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11 Apr 2011

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@ndw Obvious simplification: do away w/ XML declaration and say doc is *always* UTF-8, period. Why support other encodings?—@ebruchez
@ebruchez I think UTF-16 is a requirement for some languages, the others are a pretty significant convenience.—@ndw
@ndw How can this be the case? UTF-8 encodes all of Unicode as much as UTF-16.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez I believe, though perhaps am mistaken, that for some languages UTF-8 encoding produces files much larger than UTF-16.—@ndw
@ndw @evlist Some metrics for UTF-8: 717K UTF-16: 1.2M Gzipped: 152K vs. 172K. UTF-8 easily wins over UTF-16 here.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: Interesting... That contradicts sources like which says utf-16 is "denser for far east languages"! cc @ndw—@evlist
@evlist Seems the case for Wikipedia HTML at least ;) Now if XML elementss/attrs names are in Chinese as well, might be different. @ndw—@ebruchez
@ndw @ebruchez For more on the "size" issue, see the 2nd bullet under (my take: it's a dubious argument). #xml—@avernet
@ndw @evlist Finding some support for UTF-8 here: (Ironically Chinese/Japanese chars are messed up on this page.)—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: that's true, but depending on the language you use, UTF-8 documents can be significantly larger than UTF-16.—@evlist
@evlist @ndw Chinese probably. But how much is overhead, and does it justify complexity of the feature? Can use [bz]?zip if size is issue.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: That will break tons of legacy applications that deserve to be broken.—@duck1123
@ndw FWIW, I really like the new-syntax-for-XDM approach, particularly as it makes error correction possible.—@JeniT
@ndw C:Python::Java:Jython::XML:NextML.—@davidpriest_ca
@ndw Talking of an alternative syntax for the same data model, what's your thought on something along the lines of Jade?—@avernet

Sunday at 11:21pm

@ndw continues to mine a rich vein of #xml #xmlprague—@xquery

Monday at 01:13am

The #xml Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @avernet @ndw @bolsatec @smjwsk @xquery—@aramanc

Monday at 01:39am

Monday at 04:16am

@ndw Things have come to a pretty pass // Our romance is growing flat … You say API and I say XDM … Let's call the whole thing off. #xml—@gimsieke

Monday at 09:39am

"In a democracy people supposed to get politicians they deserve. What on earth did Americans do to deserve these?"—@simonstl

Monday at 09:52am

Suspect Social Security/Medicare won't be there for me because Republicans will have done their damndest to kill it, not for other reasons.—@simonstl

Monday at 09:52am

CFO asks CEO "What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?" CEO: 'What happens if we don't, and they stay?"—@eranium

Monday at 11:03am

"Big Content" Is Strangling American Innovation Refers to USA, but similar can be said of EU (via @johnmark)—@jgbarah

Monday at 11:22am

Google really is the new Sun -- led by engineers, bogged down by process and with a single and vulnerable source of revenue.—@ekabanov

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I must be the only person on the planet who likes XSLT. But I do find it very natural—it's like LISP with pattern matching—@pragdave
@pragdave You’re not alone :-)—@ndw
@pragdave @vdichev I like XML and XSLT. Especially XSLT 2.0. Although I can't write it without code completion in Oxygen. ;-)—@tommorris

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Weather station I've wanted since I was a kid arrives today. Don't worry - I won't report weather every 2.5 seconds.—@simonstl
@simonstl Setup another Twitter account to do that... with a Perl script!—@gcarothers
@simonstl Once one have you always wanted, or at least, which one did you get?—@ndw
@ndw I went with the most basic Davis VantagePro2 setup available, though wireless for evil expansion dreams.—@simonstl
@simonstl Which one? Was thinking of getting one of those to teach my girls about simple maths, etc.—@kendall
@kendall I went with Davis VantagePro2. A basic one, but maybe more than you want in the city. Explore ,maybe?—@simonstl
@simonstl We have weather in the city, too. :>—@kendall
@kendall yep - I just doubt you'll be testing soil moisture and leaf wetness. Not that you lack them, just that it seems like overkill.—@simonstl

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Animals being sold as live keyrings in China—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers That’s it. The straw that broke the camel’s back, if you’ll pardon the metaphor. I have lost all faith in humanity.—@ndw
@ndw I thought it had to be an April Fools at first, but verified with other sources. It is beyond despicable.—@shelleypowers

