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21 Mar 2011

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Spring in New England:—@ndw
@ndw Best Picture Ever.—@lizfraley

Monday at 12:31am

The privacy gained from https w/ Facebook is similar to the safety gained by always using condoms when having sex with vampires .—@mattblaze

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Last day before I am out of here together with @seignet and Tom. I know it, but have not come to terms with it. Tomorrow it will be clear.—@annevk
@annevk @seignet have a great vacation! Talk to you again in, what, June? Lucky so-and-so...—@ndw
@annevk Have a good vacation!—@hsivonen

Monday at 02:45am

RT @alblue RT @acangiano: Circular logic is the best type of logic, because it's circular.—@0xcafebabe

Monday at 04:07am

Usually when people destroy unattended stuff we call it "vandalism". At train stations we call it "the security services".—@charlesarthur

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Wondering if anyone is working on translating the HTML5 specification into English?—@JeniT
@JeniT a collaborative effort could try at The more people contributing, the better.—@karlpro

Monday at 10:05am

The earthquake shortened Earth's day by 1.8 microseconds, so don't expect me to get everything done this week.—@badbanana

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I've had mostly great experiences hosting my sites with #dreamhost, but down today. So, no email, etc. for now.—@noahmendelsohn
@noahmendelsohn Seems to be back up now.—@ndw

Monday at 10:53am

"I run an innovation and ideation firm..." OMG. Unsee! Unsee!—@ndw

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Weekend project: office makeover.—@ndw
@ndw Why is the second monitor not in the picture?—@abdelazer
@abdelazer Diamond USB driver turned out to be buggy, would crash when disconnected. Might be fixed now, but haven’t risked trying again.—@ndw
@ndw happy you didn't say "I don't have one"—@abdelazer
@ndw I see your monitors-on-no-longer-used-tech-books and raise you one—@abdelazer
@abdelazer Nice. Assuming the driver doesn’t blow up on me, I’ll put together a better stand.—@ndw
@ndw wow. I own at least 4 of the books in your pile. Same editions and all. Cannot recognized the lower and higher ones. #Classics—@MarieBilde
@MarieBilde For the curious, I added the titles and authors as notes on the Flickr page.—@ndw
@ndw cool!—@MarieBilde
@abdelazer Damn it, now you’ve made me want to investigate again. I wonder if the driver’s been updated?—@ndw
@ndw At you'll know who to blame when you get a nice kernel panic. Good job @abdelazer !—@gcarothers
@gcarothers @abdelazer Oh, DisplayLink driver 1.6 beta 3. What could possibly go wrong?—@ndw
@ndw those curtains gotta go man! ;)—@thebrianmanley

Monday at 12:59pm

RT @slashdot Kinect Self-Awareness Hack—@ndw

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What think of my new tech site logo? - too subtle?—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers *snicker*—@ndw

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spying The URI Is The Thing on @ndw's wall made my day!—@psd
@psd I promise it’ll come back out from behind the monitor if the monitor sticks around!—@ndw

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Since when was 14/3 even ~= π?—@ceri
@ceri Since, uh, never? Or maybe it only works for *really, really* large values of π. On the other hand, 355/113 is pretty good. #piday—@ndw
@ndw Yeah, so how is it π day?—@ceri
@ceri Ah. *chuckle* Over here we write 3/14 which at least bears a surface resemblance to π.—@ndw
@ndw :)—@ceri

Monday at 03:48pm

"Do not check in code that calls this function" Heh. debug:whereami makes clever use of try/catch and fn:error—@ndw

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Powered USB hub doesn't charge my Tab. That must be some new, unusual definition of "powered" that I was hitherto unaware of.—@ndw
@ndw Yeah, it's the same stupid iPad "high power" USB nonsense.—@gcarothers
@ndw I think the word you are looking for is "underpowered".—@sgmlguru

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"Have I told you lately how much I love" using XSLT in #MarkLogic!!!—@harveybetty
@harveybetty I know the feeling, Betty! :-)—@ndw

