Balisage 2010

Volume 13, Issue 26; 27 Jul 2010; last modified 08 Oct 2010

Balisage 2010 is only days away. (How did that happen?)

I guess my writing hiatus was longer than I realized or expected. It occurs to me that I've done no where near enough to pimp my favorite conference: Balisage: The Markup Conference which is happening in Montréal next week.

If you care about structured markup in general (or XML in particular), and you're not planning to go, and it's not too late to change your mind, I encourage you to do so. Change your mind that is, and go.

For my part, for the first time ever, I'm only attending. No slides to prepare, no paper to finish. It feels really weird (and not entirely good, I regret not being able to pull together even a proposal this year.) For my sins, I hope to pull together a poster. The conference has a history of informative and entertaining posters. If you're coming, make one!

I will be hosting Demo Jam again this year, so I'm not getting off scott free. But the beer is free, so that's ok :-)

See you there!