Monday at 01:23pm

One doesn't expect thunder to *shake the house* in April. Nor the Spanish Inquisition, I suppose.—@ndw

Monday at 01:56pm

Only in DC's media culture could Paul Ryan get credit for "courage" for proposing to beat the hell out of society's most vulnerable.—@BrianYoung

Monday at 02:07pm

"Religion seems to make people happy in these dark times, but it's just a delusion. It distracts them from the zombies and everything."—@MrTeller

Monday at 02:23pm

"1. Stop theorizing. 2. Write lots of software. 3. Learn from your mistakes." (hat tip @baob)—@codinghorror

Monday at 03:03pm

Reason is doomed. RT @ACLU Supreme Court Rules ... Lack Standing To Challenge Fund[ing] Religious-Based Scholarships—@ndw

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I'm used to having a lot on my plate and a todo list as long as my arm, but the rest of April is insane. I can haz clone now, plz?—@ndw
@ndw same here :(—@eedeebee
@ndw no sh**! I'm in the same boat. good luck! #stayontarget—@peteaven
@ndw I take it you are fan of duck-typing?—@leighklotz

Monday at 04:39pm

RT @ndw: I'm used to having a lot on my plate and a todo list as long as my arm, but the rest of April is insane. I can haz clone now, plz?—@planlist

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According to @Klout, @kellblog's Klout score is 51. How influential are you?—@Kellblog
@Kellblog I got a 51 as well, but man is the “topic summary” section ever weird for me. But not others I happened to peek at. Odd.—@ndw

Monday at 07:23pm

Dear Citi, Thanks for telling me about the data breach at Epsilon. Q: Why do they have my data in the first place? PS: Die in a fire.—@arclight

Monday at 08:28pm

If all atheists left the USA it would lose 93% of the National Academy of Sciences but less than 1% of the prison population.—@UFLinguist

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Using text/xpath as a content type for an embedded XPath expression appears reasonable, no? Any precedent?—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: perl, tcl, javascript, ... are application/x-perl, application/x-tcl, application/x-javascript... what about application/x-xpath?—@evlist
@evlist I don't like the x-* options. They feels very unassertive. XPath is established, I would use just xpath, whether official or not ;)—@ebruchez
@evlist Since "text" is useless and "application" doesn't say anything: inline: type="xpath"; network: application/xpath and UTF-8 @ndw—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: sounds good!—@evlist
@evlist JavaScript is officially text/javascript in HTML 5, but many options in practice:—@ebruchez
@ebruchez: a difference between text/* and application/* is that for text/* you declare the encoding in HTTP headers. Is that the case here?—@evlist
@evlist Intermediaries can transcode text/* media types and there are charset issues, I think. application/* seems better.—@ndw
@ndw: yep!—@evlist
@ndw I take this to mean that text/* is forever useless on the web. @evlist—@ebruchez
@ebruchez For XML, yes. For other text formats, perhaps not.—@ndw
@evlist Here main use case was embedded within markup. E.g. <script type="text/xpath">inline script</script>.—@ebruchez

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Turn your old school analog 35mm camera into a digital camera? Awesome, if it ships.—@thebrianmanley
@thebrianmanley It looks fantastic. If it ships.—@ndw

Tuesday at 03:57am

Byte walks into a bar looking glum. Barman: "What's the matter with you?" Byte: "Parity error." Barman: "Ah. Thought you looked a bit off."—@sdstrowes

Tuesday at 05:10am

Outside world! Now in 3D! OMG! Awesome!—@jessicahagy

Tuesday at 06:31am

"well, what could be more serious than that? I think I'm going to be sick." -—@simonstl

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@webmink more importantly, I'd like a block button that actually only blocks @support—@marjoleink
@marjoleink @webmink @Hibari (Mac client) has some nice features for muting and searching.—@ndw
@ndw we need native features!—@marjoleink

Tuesday at 07:32am

I don't want to live in a place where what Paul Ryan has proposed can be called "courageous". That's just too fucked up & immoral for me.—@kendall