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OH: "I have no shame in shipping a spec that states it's a 'wilfull violation of the HTML specification'."—@robinberjon
@robinberjon Was that about a specific violation? If so, what violation?—@hsivonen
@hsivonen It was meant as a joke :) But were it to be true, it would be about adding a role to input type=file (for media capture).—@robinberjon
@robinberjon Hopefully not using the attribute named role! Please, please keep role only for accessibility API exposure.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen Why not? It certainly is a role modification. And it does help AT.—@robinberjon
@robinberjon It would violate the rules that 1) role is syntax for ARIA and 2) ARIA only affects the AT mode of accessing content.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen I can live with that, but are there specific reasons for those rules?—@robinberjon
@robinberjon 1) Noise avoidance in the ARIA information channel. 2) Avoiding side effects that would limit what gets exposed to AT.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen Mkay, sorta makes sense. Do you have a preference for other ways of exposing that information?—@robinberjon
@robinberjon accept='image/jpeg' or accept='video/webm'.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen That's not enough to hint that capture is preferred.—@robinberjon
@robinberjon With some kind of ;prefer=capture or somesuch, then. Shouldn't the browser that has camera and file sys always allow both?—@hsivonen
@hsivonen Always allow both — definitely; but there are good UI reasons for presenting the preferred one. An attr rather than pseudomime?—@robinberjon
@hsivonen There's a difference between allowing both and defaulting to one.—@robinberjon
@hsivonen @robinberjon If only there had been a syntactic distinction for the ARIA attributes to enable distribu...oh, nevermind. :-)—@ndw
@ndw @robinberjon It's weird that the role part of ARIA isn't prefixed but the states and properties are. Historical accident. Those happen.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen @robinberjon Indeed they do. Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.—@ndw
@ndw Oh right, we added a non-AT value for role. Look the other way, it's just a historical accident taking place ;-) @hsivonen—@robinberjon

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Weird. Browser talks to wiki, gets 404+data; curl/wget talk to wiki, get 404 but no data. Headers look ok. #docbookwiki #stilldown—@ndw
@ndw This may be related to Proxy, Reverse Proxy and/or CDN caches. Try adding no cache headers to wget.—@bnjmnbck
@bnjmnbck Unlikely, but worth a try. (The wiki machine is on my local network.)—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:14am

RT @ndw MoinMoin has some anti-spam features that cause it to return a 404 if you make too many requests in a short period. #docbookwiki—@cramerdw

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Three [expletive deleted -ed] sentences, my [dude, chill! -ed]!—@ndw
@ndw too right. I once spent 2 hours crafting tech email to have the guy say "too long" and reraise issues already dealt with. Grrrrrrr—@mathling
@ndw Hear, hear.—@ceri
@ndw Interesting that needs five sentences to explain the policy.—@larsga
@larsga *chuckle* I hadn’t noticed.—@ndw

Tuesday at 09:26am

@zeldman That link is wrong, but the 404 page for was worth the trip!—@ndw

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Suddenly, I want a 3D modeling application.—@ndw
@ndw: You could also make your own 3D printer:—@MenteaXML
@ndw -- Free 3D modeling tool. Much fun, easy to use.—@pointybrackets

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"You may not create a link to this website from another website or document without prior written consent."—@psd
@psd Name and shame ?—@hadleynet
@hadleynet Yeah, c’mon @psd give us a link!—@ndw

Tuesday at 11:19am

Most powerful force in the universe: inability of a speaker to resist going through ALL their slides even when they know they're over time—@geomblog

Tuesday at 12:06pm

The IDEs of March are bloated and rot your brain. I'm going back to the Text Editors of March.—@cammerman

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Saturn fly-bys, animated using only Cassini photos:—@timbray
@timbray Simply gorgeous.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:06pm

Oh for the love of $DIETY. Did ibiblio drop on the floor too? Fsck me!—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:23pm

No, apparently that’s just part of a planned migration. Whew.—@ndw

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Bill would make photographing a farm a felony - this includes you, Google, you lawbreaker you—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers Eventually one of these crazy bills will *not* be passed, right?—@ndw
@ndw Welcome to Tea Time in America...—@shelleypowers

