The short-form week of 28 Mar–3 Apr 2011

04 Apr 2011

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In a conversation that started on Saturday at 11:20am

@ndw @fgeorges seems to me like the wrong #hammer to use then—@eedeebee
@eedeebee About #hammer / #xslt: it is all about mixing streaming and non-streaming, that needs integration in XSLT. cc: @ndw @fgeorges—@grtjn

Monday at 05:37am

Wifi on the train from London Liverpool St to Norwich. Reasonably priced, too. Nice. Shame about the busted track near Colchester though.—@ndw

Monday at 06:20am

It doesn't take me long to get nothing done.—@marvin_bot

Monday at 06:30am

Very cool and useful: a peer-to-peer bookmarking system on git/github. Via @hmason—@mikeloukides

Monday at 07:17am

Life's Too Short for the Wrong Job: Shared by Fernando Damn good ad campaign! I remember seeing this brillian...—@tom_yamahito

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Priceless. And possibly correct. RT @vbsteven Mac OSX is an Unsuitable Platform for Web Development.—@ndw
@ndw so you had smooth flight I hope ... see you at MLUC later on next month—@xquery
@xquery Yep. Thanks!—@ndw
@ndw If correct for some people—and for sure it isn't the case for me—it won't be for the reasons he mentions.—@avernet
@ndw @vbsteven run yr favourite Linux in a VM or 5 - Mac hardware is better than Lenovo's. I don't use ANY of the OS X package managers FWIW—@frumioj

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I hate 48-hour exclusion policies.—@JeniT
@JeniT From what, if you don’t mind my asking, does one get excluded for 48 hours?—@ndw
@ndw School, for vomiting. Aren't you glad you asked? ;)—@JeniT
@JeniT: I thought it was something you'd done Jeni! Mind boggles ;-)—@dpawson
@JeniT seems excessive to me—@laurendw

Tuesday at 04:16am

Absolutely! RT @sentience Seriously, you would get so much money from me if you just did these 5 things. #piracy #mpaa—@ndw

Tuesday at 04:21am

Wow. RT @robinberjon Flying robots playing ping-pong (via @stshank)—@ndw

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Based on my 1TB external disk purchase, Staples recommends: manila folders, paper towels, copy paper, and a label maker. Yeah. Not so much.—@ndw
@ndw everyone needs a label maker, though; preferably, two.—@david_megginson
@ndw Staples must use an excess inventory-based search weighting algorithm.—@ronhitchens

Wednesday at 08:51am

"Free Speech for Really Rich Guys: The Supreme Court finds a cause worth fighting for." /via @slate—@fixcongress

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 10:43am

ooohh me likey MarkMail, by @hunterhacker. open source email archives, analyse and visualise, a demo of marklogic—@monkchips
@monkchips MarkLogic is a very impressive company. Not least because they employ @ndw :)—@tug

Wednesday at 10:52am

"Free Speech for Really Rich Guys: The Supreme Court finds a cause worth fighting for." /via several folks I follow—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:58am

damn you, telecom operators, who are forcing handset makers into building non-customizable terminals to enforce your ever sucking biz models—@zuzur

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@tug don't do that shit dude. i want to follow *fewer* people. if you point out folks like @ndw what am i supposed to do? please don't.—@monkchips
@monkchips you'd be better off dropping me, if it means being able to follow @ndw—@psd

Wednesday at 11:21am

@tug @psd @monkchips Aw, geez. Guys, you’re making me blush.—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:46am

What could possibly go wrong—@paulmutton

Wednesday at 12:02pm

Damn you .DS_Store files!—@dauwhe

Wednesday at 01:29pm

Makes me think of #werewolf games at #w3c events.—@ndw

Wednesday at 09:01pm

If I "+1" today's weather, will it appear more often? Or should I just "like" it?—@dtunkelang

Wednesday at 09:44pm

Congratulations to Tim Berners-Lee, honored this evening by Mikhail Gorbachev as a "man who changed the world"—@webfoundation

Thursday at 01:11am

PHP is a domain-specific language for writing XSS and SQL injection bugs.—@mdempsky

Thursday at 01:45am

Homeward bound. This leg: Norwich to London Liverpool Street—@ndw

Thursday at 02:35am

The ᐸinnovimax/ᐳ Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @noahmendelsohn @ndw—@dominiquepere