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From a scientific point of view, it takes absurdly long for terrible ideas to be discredited & discarded in politics, at least in the US.—@kendall
@kendall There’s evidence that they’re *ever* discredited and discarded in US politics? Are you sure? ;-)—@ndw
@ndw Well, as @derekwillis pointed out, slavery is pretty much beyond the pale now. Took forever!—@kendall
@kendall @ndw @derekwillis Yet a big story yesterday was on Latino sex slaves in US neighborhoods in 25 states—@shelleypowers

Tuesday at 08:35am

@shellypowers Right, but I don't think anyone's going to argue in favor of that as a *policy* /cc @ndw @derekwillis—@kendall

Tuesday at 09:24am

Trying out "solarized" theme. I dunno, I'm not sure there's enough contrast in the light version.—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:33am

the colour geek in me loves this stuff: Evan Schoonover's Solarized /ht @ndw—@jtauber

Tuesday at 10:34am

RT @jtauber: the colour geek in me loves this stuff: Evan Schoonover's Solarized /ht @ndw—@trevormunoz

Tuesday at 12:27pm

Powerful people should pay lower taxes, poor people should get less medicine. #brave—@mattyglesias

Tuesday at 12:37pm

"In one culture x is OK and in another it's shocking […] the side that's shocked is most likely to be the mistaken one."—@avernet

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Protip: CZ receipts are indecipherable to English speakers so take notes. #xmlprague #expensereport #whatdidibuy?—@ndw
@ndw [indecipherable CZ receipts] : remember that "Pivo" means "Beer", should help for more than half #xmlprague #beer #xmlmonks—@innovimax
@ndw protip: in the context of an expense claim, “pivo” is Czech for “item”—@psd

Tuesday at 01:53pm

I just found my new color scheme! RT @jtauber the colour geek in me loves this stuff: Solarized /ht @ndw—@jeffschenck

Tuesday at 03:54pm

Must have C-c C-t d about 25 items off my todo list in the last two days. #notasustainablepace #emacs #org-mode #ftw—@ndw

Tuesday at 04:01pm

"Writing Clear, Concise, Sentences" -- Uh... #total #fail—@kendall

Wednesday at 03:30am

Find myself re-reading @ndw's "XML" Check it out, if you haven't done so already. #xml #MicroXML #xmlnext—@thomas_hansen_

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Yes,,,, and are down. Fscking defective memory. Back soon. Maybe. Probably.—@ndw
@ndw Memory in the cloud... Dark smoldering plastic cloud?—@dizzzz
@dizzzz Bad DIMM. Hopefully all fixed now.—@ndw

Wednesday at 08:50am

Got it in one. The first 4G DIMM I pulled appears to be the one that has errors. Now running with 12G and we'll see how it goes.—@ndw

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Hey, but at least all those hardworking Congress people still get paid during the govt shutdown. We must have our national priorities!—@kendall
@kendall WTF! That’s just wrong. Like so much else...—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:36am

RT @chrislhayes: Imagine if the Serious People spent all this energy on making sure we avert climate disaster rather than screwing the poor?—@kdrum

Wednesday at 02:04pm

More anti-government than Newt Gingrich and serving in Congress. That should just not happen in a sane society.—@kendall

Wednesday at 10:49pm

Working on my talk for the MarkLogic User Conference. Talking about some very cool features. And @ndw will demo! #mluc—@mdubinko

Thursday at 05:54am

What? "The Fifth Element" is not a movie about Boron?—@raphv

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"Our in-house technical support team is being a more cost-effective offshore support platform." #doesnotbodewell #eig #dreamhost—@ndw
@ndw April Fool!—@milessabin
@milessabin The newsletter containing the statement is dated 6 April, so they’re either 5 days late or they’re not kidding.—@ndw
@ndw Yes, but it's referring to a blog post that went out on the first. Read the comments ... very funny.—@milessabin
@ndw that's a key part of the reason I pay for a cage with power and an Internet connection downtown.—@simonstl
@ndw re dreamhost - that was a joke, wasn't it?—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch Yeah, apparently. Meh.—@ndw

Thursday at 06:34am

@ndw do they actually say the *team* is moved? or is the 'support' moved? & WTH is an 'offshore support platform'? oil rig?—@marjoleink

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Color me taken then: but April Fool jokes dated 6 April do not amuse. #dreamhost—@ndw
@ndw You're not the only one. A lot of people (me included) only saw this via the newsletter several days later.—@milessabin

