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18 Apr 2011

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New Blog Post - Creating an iPad-like dropdown menu in HTML5—@RussB
@RussB I don’t know if it’s surprising that it doesn’t work in Firefox or not. I may poke at that when I get a chance...—@ndw
@ndw @bwinton I tweaked the sample page so it displays in FF4... :-)—@RussB

Monday at 06:34am

A great quote from a wise Republican.—@mikeloukides

Monday at 07:43am

Interesting read on modern processor architectures, mostly known stuff but nice comprehensive oveview:—@martin_probst

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On the upside it is Depression Awareness Week. On the downside it is also World Homeopathy Awareness Week.—@RichardWiseman
@RichardWiseman Does World Homeopathy Awareness Week need a WHOLE week? Wouldn't it work better if it lasted just a few milli-seconds?—@dderbyshire

Monday at 08:16am

Is it wrong to extend .netrc to hold other kinds of (not terribly important) passwords?—@ndw

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The documents/modules distinction makes getting XSpec running on #MarkLogic annoyingly fiddly. #makingprogress #ithink—@ndw
@ndw Why not put your modules in the documents database?—@grtjn
@grtjn That would certainly work, but I’m trying to devise a more flexible approach.—@ndw
@ndw More flexible in what way?—@grtjn
@grtjn More flexible in the sense that it’ll work when you’ve got your modules on the local filesystem and your documents in a database.—@ndw
@ndw :-D—@grtjn

Monday at 08:44am

"If we introverts ran the world, it would no doubt be a calmer, saner, more peaceful sort of place." -—@simonstl

Monday at 08:54am

I’m trying to incorporate more swearing and abuse in my tweets, so why don’t you all go screw into things?—@SteveMartinToGo

Monday at 09:50am

“@mikecane: Ikea's U.S. factory churns out unhappy workers” Note: The US is turning into a source for cheap labour—@fakebaldur

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Loving my #MarkLogic presentation system. Step 1. Drop in slides.xml. Step 2. Point browser at URI. Step 3. There is no step 3.—@ndw
@ndw Presumably you still have to do the presentation though. Or have you got a solution for that too?—@shepline
@shepline True, but I don’t mind that part so much. Not having to use PowerPoint, #priceless—@ndw

Monday at 10:21am

PolitiFact | Fact-checking claims about Planned Parenthood #false #pantsOnFire #TCOT—@mamund

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Being an advanced civilization was fun while it lasted; but that's basically over now in the US:—@kendall
@kendall ouch. I wonder what our outstanding CTSA score is worth now. :-/—@dckc
@dckc As we're wondering about our good score for STTR... I suspect the worst. :>—@kendall

Monday at 11:46am

"If the CEO insists on being the smartest person in the room, eventually he/she will be." Quote from breakfast with famed strategist.—@Kellblog

Monday at 11:47am

Only Hollywood could spend $150 million on a film called THOR and then release it on a Friday.—@dwineman

Monday at 12:55pm

sometimes installing open source software on Mac OSX feels a little like trying to make soup in a toaster.—@psd

Monday at 02:31pm

It's easier to report on what Charlie Sheen said today than it is to research GE's tax situation properly, isn't it?—@bphogan

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What letter is being replaced by the apostrophe in "ain't"?—@pgor
@pgor “o”, I believe. And the “i” is replacing “m “.—@ndw

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@ndw I though you guys were buried in snow. Over already? ;)—@ebruchez
@ebruchez “Already” he says, like it didn’t last long enough or something. And snow is still possible, just unlikely.—@ndw

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If lowerIng tax rates on the rich is so good for the economy, why not go all the way and cut them completely?—@kendall
@kendall Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Don't go giving away the ending without a spoiler warning, 'k?—@ndw

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Hopin to pile as many Marklogicians as I can in there tomorrow for a lunchtime burrito field trip—@peteaven
@peteaven burrito ..... will require one of them during MLUC methinks—@xquery
@xquery @peteaven Burrito! I am SO dying for a decent burrito. Can we plan a run during MLUC?—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens @xquery @ndw it's on! first MLUC {unofficial} burrito meetup!—@peteaven
[#mluc burrito meetup] Count me in for that! @peteaven @ronhitchens @xquery @ndw—@jpcs
@peteaven @ronhitchens @ndw @jpcs lets get it trending #MLUC11burrito—@xquery
@ronhitchens @xquery @peteaven Works for me!—@ndw

Monday at 11:46pm

Now that we have Facebook, nobody really *needs* blogs. Same way you quit taking photos after your mall got a Glamour Shots®.—@hotdogsladies

