XML Summer School ’09

Volume 12, Issue 33; 05 Oct 2009; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Open source and web technologies at XML Summer School.

Speaking of travelling, a bit of a non sequitor if you aren't reading these essays sequentially, I had just returned from XML Summer School the day before my Caribbean jaunt.

I was delighted to see the return of XML Summer School (September is summer somewhere, I'm sure) and even more delighted to be invited to speak.

I taught in the “Open Source” and “Web 2.0” tracks, presenting Open Source Application Development and Building Dynamic Web Applications with XML, respectively. I think the sessions went well. (After more than ten years of doing it, I have finally (and suddenly, this year) reached the point where it doesn't make me gut knotting nervous to give presentations. That has to have improved my stage presence.)

Beyond the specific courses, what sets Summer School apart is the staggering array of talent lined up to teach. If you've got a question or a problem about something even tangentially related to markup, there's someone at XML Summer School who's thought about it, built it, or deployed it. Probably all three. That we're all good friends, engaging students not just in the classroom but also punting and pub crawling, is just gravy for everyone.

A bargain at twice the price, I promise.

After Summer School, I snagged a weekend with my folks.

A relaxing end to a great week not without hard work and long days.