The short-form week of 27 Sep–3 Oct 2010

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In a conversation that started on Saturday at 03:11pm

I have joined the HTML Working Group. May the fates have mercy on my soul.—@ndw
@ndw I will bet good money you will have a lot more success then you think, make sure you call on your xml brethren to shout when needed—@xquery
@ndw Oh, Norm... whatever possessed you?—@JeniT
@JeniT you should help him!—@roessler
@JeniT Madness, I'm sure. I sincerely want HTML5 to play nice with XML. I can't rail against the result if I don't attempt to help.—@ndw
@ndw best of luck Norm!—@al3xbrown
@ndw @roessler I have the greatest respect for everyone who attempts to engage with that process. I know what it would do to me.—@JeniT
@ndw Do you perceive HTML5 not to play nice with XML now? If so, what part?—@hsivonen
@hsivonen I'm most immediately concerned about the srcdoc/markup-in-attributes issue.—@ndw
@ndw That one seems to be a general “escaped markup inside markup is distasteful” kind of thing than a “doesn’t play nice with XML” thing.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen Unescaped, it's more than that. Escaped, maybe it's just a matter of taste. Depends what underlying model it encodes, I think—@ndw
@ndw: the WG's mission statement, "lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate", didn't give you a clue?—@david_megginson
@david_megginson Luckily my dad prepared me by instructing me "illegitimi non carborundum"—@ndw
@ndw: "Some people called the 'Romanes', they go 'house'??" Pls correct the grammar, then write it 100 times on the Harvard library.—@david_megginson
@ndw Had to look that up, and Google led me here:—@JeniT
@david_megginson @ndw I'm guessing that's "abandon all hope, all ye who enter", yes?—@abcoates
@ndw you'll need every bit of patience you have, but you can achieve something. Good luck!—@laurendw
@ndw best of luck!—@ldodds
@ndw It is a far, far better thing you do than you have ever done. It is a -- um.—@RepoRat
@ndw what @JeniT said... I wish you the very best of luck.—@skwlilac
@ndw Good luck! I think they are beyond help in many ways, but it is noble of you to try.—@james_clark
@james_clark would be really great if you could share your views on what is wrong with "HTML5". Cheers!—@annevk
@annevk My biggest complaint would be the process: excessive deference to major browser vendors, plus the dual WHATWG/W3C specs cc @ndw—@james_clark
@james_clark presumably not liking the process has something to do with the result of it? Can I persuade you to write a blog post?—@annevk
@annevk It's not about the result: I haven't studied the result closely enough (yet) to form a view about the result.—@james_clark
@ndw re: HTML5. admirable. Let me know if there are ways I (we) can help. Wish I had the time for similar endeavor.—@aspyker
@ndw Great, HTML WG really needs some new blood to defend reasonable positions.—@jirkakosek
@ndw It's not too late to go back.—@timbray
@timbray It may be a short lived foray, but I have to be honest and I have to be able to say I tried.—@ndw
@ndw joining the HTML 5 WG?!?! Tell me you're also taking up deep meditation. I never did figure out how to manage the stress.—@dckc
@ndw @JeniT says what I think. It sounds crazy, but they certainly do need help.—@larsga
@ndw hope the fun is worth the purgatory!—@roessler

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Delayed on the Bure Valley railway. Chuckling to myself as we wait for the rescue engine.—@johnlsheridan
@johnlsheridan I did that once with my folks. A very pleasant ride, at least if it doesn't break down.—@ndw
@ndw it's my home county, so naturally I am very fond of the landscape. There's no better way to see it than by train, big or small :)—@johnlsheridan
@johnlsheridan I come to Norfolk once or twice a year to see my mom (she's in Stalham now). We should grab coffee or a pint sometime!—@ndw
@ndw oh wow, Stalham :) Not far. Please do let me know when you're next around. A pub lunch + a pint of Woodford's Norfolk Wherry in order!—@johnlsheridan

Monday at 08:35am

RT @quixproc: RT @ndw: Updated; no diffs (yet) but mostly Chapter 3, I think. #xproc #book—@innovimax

Monday at 12:06pm

What could possibly go wrong? RT @shelleypowers For profit companies taking over public libraries—@ndw

Monday at 12:23pm

RT @mnot RT @lachlanhardy: Man, I love the Guardian. Why the fuck don't *we* have a paper like this?—@ndw

Monday at 12:27pm

RT @simonw The Web for me is still URLs and HTML. I don't want a Web which can only be understood by running a JavaScript interpreter [...]—@ndw

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R U Kidding me??? RT @stockguy22: How crazy ironic is this ? .. Segway owner dies while riding a segway—@DaveO
Oh! The irony! Owner of Segway corp drives Segway off a cliff. Fatally. /via @DaveO—@ndw

Monday at 03:30pm

You know, maybe I don't need to sleep in NYC this week. Maybe I'll just stay awake and out of hotels all night.—@ndw

Tuesday at 09:46am

RT @dret "wiretapping on the net is really inconvenient b/c it is decentralized and open, so we decided to change that."—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 01:01pm

So people who are at Web 2.0 expo, what did the browser companies have to say about next five years?—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers right now they're banging on XML—@simonstl
@simonstl As in, trying to kill it?—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers they seem to think XML is already dead. I disagree for a few use cases.—@simonstl
@shelleypowers I was afraid to ask.—@ndw

Wednesday at 06:55am

New Meh.—@ndw

Wednesday at 09:17am

Parsing a 2.7M file, "Invalid byte 2 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence." Great. Fine. Could I have a clue about *where*, FFS!!?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 09:18am