Tuesday at 02:38am

The final step in any great piece of JavaScript development is deleting all the 'alert("Up to here!");' lines.—@secretGeek

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I wondered if my unregistered Galaxy Tab would get the OTA update. Apparently yes. I wonder if it'll still work after...—@ndw
@ndw Are you happy with the Tab?—@robinberjon
@robinberjon Yes. I’m liking the (small) tablet form factor more than I expected to.—@ndw
@ndw Do you use it for phone calls? I'm considering something in that range, but I'd like to replace the phone at the same time.—@robinberjon
@robinberjon No, I didn’t want another monthly contract so I skipped the registration process. I tether it with my phone if I need bits.—@ndw
@robinberjon @ndw Everyone's happy with the Tab. #ayyyy—@tabatkins
@tabatkins *groan* Can't wait to play with its touch interface, then. @ndw—@robinberjon

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On the plane to LHR—@jtauber
@jtauber The day flight is the nicest way to Europe. Shame I can’t manage it from BDL.—@ndw

Tuesday at 07:11am

0% of people suffer from pervidiphobia; a fear of responding to surveys.—@madeupstats

Tuesday at 07:32am

150 years ago today, the South said it wanted to leave the Union, and the North, foolishly, did not let them.—@TheTweetOfGod

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Nexgen ATC will be GPS based, not ground radar.—@kendall
@kendall What’s the thinking about the consequences of GPS jamming/hacking?—@ndw
@ndw I don't know, will tweet if that's mentioned.—@kendall

Tuesday at 08:12am

"Douglas Adams' 'Don't panic' was perhaps the best advice that could be given to humanity."—@iA_Chris

Tuesday at 08:49am

Fire, water, screaming, heroism, death. The horrifying end of Minami-Sanriku on film. Almost unwatachable. #Japan—@dicklp

Tuesday at 09:46am

RT @secretGeek: had amazing idea. tested it. it was lame. oh well. <= the cycle of genius ideas—@Carnage4Life

Tuesday at 10:39am

When traveling through Chicago airport, always wear running shoes but bring a long book.—@KariByron

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#MLUC11Burrito meetup! You in? Attending so far: @ronhitchens @ndw @jpcs @xquery @peteaven—@peteaven
@peteaven @ronhitchens @ndw @jpcs @xquery I'm in! Eating a burrito now in honor. (Sorry, but it's true.) #MLUC11burrito—@hunterhacker
@hunterhacker @peteaven @ndw @jpcs @xquery #MLUC11Burrito Wed and Thu evenings are out for me. Many peeps are gone by Fri afternoon.—@ronhitchens
@hunterhacker @peteaven @ndw @jpcs @xquery #MLUC11Burrito OK, where and when? Tue afternoon? Tue evening after drinks? I vote Tue eve.—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens @hunterhacker @peteaven @jpcs @xquery Tuesday evening works for me #MLUC11Burrito—@ndw
@ndw @hunterhacker @peteaven @jpcs @xquery #MLUC11Burrito OK, need to get my SF burrito expert involved: Hey @joshorum, best burrito place?—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens @ndw @hunterhacker @peteaven @jpcs @xquery El Farolito on Mission at 24th #mluc11burrito—@joshorum
@joshorum @ndw @hunterhacker @peteaven @jpcs @xquery Cool. Can you join us Tue night, Apr 26? #MLUCBurrito—@ronhitchens
@joshorum @ronhitchens @ndw @hunterhacker @peteaven @jpcs @xquery or La Corneta down the block with more seating...—@eedeebee
@peteaven @ndw @jpcs @xquery We need to define a burrito schema for #MLUC11Burrito, and a ReSTful service for it.—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens burritos do not need schemas.—@eedeebee
@peteaven we need local 'burrito' intel ... @peteaven can you map out the terrain whilst there ?—@xquery
@xquery lots of great choices in SF. We'll find something no problem! #MLUC11Burrito—@peteaven
@peteaven I feel left out :\ I love rice (and beans) sandwich!—@dscape
@dscape you'll be here, join us! #MLUC11Burrito—@peteaven

Tuesday at 11:27am

Apparently #dreamhost just drops all mail from any host. Even direct, authenticated SMTP connections are rejected.—@ndw

