The short-form week of 14–20 Dec 2009

21 Dec 2009; last modified 13 Mar 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 31 messages in 35 conversations. (With 2 favorites.)

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In a conversation that started on Monday at 02:12am

Maybe essentially what I want is a transformation language for RDF. (One that can create things other than RDF.)—@JeniT
@JeniT re RDF xform: @ndw and Damain experimented with DOM interface on to RDF graph (not syntax) thence xslt on RDF. treehugger and rdftwig—@skwlilac
@skwlilac I remember @ndw's work. Seems to me that XSLT 2.0 could work over RDF/XML reasonably easily with user-defined functions.—@JeniT
@JeniT @skwlilac It's probably worth exploring with XSLT 2.0. At the time, I was limited to 1.0.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 10:14am

@JeniT You're lucky, I once felled a tree that hit my house - fortunately only a glancing blow.—@hadleynet
@hadleynet That's why you tie ropes to them *before* you chop them down!—@ndw

Tuesday at 12:08pm

@ndw Its a learning process. My major takeaway was to employ professionals when trees are within reach of the house.—@hadleynet

Tuesday at 03:10pm

I want the country my forefathers died for, not the country my current leaders kill for.—@merlyn

Tuesday at 05:15pm

Turning my eyes away from twitter: folks I follow are discussing the finale of #dexter which I haven't seen yet.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 09:01pm

First 47 people of the "let me know when GET LAMP is ready" list now notified. Now for the huger one on my old FreeBSD box.—@textfiles
@textfiles Dunno which group I was in, but "ordered".—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:10pm

Holy crap! #dexter—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 05:01am

Oh the meeting was supposed to start at 10:*30*! No wonder no one's here.—@JeniT
@JeniT I once drove 80 miles to a meeting to discover I had arrived a month early.—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay So did you wait around, or did you drive home? :-P—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 05:04am

CALS tables and XSLT - its going to be one of those days ...—@al3xbrown
@al3xbrown The DocBook XSL stylesheets have complete coverage of CALS tables, I believe.—@ndw
@ndw yup :-)—@al3xbrown

Wednesday at 03:36pm

I think this is a RT of @stephenfry, but I'm not sure. A*maz*ing in any event.—@ndw

Thursday at 07:28am

♺@MarkLogic Register now for the Mark Logic User Conference 2010 to get the early bird special! #MLUC10—@ndw

Thursday at 10:59am

Because not encrypting video feeds from drones in a war zone seemed like such a good idea. (via @elharo)—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 12:16pm

Facebook Revenues Screaming Toward $1 Billion. I've never clicked a Facebook ad. I wonder who does?—@ramblingman
@ramblingman Certainly, but wouldn't you say the same about Google?—@avernet
@avernet indeed. once in a rare while I actually do click a Google ad, but thus far never a Facebook.—@ramblingman
@ramblingman Possible reason: tech-savvy folks click on ads less often ( What'll happen as folks get more tech-savvy?—@avernet
@avernet @ramblingman I think tech-savvy folks run adblockplus and flashblock and never even *see* the ads. Or is that just me?—@ndw

Thursday at 02:07pm

You must provide a new password. Not more than 10 chars. No doubled characters. Must not start with a digit. ... #FAIL—@ndw

Thursday at 04:11pm

In Perl: =f(); =a; eq is true. g() fails, g() succeeds. What can be different about two strings that are eq?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 04:11pm

In Perl: $x=f(); $y=a; $x eq $y is true. g($x) fails, g($y) succeeds. What can be different about two strings that are eq?—@ndw
@ndw Tainting? Dualvars? It would be clearer with a bit more code.—@robinberjon
@ndw [What can be different about two strings that are eq?] cf XPath: $x=$y, $x instance of xs:Name = true, $y instance of xs:Name = false.—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay Yeah, but pass either of those to a function expecting an xs:string argument and they behave the same, right?—@ndw
@ndw [eq strings behave the same, right?] Not if the function does an "instance of" test.—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay [eq strings behave the same, right?] Also of course collations can make ("a" eq "b") true if you want.—@michaelhkay
@ndw not necessarily, depending on what f() does.—@martin_probst