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MY favorite meeting room in MarkLogic: conceivable. Just love saying "I'm in conceivable". #silly—@dscape
@dscape I like I'm in box and I'm in sane better.—@eedeebee
@eedeebee @dscape So what’s up with Taupe and Sea foam or whatever the new ones are called. I was waiting for Sincere, Accurate, Animate...—@ndw
@ndw Awesome suggestion. I love (in)accurate. Let's talk to whatever did this and rename the lame color rooms /cc @eedeebee—@dscape
@dscape @ndw re: rooms - I've tried but failed. Let's fix this when you're hear next.—@eedeebee
@dscape @ndw with you on the room names like mate—@eedeebee

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Learn (be reminded?) of something every day: the value space of xs:token allows spaces. Single spaces. Not leading or trailing spaces. WTF.—@ndw
@ndw that's why they created normalize-space() just for you! i wished i had a function named after me!—@dret

Tuesday at 05:36pm

@ndw re xs:token ... interesting ! I never thought of it but this directs the problem from the other side—@DALDEI

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Brilliant and in-depth expose of the ATT DSL/UVerse caps bull—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers Alas I expect more of the same. Not much can be done except regulation and the current group of wackjobs won’t do that.—@ndw
@ndw Agree. The FCC has basically blessed this action on the part of ATT. So much for broadband support among the Dems—@shelleypowers

Wednesday at 04:28am

Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful. ~ Seneca—@philo_quotes

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I've discovered that @evernote has failed to sync properly again. #reliability #fail—@ndw
Wonder if @evernote is using couchdb. Would make perfect sense but I don't think they are /cc @ndw—@dscape
@ndw is sync that hard for @evernote?—@capucinnolover
@capucinnolover Apparently. Here’s hoping the resolution of my support case is satisfactory and reassuring.—@ndw
@ndw of course,and you just made twitter as a bug tracker tool :)—@capucinnolover

Wednesday at 09:50am

No, @evernote, simply deleting my local database and starting over does not "solve" my problem. WTF.—@ndw

Wednesday at 09:51am

It's bad enough that the US is full of anti-science know-nothing boobs; it's incomparably worse that they're in charge. :(—@kendall

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How does the rsync process with PID 14447 not get killed by "sudo kill -9 14447"?—@ndw
@ndw there are well known states in the kernel where a process can't be killed - typically some state related to IO.—@eedeebee
@ndw Jammed in a driver, at least that used to be the case decades ago when I was a sysadmin—@timbray
@timbray Got it in one.—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:17am

Ah, because the kernel has gone bang: "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 61s! [rsync:14447]"—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:38am

fsck.ext3 on a 1TB USB disk takes a while. #justsayin—@ndw

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Support for previous comment: in the last two weeks, I've talked to 5 orgs that are starting in XML and going to EPUB. #epubfail—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets Sorry, how is starting with XML and going to EPUB a fail for anyone?—@ndw
@ndw Because it can't represent the complexity of the data (without major backflips), and that's often necessary.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets Oh. In that case I guess I don’t understand. I consider starting with XML and generating EPUB perfectly reasonable.—@ndw
@ndw You've made that clear before. I still contend that taking enormously complex data and paring it down to HTML5 is a faulty approach.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets What’s the alternative? A display engine designed to operate on documents of arbitrary complexity?—@ndw
@ndw "Display engine operating on arbitrarily complex documents" -- that would be a web browser, by definition. I'm saying: unlimited tags.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets In the HTML5 future, I don’t think you get unlimited tags in any meaningful way.—@ndw
@ndw Just because W3C has bent over for HTML5, doesn't mean everybody else ought to. It's flawed by design and process.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets Ah. Good luck with that. “The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to vote.” (Kosh, B5)—@ndw
@ndw Thanks for the vote. My feeling on the avalanche: if going with the flow was the only way, there'd be no XML at all, would there?—@pointybrackets
@ndw Also, it speaks to the fact that they find EPUB lacking. If smart people can't use it from the get-go, it's missing important bits.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets What prevents smart people from using it from the get-go? It seems reasonably straight-foward to me.—@ndw
@ndw Because they have multiple targets, rather than just a limited ebook system. Their other targets handle arbitrary XML; EPUB doesn't.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets What are their other targets?—@ndw
@ndw Legacy XML browsers, print, document mashup systems, etc.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets Arbitrary XML with CSS/JS would have been nice, but that’s not where browsers are going. In other news: I want a pony.—@ndw
@ndw Modifying Webkit to handle XML+CSS/JS is not rocket science. To wit: working on it right now.—@pointybrackets
@pointybrackets I hope you’re wildly successful. It would warm my heart and improve the world.—@ndw