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@elisabethrobson #REST and #LAMP scale up for heavy, reusuable multi-client data serving, not just client-server-y single AJAX apps.—@david_megginson
@david_megginson @elisabethrobson Node does REST too, and there's still (usually) some kind of data store. Don't see AJAX as limitation.—@simonstl
@simonstl @elisabethrobson no objection to server-side JavaScript per se - it's just a programming language, not a paradigm shift.—@david_megginson
@david_megginson I think you need to take a closer look at how Node works internally. More than programming language shift.—@simonstl
@simonstl first code sample at just looks like a 1997 Java servlet frosted with closure icing, but I'll dig deeper.—@david_megginson
@david_megginson when you get into the event-based programming model, the world shifts. It's a little tricky...—@simonstl
@simonstl you mean, like programming with SAX? :)—@david_megginson
@david_megginson Node definitely pushes further toward statelessness—@simonstl
@david_megginson weirder, actually. with SAX the event flow was predictable, and it made sense to maintain state in background—@simonstl
@simonstl more like desktop GUI programming, then, à la Swing?—@david_megginson
@david_megginson more like JavaScript event handling in browsers, but yes, Swing a bit closer—@simonstl

Tuesday at 11:36am

Mail sent to yourself through gmail smtp doesn't appear in outgoing pop on gmail. Maybe that makes sense, but, I want a copy back!—@ndw

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@kendall The last thing the men behind the curtain want is any sunlight getting in.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:19pm

why is everyone suddenly surprised that Dropbox has access to unencrypted files? They have a web UI. This was obvious from day 1.—@benadida

Tuesday at 01:59pm

T-minus 2 minutes. I'm the only person in the webex and no one has called me. This does not bode well for my presentation.—@ndw

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markdown editing on - can we have a better UI please - markdown is lousy enough w/out having no preview ability—@eedeebee
@eedeebee textmate has markdown preview—@dscape
@eedeebee #Emacs markdown-mode is pretty good.—@ndw
@ndw that's kinda like my telling you editing javascript in eclipse rocks—@eedeebee
@eedeebee Yeah. Kinda. I guess.—@ndw

Tuesday at 02:24pm

Dear author: if you force me to create an account just to comment on your blog, I'll probably end up trashing you on Twitter instead.—@david_megginson

Tuesday at 02:28pm

I'll tell you what we couldn't and still can't afford: another $850 billion of debt to extend the Bush tax cuts.—@kendall

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I was going to say I had a taco today in preparation for #MLUC11Burrito, but Taco Bell doesn’t really count, does it?—@ndw
@ndw It's a taco, you just can't claim it was a *meat* taco.—@windley
@ndw no tacobell does not validate as an #MLUC11Burrito—@eedeebee
@eedeebee @ndw agree! taco bell does not count! #MLUC11Burrito—@peteaven

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It's this kind of shit -- -- that makes *any* budget cuts for regular folks completely evil.—@kendall
@kendall I’d say “unbe-f’ing-leivable!” if only it weren’t so, well, easy to believe.—@ndw

Tuesday at 03:46pm

"Production" application that my better half uses includes a popup that reads "here" every time she submits a request. #fail—@ndw

Tuesday at 04:10pm

From a few days ago, but utterly delightful. Utterly. #pharyngula—@ndw

Tuesday at 04:21pm

RT @ndw: From a few days ago, but utterly delightful. Utterly. #pharyngula—@trevormunoz

Tuesday at 04:45pm

Danke. RT @ndw: From a few days ago, but utterly delightful. Utterly. #pharyngula—@bothandeach

Wednesday at 01:50am

Family: because sometimes work, school and society in general aren't quite enough to drive you fucking insane.—@tommorris

Wednesday at 02:07am

The government sure are trying to promote these 'Royal Wedding street parties'. No thanks. I don't care about the wedding or my neighbours.—@tommorris

Wednesday at 07:47am

Dear Amazon - Who the hell will pay $114 for hardware that shows them ads? Oh wait, we do that with cable TV now. Nevermind, carry on.—@bphogan

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why do JAXB and Spring/Rest need to be so painful?—@jreschke
@jreschke Because XML does not naturally describe a typed object graph?—@ndw
@ndw oh, that :-) I can live with those restrictions but what drives my crazy is that apparently nobody has thought of PI support.—@jreschke

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How Congress Can Balance the Budget in 8 Years by Doing Nothing - - makes perfect sense. (And so much less stressful!)—@geoffarnold
@geoffarnold Interesting analysis. Not that any force on earth could stop politicians from meddling.—@ndw
@ndw Agreed. But it becomes a useful editorial point of comparison: "How does your proposal compare with simply doing nothing?"—@geoffarnold
@ndw Of course the real solutions to our economic problems are get people back to work, and switch to the same health care system as France—@geoffarnold

