Google Maps Update

Volume 13, Issue 52; 14 Dec 2010

I've updated the site to use the Google Maps V3 APIs.

For what it's worth [not much -ed], I've updated the mapping code (seen on itinerary pages and selected essays) to use the Google Maps V3 APIs. I won't miss managing different API keys for each URI path.

If you see any weirdness, let me know.

[Update: 15 Dec] Using the “bounds_changed” callback to manage adding photos to the map was exhibiting a nasty performance issue. The callback occurs dozens of times in a fraction of a second as the map is moving; calling the AJAX function to retreive image data that frequently was just silly. I've now added a timer and avoid doing the AJAX call until there's been ¼s of stability in the map.

I like that better, but again, if you see any weirdness…