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remember Daylight Savings time changes during XML Prague (on the Sunday) #fun #xmlprague—@xmlprague
@xmlprague Ugh. Because my 6a flight on Monday wasn’t early enough.—@ndw
@ndw Hey Norm, you aren't passing through London on your way to/from Prague are you?—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens Alas only very, very briefly. LHR-LST-NRW on Monday, the reverse on Thursday.—@ndw

Wednesday at 02:43pm

"War crimes good, exposing them bad" #AJE #manning #wikileaks—@marjoleink

Wednesday at 03:08pm

My bank says I'd get fewer "automated fraud holds" if I: 1. Never travel 2. Never buy things online Bank of America®: Modernity is a Bug™—@hotdogsladies

Wednesday at 03:35pm

"Donlucky George" the "Director of Project Implementation" wants my help with an international funds transfer... #couldntmakethisstuffup—@ndw

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The downside of running a tool to fix metadata in all my .flac/.mp3 files: the next backup takes a loooong time.—@ndw
@ndw Any recommendations for such tool? Been reluctant wrt. buying one. Thanks!—@tomayac
@tomayac Rolled my own. Extract metadata to XML, scrub, refresh with id3v2 and metaflac.—@ndw
@ndw OK, thx! So this requires that your files have metadata in the 1st place ;-) Not acoustic fingerprint-based (like—@tomayac
@tomayac Right. For CDs, I grab the CDDB metadata as a starting point. For electronic files, I grab initial metadata out of the downloads.—@ndw

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Am I to understand that a MacBookPro will only run with the lid fully closed if it's connected to an external monitor?—@ndw
@ndw If MBP is closed and you disconnect the monitor, it goes to sleep, which is convenient when packing: just unplug everything and leave.—@avernet
@ndw My understanding too. Not sure if there is another way.—@ebruchez
@ndw I should add that the MacBookPro has to be connected to the power... maybe that's your issue.—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch No, it’s not the power, it’s the external monitor. I want to set it in a corner, disconnected and ssh to it. w/try InsomniaX—@ndw
@ndw After it went to sleep, with no monitor plugged in, wouldn't it wake up if you press space on an external keyboard?—@avernet
@ndw connecting an external monitor to an MBP is such a convoluted process... I was amazed. Win7 1-0 there.—@andrewwelch
@ndw see InsomniaX—@martin_probst

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Yes. RT @ndw: Am I to understand that a MacBookPro will only run with the lid fully closed if it's connected to an external monitor?—@windley
@windley @ndw have you tried InsomniaX ?—@josephscott
@windley @ndw I use an external 24" monitor + my Macbook Pro as a second monitor no problem. It's a great setup.—@dnstevenson
@windley @ndw I believe you can do it with a free program called InsomniaX—@jrcahoon

Thursday at 10:46am

“@Cocoia: God Hates Japan (.com):” AWESOME! Really, trust me. click the link. Then either of the following links!—@dhmspector

Thursday at 03:50pm

Oh, look, my .ics handling code doesn't deal with recurrence-id correctly. Because iCalendar is always more complicated than I think.—@ndw

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"They say everyone loves someone, so how come no one loves me?" Because you're bad at logic?—@ndw
@ndw would be a different story if they say everyone loves everyone—@capucinnolover

Thursday at 04:18pm

Wifi i hytten? @protocol7 RT @ndw: "They say everyone loves someone, so how come no one loves me?" Because you're bad at logic?—@johaneltes