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Gee... Hixie doesn't like the W3C, IANA, or IETF. Everything should be a Wiki!—@gcarothers
@gcarothers Actually, everything should controlled by Hixie and friends is the impression I have—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers @gcarothers That would differ from the current situation exactly how?—@ndw
@ndw @shelleypowers @gcarothers It might avoid the pretense of being subject to a standards process.—@james_clark
@james_clark @ndw @gcarothers but what would be the fun in that? It's so fun to tease the standards people, watch them howl—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers @james_clark @ndw The real people it does seem to hurt are non standards people who have been fighting for standards.—@gcarothers
@ndw @shelleypowers It wouldn't really, and might be a bit more honest. Ugh.—@gcarothers

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"Let’s not pretend that we share more than we do." -—@simonstl
@simonstl The link to the CNN poll results may be the most frightening thing I’ve read in ages.—@ndw

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Greenwald argues eloquently against liberal partisan loyalty; this is why I won't vote for Obama in 2012—@kendall
@kendall Yeah. As the “least worse” option he can do just about anything as long as he doesn’t cross over the “more worse” line. Very sad.—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:06am

Hg and Eclipse sittin' in a tree. Eclipse got confused by a merge, fell 75ft, fractured vertebrae.—@timbray

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So, @xquery and I are head-to-head at the #marklogic user conference. But his talk has "sexy" in the title. #mluc11—@jpcs
@jpcs Yeah, but in your favor it also has “tax transparency” and “g20” in the title. :-) #mluc11—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:14am

No, no I don't need to upgrade my Flash player. _You_ need to update your site to use something a bit less shit.—@mattgemmell

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"This message is sent to: Valued Customer. To ensure delivery of future emails..." Uhm. No.—@ndw
@ndw I wish the person who came up with the term "valued customer" was never born.—@ebruchez

Wednesday at 11:33am

One failure doesn't make YOU a failure. One success doesn't mean you're a winner either.—@kplawver

Wednesday at 11:38am

RT @psd Darwins' finches and early explorers used to justify [...] specialised APIs is a self-fulfilling vision of The Web as [...] islands—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:42am

1. Get new device (in this case, Deb got a new phone). 2. Find and download user manual. 3. Install in @evernote. 4. Recycle paper copy.—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:43am

Re: the paper copy. It’s not like you were going to be able to find it when you needed it anyway.—@ndw

Wednesday at 12:50pm

me too RT @ndw: @ronhitchens @hunterhacker @peteaven @jpcs @xquery Tuesday evening works for me #MLUC11Burrito—@xquery

Wednesday at 01:09pm

Any time a politician starts talking about "hope" and "opportunity," you can bet that the poor and middle class are about to get fucked. :(—@kendall

Wednesday at 01:26pm

@ndw @ronhitchens @hunterhacker @jpcs @xquery Tues. works for me too! #MLUC11Burrito—@peteaven

Wednesday at 01:29pm

Wednesday at 01:32pm

Taco Taco, Burrito Burrito. RT @peteaven #MLUC11Burrito posse @ndw @ronhitchens @hunterhacker @jpcs @xquery @jclip @dscape—@dscape

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The "budget deficit" (which is *not* a short or medium term problem) has become the new boogeyman; ideally it'll replace "terrorists" soon.—@kendall
@kendall Never. There’s too much power and pork in anti-terrorism. Budget deficit would actually require, you know, rational decision making—@ndw
@ndw Starting with the obviously rational position of "do nothing"...—@kendall

Wednesday at 01:46pm

Decent people are always at a power disadvantage to the extent they think it's wrong to lie to the hoi polloi to manipulate their fears.—@kendall

Wednesday at 02:40pm

There’s nothing serious about a plan that claims to reduce the deficit by spending $1 trillion on tax cuts for millionaires & billionaires.—@BarackObama

Wednesday at 02:43pm

My goodness, @harveybetty, in the game of “worst possible customer service experience”, you’re really going for the gold, aren’t you?—@ndw

Wednesday at 02:45pm

@ndw - yes I didn't tweet about it for quite a while giving them the benefit of the doubt but they aren't listening!—@harveybetty

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An XML format for mazes. /via @danja—@ndw
@ndw @danja A maze of twisty elements, all alike...—@mdubinko

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 02:46pm

"There are no hypothetical markup languages" -- @xmlgrrl -- RT @ndw: An XML format for mazes. /via @danja—@eliasisrael
@eliasisrael @xmlgrrl @ndw Do we now need new XPath axes for north, south, east, and west?—@mubay
@eliasisrael @xmlgrrl @ndw You are in a DOM of twisty references, all alike.—@mubay

Wednesday at 03:21pm

"There are no hypothetical markup languages" -- @xmlgrrl -- RT @ndw: An XML format for mazes.—@danja

