Demo Jam at XML Prague!

Volume 14, Issue 12; 23 Mar 2011

Bring out yer demos! We're going to jam again at XML Prague!

The first stop in the Worldwide DemoJam Circuit is XML Prague this Saturday evening. The format is the same as it ever was: we bring the microphone and the projector, you bring the demo. The rules are simple: you demo something you're excited aboutYour hosts will beam with pride and perhaps cheer a little louder if you hook your demo up to MarkLogic Server, there's a free Community License edition you can download right now, but it's not necessary., we stop you after 5 minutes. You get 300 seconds and no more as exactly as we can measure it in a brewery.

The demo that gets the loudest applause walks away with the prize, this time an iPad2. Participation is first come, first served and space is limited to ten slots. Find me, Jason Hunter, or Eric Bloch to get your name on the list.


Are you bringing an applause-o-meter? I once saw one in the form of a small frying pan with a hole in it and a spoon; it measured the loudness of applause by seeing how hard you had to hit the pan with the spoon in order to drown out the applause. I don't think the hole was essential, though.

There are systematic ways to corrupt the process, though.

ObToot: Don't miss my poster on MicroXML.

—Posted by John Cowan on 23 Mar 2011 @ 04:37 UTC #

I hope someone's bringing the decibel meter. We bought one for this purpose.

(As for systematic corruption, I keep meaning to bring a air horn to the internal jam when next I'm competing.)

—Posted by Norman Walsh on 23 Mar 2011 @ 05:39 UTC #