Thursday at 03:24am

Kudos to NXEA for making it straightforward to change devices on the wifi connection I paid for, instead of trying to make me buy several.—@ndw

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If you really care about yr privacy, throw away yr cell phone forever.—@kendall
@kendall I wish I could get that data about my own phone.—@ndw
@ndw I agree.—@kendall

Thursday at 04:09am

Avoiding disaster pt. 2: tell your hackers to slow down and read their `git diff` before committing.—@tommorris

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Have I explained today the utter contempt I have for all forms of date-time libraries, code, type definitions and so on. They ALL suck.—@tommorris
@tommorris I’m writing one in XQuery in my spare time. Timezones suck. And iCalendar is just fiendishly subtle.—@ndw

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Arrived LHR. I'm not looking forward to the day when this car to the train to the subway to the train to the airport thing goes sideways.—@ndw
@ndw When I lived in London, I used to get the train *with* my car (below the Channel). Nice to read while "driving" :-) Have a nice flight!—@fgeorges

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I am not able to reliably browse the XML Prague twitter wall on twitter. Has anyone had the good idea to archive it?—@evlist
@evlist I think a problem with Twitter is that tweets are not really archived. Maybe @ndw has saved #xmlprague tweets as "short-form event"?—@fgeorges
@fgeorges: That's why I can't see tweets before Sunday morning then, but why are we using a tool that doesn't archive? #xmlprague—@evlist
@evlist Well, to be fair, I think tweets are archived, but not searchable after a few days... But well, that's what I've heard.—@fgeorges
@fgeorges: the fact is that I can read IRC logs from 2003: but not the XML Prague wall from last week ! #xmlprague—@evlist
@fgeorges @evlist I looked into it briefly, but the search API is totallyt tr different. So not in time for this year.—@ndw

Thursday at 12:19pm

RT @ndw Priceless. And possibly correct. RT @vbsteven Mac OSX is an Unsuitable Platform for Web Development. funny.—@monkchips

Thursday at 02:46pm

Neighbour busy shovelling away the new-fallen snow. Personally I'm not going to touch it. If it doesn't melt it can fossilize where it lies.—@larsga

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Customs and immegration, easy peasy. TSA theater, i'll be catching a later flight. #IAD—@ndw
@ndw Seriously? Did TSA make you miss your flight? Are you on a well-formatted watch-list ?—@soypunk
@soypunk nothing so sinister, just a long, long line. But my connecting flight was delayed, so I win!—@ndw

Thursday at 04:56pm

"You should regard money as fuel for what you really want to do, not as a goal in and of itself." @timoreilly—@ebruchez

Thursday at 06:19pm

April 1st will be worse than usual because any jokes will be indistinguishable from GOP press releases and talking points.—@whump

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Some dude at @netsuite saw my comments on twitter and deleted my netsuite attachments. Filling expenses again!—@dscape
@dscape Really? That sounds almost criminal to me.—@ndw
@ndw nahh. Just using april fools as a lame excuse to complain about netsuite. Attachments did disappear though! #conspiracytheory—@dscape
@dscape @ndw The secret is you gotta hit "Add" after uploading. (As if you'd upload a receipt just for the fun of it.)—@hunterhacker

Thursday at 06:52pm

#MLUC11 #devlounge going to b a monsters-of-rock concert for XML: @ndw @mdubinko @hunterhacker @evanlenz @mathling @wfeick @collwhit #others—@peteaven

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Did someone turn off 3/4G while I was away? Nothing but Edge since I returned to The States.—@ndw
@ndw Sometimes a restart helps.—@hunterhacker

Friday at 05:00am

Urg. JSON shows itself again to be entirely rubbish compared to xml/xpath for querying the data running through your application.—@commuterjoy

Friday at 07:11am

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. —Mark Twain—@trieloff

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google Helvetica—@typewar
@typewar @jtauber *chuckle* That’s pretty good.—@ndw

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Got an e-Book reader? NASA has some books for you on a variety of topics that you might find interesting.—@NASA
@NASA That is *so* cool!—@ndw

