Google Voice Transcription

Volume 14, Issue 15; 31 Mar 2011

It's free and it works reasonably well for names and phone numbers, but Google Voice should charge for the automatic transcription service. As comedy.

I missed the call from United about my flight. Here's what I'm to believe they said:

Yeah. Hello, This is united with the flight updates message. You know, it's like number 9:19. You will be departing out. Yeah, well yeah, 42 PM. Once again flight. 9. You 19. Yum. You London Heathrow 2. You Washington Dallas. Yawn. Yeah March. You're first, we'll be departing at, Yeah, well. 22. Yeah. Your information is subject to change. Please check the flight information. Monitors at the airport. Yeah. Thank you for choosing United. Goodbye.


Funny. Though you have to admit it works pretty well for the part of the message in plain English. Apparently the system was never trained/tested with airline abbreviation codes much ...

—Posted by Martin Probst on 31 Mar 2011 @ 12:59 UTC #

Now run it through Google translate from English to Japanese, then back from Japanese to English :-)

—Posted by David Cramer on 31 Mar 2011 @ 01:25 UTC #

David was joking of course, but it really is worth trying. There are a couple of surprises in the return English.

—Posted by Derek Read on 04 Apr 2011 @ 06:45 UTC #