool. Still hacking slides. Still not sure how best to approach the last 1/2-hour of my sessions—@innovimax

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 04:23am

Arrived LHR. Departing momentarily for Oxford.—@ndw
@ndw if you're going by coach there is free WiFi—@tug
@tug Free yes. Bits no. But a 24 hour pass on BT Openzone will do the trick.—@ndw
@ndw Cool. See you there this evening.—@abcoates

Sunday at 08:14am

The tenth cup of coffee at Caffé Nero is free. Do I get a special prize if I drink ten in one sitting?—@ndw