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Have written a serious piece about the future of XML which I think I will not post on 1 April.—@ndw
@ndw Likewise I've three articles I'm holding on to until it's over :-)—@webmink
@ndw but you will post it tomorrow then?—@MarieBilde
@MarieBilde Plan to—@ndw
@ndw good plan—@jtauber

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Well, @funambol looks interesting, but I'm not forking over my birthday, gender, and mobile phone details just to find out.—@ndw
@ndw if you have an iPhone/iPad, Android or BB you can signup from inside the app with only phone # and password. App is on the store! :)—@funambol

Friday at 11:13am

Makes me think of #werewolf games at #w3c events. (via @ndw)—@fjhirsch

Friday at 11:30am

RT @danbri "Linked Open Colors"—@ndw

Friday at 12:42pm

I suspect memory issues on my server box. Will see if memtest can find them...—@ndw

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Give me that old time testing religion!—@ndw
@ndw In the old days, we didn't test. We launched and prayed.—@kplawver
@kplawver Ok, give me that new time testing religion then. Just loves me some unit tests. #fixing #bugs—@ndw

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@pointybrackets Oh! God! Unthink! Unthink!—@ndw
@ndw Dobby and Yoda, sitting in Tattooine, K I S S I N G...first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Kermit in a baby carriage! AWW!—@pointybrackets

Friday at 02:10pm

Must-read article about income inequality in the US. Growing inequality == shrinking opportunity. via @urbandata—@mikeloukides

Friday at 02:43pm

Maybe the republicans are right and "obama" is a plant: Not the change I wanted - he must be a republican operative—@dhmspector

Saturday at 03:14pm

I'm not sure I understand the output of memtest86, but it's hard to imagine that 40,000+ errors is a *good* thing.—@ndw

Sunday at 12:18am

cuacanya mbak.. hahaha RT: @ndwiy: yang harus disalahin koneksinya ato hapenya.. hihihi.. RT @waharwi: koneksinya keujanan mb.. RT: @ndw—@waharwi

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@ndw Obvious simplification: do away w/ XML declaration and say doc is *always* UTF-8, period. Why support other encodings?—@ebruchez
@ebruchez I think UTF-16 is a requirement for some languages, the others are a pretty significant convenience.—@ndw
@ndw How can this be the case? UTF-8 encodes all of Unicode as much as UTF-16.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez I believe, though perhaps am mistaken, that for some languages UTF-8 encoding produces files much larger than UTF-16.—@ndw
@ndw @ebruchez For more on the "size" issue, see the 2nd bullet under (my take: it's a dubious argument). #xml—@avernet
@ndw @evlist Finding some support for UTF-8 here: (Ironically Chinese/Japanese chars are messed up on this page.)—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: that's true, but depending on the language you use, UTF-8 documents can be significantly larger than UTF-16.—@evlist
@evlist @ndw Chinese probably. But how much is overhead, and does it justify complexity of the feature? Can use [bz]?zip if size is issue.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: That will break tons of legacy applications that deserve to be broken.—@duck1123
@ndw FWIW, I really like the new-syntax-for-XDM approach, particularly as it makes error correction possible.—@JeniT
@ndw C:Python::Java:Jython::XML:NextML.—@davidpriest_ca
@ndw Talking of an alternative syntax for the same data model, what's your thought on something along the lines of Jade?—@avernet

Sunday at 02:27pm

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RT @AlainCouthures +1 RT @ndw Let the ridicule begin: #xml #xmlprague // worth discussing.—@tingenek

Sunday at 03:46pm

some of the ideas on xml that have been floating around: RT @ndw: Let the ridicule begin: #xml #xmlprague—@smjwsk

Sunday at 03:52pm

@ndw Any XML be rooted in XDM: compelling (not to the Web crowd, alas). Doesn’t solve HTML interop, but µXML hasn’t, either. #xml—@gimsieke

Sunday at 04:01pm

Sunday at 04:31pm

Reading: "XML" by @ndw—@trevormunoz

Sunday at 04:51pm

Sunday at 04:52pm

Sunday at 05:01pm

Let the ridicule begin: #xml #xmlprague: RT @ndw: Let the ridicule ...—@RadnorRealty

Sunday at 06:07pm

RT @dzuelke: "seems *more* complex than XML already is..." <- might be. not sure myself. but @ndw is someone i would keep an eye on<g>.—@mamund