Thursday at 07:25am

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I wonder if I would have joined the engineering team if I had known that I would have to write technical docs in Word. #killmenow—@ndw
@ndw .docx is XML. Is there not a workaround?—@james_clark
@james_clark Yes, I expect there is. Word to DocBook and back or some such, but this particular task is to edit part of someone else’s doc—@ndw
@ndw Why not generate your Word docs out of DocBook? :-)—@grtjn
@grtjn Yes, yes. Mostly because I’m editing someone else’s doc and I forgot just how incredibly painful it is until it seemed too late.—@ndw
@ndw I have to read Word docs now and then here at KUMC, but so far I have managed to avoid editing them. Knock wood.—@dckc
@dckc @ndw I have to write them at times too, particularly for EU grant reports. Solution? Make 1 person that actually like Word "editor."—@kiniry
@ndw Re writing in Word: #killthemnow—@sgmlguru
@ndw revolution starts today ... Look at techdocs build system. I used it for CPF, we could use it again—@mathling
@ndw thought you would have everything on docbook by now.—@kingargyle
@ndw LOL! I laugh with you, not at you. nice to get a visit in the Word trench every once in a while.—@peteaven

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You can't believe that the government shouldn't run the Internet and believe the government HAS to run the FAA at the same time. #utpol—@windley
@windley Sorry, how are those two things related?—@ndw

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RT @kdrum: How Condoms Are Shutting Down the Government < Now there's an image!—@simonstl
@simonstl @kdrum the US wouldn't need to worry so much about condoms if it didn't keep electing dicks to Congress.—@david_megginson

Thursday at 01:04pm

It's good to know Republicans want to shut the entire federal govt to ban an activity (abortion) that's *completely legal* in the US.—@kendall

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Connection between computers A and B is worse than A to internet. Problem: 50 cm wall to drill through for ethernet :-(—@martin_probst
@martin_probst That’s a serious bit of wall.—@ndw
@ndw typical late 19th century German city house. People really liked to show off those days, c.f. >3m ceiling height.—@martin_probst
@ndw though the wall itself should only be bricks or maybe even clay in parts. So it's a question of length, not power.—@martin_probst
@martin_probst Years ago a cable installer just rammed a drill through the wall w/no concern for what was in or beyond it. I was stunned.—@ndw
@ndw is there another way? :-)—@martin_probst

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Can you even imagine the inverse of the present situation? Democrats shutdown govt because their liberal left wants defense de-funded?—@kendall
@kendall No, but bat-shit crazy isn’t the inverse of bat-shit crazy, either.—@ndw
@ndw You think cutting military funding is bat shit crazy?—@kendall
@kendall No, I think one party shutting down the government like a bunch of petulant little snots is bat shit crazy.—@ndw
@ndw I agree completely. I guess I mis-phrased my question, then. :>—@kendall

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Sigh. RT @skepticscience Fossil fuel companies spend $1 billion on lobbying, receive $90 billion in subsidies—@ndw
@ndw now that's what I call return on investment! They're even extractive that way.—@simonstl

Friday at 05:34am

Woops, direct link to World Wide Catacombs About the buried non-commercial Web. @vwadhwa @DaveWiner @JayRosen_NYU—@dsearls

Friday at 05:38am

Why GUIs suck, revisited—@JohnPelhamBlack

Friday at 06:35am

Really interesting: theory that gravity isn't a force, but a consequence of projecting 5 space-time dimensions onto 4—@mikeloukides

Friday at 06:48am

Less architectural tiers + no data impedence = less problems. #marklogic #xquery (via @xquerywebappdev)—@jpcs

Friday at 07:32am

RT @dsearls World Wide Catacombs: The non-commercial Web is now buried, if not dead.—@ndw

Friday at 07:37am

"They Chose WHO to Look Out for the Water Your Children Drink?" -—@simonstl

Friday at 07:39am

Working at the auto repair shop is one thing. Working through the non-stop talk talk talk of the shop radio is another thing entirely.—@ndw

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#GOP #WI Election official use her PERSONAL COMPUTER to store election results and "finds" 7200+ votes? Srsly? #fraud—@dhmspector
@dhmspector Is there anything so outrageous that the GOP won’t do it?—@ndw
@ndw is that a rhetorical question? :)—@dhmspector