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 04:17pm

what? you're using bareword a? so $x is 'a'. and what is g() ? you mean f(). Anyway, print 1 if undef eq q{} ..... re:—@terrisCA
@terrisCA No, the quotes got lost. $x and $y are strings that are eq. Deep in the bowls of g() things go awry but $x and $y are *the same*—@ndw

Thursday at 04:29pm

@ndw overloading perhaps?—@perigrin

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 04:29pm

@ndw also undef eq ''—@perigrin
@perigrin No, the strings are both fairly long path names. /path/to/my/file.pdf—@ndw

Thursday at 04:41pm

For total, brain-melting weirdness, print MIME::Base64::encode() *fixes* so that it works. WTF!?—@ndw

Thursday at 04:43pm

@ndw the people on suggest something *really* funky is going on then, and to try Devel::Peek—@perigrin

Thursday at 04:44pm

print MIME::Base64::encode($x), I meant—@ndw

Thursday at 04:52pm

@perigrin One reports PV=..."x"\0 [UTF8 "x"], the other isn't UTF8. That must be the problem, now how to unravel...—@ndw

Thursday at 04:56pm

use Encode; $x = decode("utf8", $x) removes the magic but appears to leave it in utf8. And it still doesn't work.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 05:03pm

@ndw some of us grew out of perl a decade ago and discovered real man languages—@DALDEI
@DALDEI *snort*—@ndw

Thursday at 07:08pm

♺@danja must be repeated, so cool: (via @danbri)—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 07:15pm

My mobile phone has a goddamn Unix shell, an integrated Jabber client and uses apt-get to update it's software. So awesome.—@RussB
@RussB That does look like a sweet phone. And I'm starting to think about—@ndw

Thursday at 07:23pm

hueyPRO Calibration sucks. Calibrated 2 days ago, got 14 day warning this morning. Recalibrated. Just got 14 day warning again.—@ndw

Friday at 05:46am

In Java, general problem with impl equals() properly. RT @michaelhkay @ndw [eq strings behave the same] Not if fn does "instance of" test.—@vojtechtoman

Friday at 06:28am

My most influential followers are : @ndw, @martin_probst, @jpcs, @gazdovsky, @tony_vipros. Go to to see yours.—@adamretter

Friday at 08:38am

Refactoring error handling in XML Calabash. Oh, joy.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 11:31am

I don't normally check my junk mail these days. But I did today, and found an RFQ for 8 Saxon licenses. Email is broken, how do we fix it?—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay Not using email, instead asking folks to fill out an online form; adding a captcha if that form is getting spammed.—@avernet
@avernet Please, no. I want to be productive when I'm not online as well as when I am. The answer is charging for mail, but I don't know how—@ndw
@ndw Don't get me wrong: I am not arguing we replace email by web forms. It is popular nowadays to hate email; I am not in that camp.—@avernet
@ndw But when you got lots of orders coming in, web forms are a must. We don't buy books from Amazon by emailing, do we?—@avernet
@michaelhkay Maybe its time to move over to an order-entry system instead of emails for orders. I can suggest one (personal plug)—@DALDEI
@DALDEI There will always be emails asking "can you tell me which product I need?". But perhaps a web-based contact form would help.—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay A web based contact form is a very easy and useful tool. You can whitelist the "From" so you dont miss emails. Thats critical—@DALDEI

Friday at 04:29pm

♺@fiberartisan RT @remarkablogger: Amazing video on Google Chrome - No, really: it's Amazing!—@ndw

Saturday at 01:36am

best walking-octopus-carrying-a-coconut-shell video I've seen all year (and it's December)!—@shepazu

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 05:00pm

Trying to unify XProc errors and step errors into a single listener for apps like oXygen. I wonder if I'm going about this the wrong way.—@ndw
@ndw Probably not, but why do you think it might be wrong?—@abcoates