Budapest and Szentendre, Hungary

Volume 13, Issue 55; 21 Dec 2010; last modified 28 Dec 2010

Being the first in a series of photo essays from our recent river cruise.

A couple of weeks ago, we embarked on the Uniworld “Danube Holiday Market” cruise from Budapest to Passau. It was delightful. It was also country number seventeen for me.

Our first stop was Budapest. All of the Christmas markets offered beautiful crafts. Some were showing signs of losing that focus, with more imported tchotchkes, but not the market in Budapest.

Also on offer, delicious local cuisine. Glühwein and sausages everwhere. In Budapest, Kürtős kalács

and…kakastöke pörkölt.

I'm suspicious that that's not a literal translation.

I think it's actually some sort of dumpling stew. But I stuck to the sausages anyway.

The weather certainly cooperated with the Christmas spirit. Neither as cold nor as snowy as, say, England, but cold and often white nevertheless.

We also saw some of the classic sights including the chain bridge and the beautiful parliament building.

We took an afternoon trip out of the city to Szentendre.

All in all, a lovely first day. Then it was off to Bratislava on the River Beatrice.

But that's another essay. In the meantime, there are more photos of Budapest and Szentendre on Flickr.


Its full name is "kakastaréj-kakastöke pörkölt", literally "rooster comb and rooster testicles stew". But it actually contains cucumbers (the former) and dumplings (the latter), however. Consider Welsh rabbit, or Bombay duck, or toad-in-the-hole, or even bangers and mash.

—Posted by John Cowan on 21 Dec 2010 @ 05:28 UTC #