Introducing the W3C HTML/XML Task Force

Volume 13, Issue 56; 21 Dec 2010

At the W3C Technical Plenary in November, the creation of an HTML/XML Task Force was announced. Today, that task force took its first steps down what I hope will be a fruitful path.

At TPAC, Tim told me about the creation of a task force charged with investigating and hopefully resolving some of the issues that arise at the intersection of XML and HTML on the web. He asked me to accept the role of chair. With some trepidation, I agreed. It's taken a while to get things off the ground, but today we had our first official meeting.

By way of introduction, here's the message that I sent to the task force mailing list:

I sent a substantially similar message to the HTML5, XML-DEV, and public TAG mailing lists. (I live in terrifying fear that I've made some egregious faux pas in the messages, but it's too late now.)

I hope, and am hopeful, that we'll be able to achieve some success in bringing more harmony to the XML and HTML worlds. If we fail, at least it will not be said that we failed to try.


Great initiative. Please keep us up to date on this blog.

—Posted by Santiago Pericas-Geertsen on 22 Dec 2010 @ 03:57 UTC #

Looks like a supergroup to me; I look forward to their findings!

—Posted by Bob DuCharme on 22 Dec 2010 @ 04:52 UTC #