Thursday at 04:27pm

RT @ndw "They say everyone loves someone, so how come no one loves me?" Because you're bad at logic?—@MoniqueSleek

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Part way through some maps hacking and starts returning 500 errors. #itsalwayssomething—@ndw
@ndw Short-lived, happily—@ndw

Thursday at 09:23pm

"They say everyone loves someone, so how come no one loves me?" Because you're bad at logic? by @ndw—@capucinnolover

Friday at 06:24am

@ndw: Great, thanks! Do you have a rough timeline for that?—@evlist

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Boxed set of Knuth arrived. Putting that #MarkLogic "Key Contributor Award" prize money to good use.—@ndw
@ndw Nice!—@kiniry

Saturday at 05:25am

I want to know why all the people flipping out about radiation from japan getting to the US weren't up in arms about TSA backscatter scans?—@seanbonner

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Basic but essential command line tools. Forget spotlight; I use find all the time. 10 examples of using the find command—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides Yep, I use find everyday. I use spotlight a couple of times a year, and it never works.—@ndw

Saturday at 06:56am

Cheshire Cat pocket watch: I think I want this.—@mikeloukides

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"The most imaginative engineers in the world couldn't have dreamed up a situation like this" -—@simonstl
@simonstl Really? A reactor on an island near a fault might experience a quake and a tsunami? Doesn't seem too hard to imagine.—@ndw
@ndw apparently engineers aren't imaginative enough. Perhaps they need to hire novelists?—@simonstl
@simonstl Perhaps. My guess is they thought of it but dismissed it as statistically unlikely. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, I've no idea.—@ndw
@ndw I think they counted on their seawalls for more protection than they give. Statistics are, uh, tricky.—@simonstl

Saturday at 07:12am

No grievance has ever been resolved at midnight with drink in hand and a mobile phone #tedxobs—@doctorow

Saturday at 07:12am

When technologists say they solved your privacy issues, switch on the #bs detector.—@karlpro

Saturday at 09:15am

Preordering on iTunes is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW, WE HAVE LIMITED INTERNETS IN STOCK—@Totalbiscuit

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So wish I'd had weinre a few months ago, but it'll be amazing going forward -—@simonstl
@simonstl OMG. That looks incredible.—@ndw

Saturday at 11:16am

To the lady with the 6 screaming kids at the store: If you're wondering how the box of condoms got into your basket, you're welcome.—@NurseNaezy79

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Many more questionable HTML WG decisions. Maybe time to give up.—@jreschke
@jreschke I'll bite. What have they done now?—@ndw

Saturday at 12:19pm

B&N Science section: Zombies. Says it all, really.—@ndw

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Apparently, now *everybody* is a nuclear expert.—@mnot
@mnot No, Apparently now *everybody* is an *everything* expert.—@dajobe
@dajobe you sound like you're an expert in that.—@mnot

Saturday at 01:25pm

"Phone calls are rude. Intrusive. Awkward." Amen.—@aworkinglibrary

Saturday at 10:43pm

Fabulous. Now THREE wars, and still giant tax cuts for people with plenty of money. What other schools should be shut down?—@jensimmons

Saturday at 11:13pm

Patent for a Stick: (new post @ the best of patents blog)—@starsandrobots

Sunday at 07:14am

Data dumps ("just gimme the CSV" bullshit) are to proper web services as not using version control is to using Git/Mercurial. Sigh.—@tommorris

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.@simonstl maybe our newest war should be funded by a special assessment on poor . They don't care about money, or else they'd have some—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides sometimes you skate a little too close to the truth.—@simonstl

Sunday at 11:06am

"Vegetable" isn't in the fourth edition official Scrabble™ players dictionary. #randomobservations—@ndw


xsd:token is really misnamed: it should have been xsd:tokens or xsd:tokenized or something.

Aren't you getting a little tired of AppleFascism™ yet? My lowly company-supplied Dell Latitude can be set to do nothing on lid closure, FFS.

Re: backscatter: obviously that's our radiation, as opposed to furrin radiation.

—Posted by John Cowan on 21 Mar 2011 @ 02:18 UTC #