<blush>Oh! look! I wrote utf8test last time I had this problem</blush>. Nevermind.—@ndw
@ndw That itf8test could come in handy! Did you release it?—@avernet
@avernet There's not much to it. iconv might be better, I dunno.—@ndw
@ndw Awesome, thanks for sharing. I'll keep a link, and I'm sure it will come in handy.—@avernet

Wednesday at 09:19am

@ndw Try iconv?—@vojtechtoman

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 03:32pm

I swear the thing that will make me finally leave Perl will be 0-based months and 1900-based years.—@ndw
@ndw ya, maybe it is time to move on from Perl, but it still continues to teach me (every week vs every day now) ...—@xquery

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 04:56pm

When I relaunch my weblog on #MarkLogic, I'll be doing a redesign too. Soliciting pointers to attractive, minimal designs I can steal from—@ndw
@ndw I'd point you to mine, but who am I kidding, I can't design worth a damn...but it is minimal! And with RDFa, too!—@shelleypowers
@ndw "Soliciting pointers" Not pushing my particular theme, but IMO "Web user interfaces should scale"—@noahmendelsohn

Wednesday at 11:26pm

I am so tired of web sites that post 10 minute videos instead of 1000 words of text. If you can't write, get off the Web!—@elharo

Thursday at 12:16am

you could use my framework as stared design “@ndw: pointers to attractive, minimal designs I can steal from”—@projeturbain

Thursday at 09:20am

+1x10^6 RT @elharo I am so tired of web sites that post 10 minute videos instead of 1000 words of text. If you can't write, get off the Web!—@ndw

Thursday at 09:27am

RT @ndw RT @elharo I am so tired of web sites that post 10 minute videos instead of 1000 words of text. If you can't write, get off the Web!—@RepoRat

Thursday at 11:04am

Amtrak 493 from SPG to NHV struck a tree. Delayed in Meriden. #thingsthatdonthappentoplanes #travel—@ndw

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The passengers in this carriage are learning far more than I ever wanted to know about some young woman's personal life. #phonesonatrain—@ndw
@ndw Last time I rode Amtrak, a Drunk woman was pestering a Nun for hours ...—@DALDEI

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The conductor said the bus would be here any minute as he shepherded us off the train. I don't think he knows what the word "minute" means.—@ndw
@ndw or he really meant "any". He just didn't know which one ;)—@karlpro
@ndw but beware, he could be an expert on the word "any"—@al3xbrown

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 01:08pm

Dan Brown's next book should explore the theory that the world ends if they ever finish construction on I-95. #ithinkitmightbetrue—@ndw
@ndw Trying to come up with a clever title including Sisyphus but failing. It's always awful down here in CT.—@MattioV

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 11:43pm

Just shown US video ad where they were proud of iphone app to scan checks. Meanwhile, the 19th century called the US and wants cheques back.—@mnot
@mnot Remember that the US have promoted cheques to the status of cash. They no longer offer the non-negotiable security of real cheques.—@malcolmt

Friday at 11:39am

Yesterday the train hit a tree, today the car service has put me in a van that's stalling every 10 miles. #oneofthosetrips—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 02:06pm

T-Mobile will discount my prospective phone (S. Vibrant) by $300 if I agree to pay them $480 more over the next two years. Uhm. #badatmath?—@ndw
@ndw aimed at people who don't have the cash available, I suspect.—@laurendw
@ndw Not necessarily. The extra $180 should buy you service you don't get just by owning the phone. Can you buy same service for < $180?—@elharo
@elharo Yes, that comparison included the same plan in both cases.—@ndw
@ndw: $480 more than what? I think I saw that one time but conveniently forgot it. Remind me?—@dckc

In a conversation that started on Friday at 02:57pm

I finally got home and discovered the cable is out and has been for hours. Now the power is out. #enoughalready #weather—@ndw
@ndw which fate did you piss off? Your travels have been very Steve Martin & John Candy this week.—@JeanKaplansky

In a conversation that started on Saturday at 03:00pm

It must be that my Androidy friends have written weblog posts about their fav. apps. It appears not to be the case that I can find them.—@ndw
@ndw install an app that gives you access to other markets—@dscape
@ndw keep thinking I should ;-) maybe this week?—@laurendw

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 04:09pm

Homemade beer is 1 part making, 1 part drinking, and 8 parts cleaning and sterilizing. But the Russian Imperial Stout is in bottles!—@ndw
@ndw Well your problem is that you bottle it! I just put it in a barrel and drink it quickly :-)—@jpcs
@jpcs fair point. I should try a barrel I suppose.—@ndw
@ndw How long until it is ready? I have always been tempted to home brew but some friends skunked several batches in college. Yuck.—@bsletten
@bsletten Not less than 4-6 weeks, then it probably improves for a few more months, maybe longer, but it never lasts that long :-)—@ndw
@ndw Anything special about the conditions for storage during this time? Dark and cool w/o much traffic?—@bsletten
@bsletten I get bottle carbonation with a dose of sugar, so room temperature for a couple of weeks then cool or cold. I prefer cool.—@ndw
@ndw Imperial stout alway sounds good to me! Did you get to try BJ's take on it?—@avernet
@avernet Nope, don't think I've ever been to a BJs.—@ndw
@ndw re: stout, how about bringing some to Philly next week:-)?—@richardhamilton
@richardhamilton uh, it'll be a bit green...—@ndw
@ndw Shows you how much I know about brewing beer:). But I am an expert at drinking it.—@richardhamilton