Friday at 08:59am

I encourage everyone to refer to the govt shutdown, if or when it happens, as The Tea Party Shutdown. Let's make 'em own it!—@kendall

Friday at 09:36am

The One-second War (What Time Will You Die?)—@windley

Friday at 12:57pm

@ndw no longer laughing. just had to write a TOC using Word and it is *painful*—@peteaven

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@bsletten sweet! yeah, did the vanity check too. mine comes up as a CPF properties file. Was hopin wifey was in there but alas, she's not :)—@peteaven
@peteaven LOL. Now was that for the link or the TOC in Word. I’ll leave that for you to decide.—@ndw
@ndw i think maybe both ;)—@peteaven
@peteaven Mine is, well, different: (and was done especially for @ndw :-p)—@fgeorges
@fgeorges awesome!—@peteaven

Friday at 01:12pm

If men got pregnant, Planned Parenthood would be funded at military levels.—@HunterDK

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I have an irrational dislike of XPath expressions of the form "some-expr/string()". I prefer "string(some-expr)".—@ndw
@ndw I used to dislike them too, but realized I wasn't forward thinking enough to start with string(... and so saves CTRL-cursoring back—@leepollington
@ndw But they are absolutely not the same thing... (think about some-expr returning no or several nodes)—@fgeorges
@fgeorges Yes. I said it was irrational. And illogical, it turns out.—@ndw

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Protip: in XPath, some-expr/@foo/string() and string(some-expr/@foo) are not at all the same if some-expr has no foo attribute.—@ndw
@ndw Not 100% sure on syntax but in XPath 3 I think you can show intent of former more clearly as map(string, some-expr).—@ebruchez
@ebruchez Out of the top of my head, that's map(string#1, some-expr). But really, compared to some-expr/string(.) ... (cc: @ndw)—@fgeorges
@ndw don't get me started on /some/path/expression/text() which is almost always wrong, but accidentally works enough to exist as a meme—@mdubinko

Friday at 01:40pm

This year, we cut $75 million in homeless veteran benefits, but promised $27.4 million for NASCAR sponsorships |—@TIME

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OH "Descartes' geeky nephew paraphrased his uncle: \'I introduce bugs, therefore I am.'"—@ndw
@ndw Codito ergo sum!—@hunterhacker
@hunterhacker Bugito ergo sum...—@iansmall
@iansmall Sum ergo codito. Codito ergo bugito.—@hunterhacker
@hunterhacker There's a follow up that has to do with the "sum" of your "bugs" but I'm too tired to figure it out.—@iansmall

Friday at 02:05pm

Hang on. NPR needs to be shut down to save money and this dead asshole gets MORE money than they do: /ht @meyerweb—@jungshadow

Friday at 02:05pm

So, HTML5 will not have the longdesc or summary attributes, but we get <u>, <b> and <i>. #yippee #not!—@estellevw

Friday at 03:07pm

Planned Parenthood's crimes, which must be stopped according to the GOP? Birth control, pap smears, cancer screenings. #americantaliban—@kendall

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Ubuntu is loads better than it was last time I really used it. But I still like macs better. Right now I miss my OmniFocus.—@bphogan
@bphogan I switched to #Emacs org-mode and I’ve never looked back.—@ndw
@bphogan we've been pairing on an ubuntu box for the past two days. It is actually working well for that—@johnsonch

Friday at 03:23pm

"Probable-cause warrants would only get in the government’s way." You're damned right. #billofrights #privacy—@ndw

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Got a lot of good and imporant things done this week. But a paper for #Balisage was not one of them :-(—@ndw
@ndw There are two more days to the end of the week ;)—@ebruchez
@ebruchez I believe today was the paper deadline. Not that I won’t send something in if inspiration strikes and the words flow before Monday—@ndw

Friday at 03:27pm

What part of "Uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United Sates" didn't you understand? #obama #congress—@dhmspector

Saturday at 04:27pm

4 steps to #xproc : 1. read @ndw s intro, 2. see real life samples in @oxygenxml, 3. goto 1., 4. start coding on monday—@herrkerzenbaum

Sunday at 11:58am

Remember when Planned Parenthood & NPR crashed the market, wiped out half our 401Ks and took TARP money? Me neither.—@joelhousman

Sunday at 04:26pm

New Blog Post - Creating an iPad-like dropdown menu in HTML5—@RussB