Wednesday at 03:27pm

Why doesn't Obama make *this* argument:—@kendall

Wednesday at 05:53pm

I'm gamifying your augmented reality so bad you'll need an extreme social media consultant.—@tommorris

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In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 07:31pm

@dscape Oooh. Now that’s got potential...—@ndw
@dscape You know I am in for #MLUC11OystersAndWine—@leepollington
@dscape @leepollington Mmmm. Yes, please.—@ndw

Thursday at 05:52am

Judging by the amount of spam I'm receiving from myself, my email address must have reached the top of some list. [expletives deleted -ed]—@ndw

Thursday at 05:53am

@ndw I'm glad you're sending to yourself instead of us! Thank you. :D—@marjoleink

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Went back to old laptop for quick Linux install and discovered it has no wireless. Egad! #firstworldproblems—@ndw
@ndw Linux distro on a #MarkLogic beer opening USB stick....—@leepollington
@leepollington That’s the stick I was going to put it on!—@ndw
@ndw Hurrah. Wipe that PDF first. @hunterhacker—@leepollington

Thursday at 11:07am

@ndw try a good old-fashioned wire then :) it may even be faster.—@marjoleink

Thursday at 12:07pm

@leepollington Aw, fooey. This old Tecra 8200 won’t boot off a stick, I guess. Or I made the stick wrong. Noisy old CD install coming up.—@ndw

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Switching quickly between a laptop with a touchpad and a laptop with a pointing stick is a real cognitive challenge.—@ndw
@ndw like the doctor says... "don't do that!"—@frumioj
@ndw Isn't that what she said?—@robinberjon
@ndw Add a touchscreen display from time to time and you’ll get completely nuts—@gimsieke

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best ssd for macbook pro ? any tips—@xquery
@xquery Went with the 256GB SSD in a 2010, and it's the very best part of my laptop. (BTW, I haven't heard anyone have issue with those.)—@avernet
@xquery I have an OCZ Vertex 256 GB, but that failed several times, hard. Replaced on guarantee, but HD failure is still no fun.—@martin_probst
@xquery No, but if the 500G ones become affordable, I’ll do some testing for you :-)—@ndw
@ndw decided against ssd at this time, too many reports of flakiness and 500GB are astronomically priced—@xquery
@xquery Get a 256 GB or even 128 GB, plus an OptiBay. Hard to live w/o SSD once you have used one! @ndw—@ebruchez
@xquery re ssd I have 3 intel x25-m 80gb, 1 gen1, 2 gen2's with trim not had a single fault. The new intel 510 is out, have a look at that—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch thx ... u guys are balancing out the negative reports I was getting, will look into the intel 510—@xquery
@xquery @ndw I got a 500GB SSD in my MacBook Pro last year. Well worth the price, no doubt about it. World of difference.—@ronhitchens
@xquery re ssd, I've got 3 intel x25-m 1 gen1,—@andrewwelch

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Argh - forgot to close in the chickens and duck last night. Fortunately the foxes, racoons, possums, etc. also forgot to check.—@simonstl
@simonstl I wish the bear had forgotten to check our backyard. Nothing there, but still crushed the fence in two places. Again.—@ndw

Friday at 08:29am

An inspiring lesson in elegant solutions that really fit the community you're designing for:—@collwhit

Friday at 08:44am

"The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads," he says. "That sucks."—@hugs

Friday at 10:07am

@ndw you need a game camera to at least get some fun out of your fence-crusher—@simonstl

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What country should I move to if Trump-Palin wins in 2012? :>—@kendall
@kendall stay here - you'll be more needed than ever—@simonstl
@kendall if^H^H when Palin wins—@thinkingmichael
@thinkingmichael @kendall That’s not even remotely funny.—@ndw

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Pulling MP3s across the network then shoving them down the narrow pipe that is USB to Deb's new phone. #efficient #not—@ndw
@ndw why not download them directly onto the phone?—@david_megginson
@david_megginson Just lazy. The machine with the music is down in the basement and I’m not. I suspect USB is the bottleneck anyway.—@ndw

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Any scribbled note later revealed to be illegible scrawl is unimportant. No matter how important you think it might have been. Right?—@ndw
@ndw The only exception I can think of is blood-loss-induced illegibility.—@mdubinko
@ndw That illegible scribbled note represents an idea from within a context. If the context involved beer, maybe not so important.—@aljopainter
@aljopainter No beer involved. “Imp. fix syntax error [o|a]n [illegible] pad[?] [illegible] slide”. My own fault for not C-c c t’ing it.—@ndw
@ndw Better with beer.—@aljopainter
@aljopainter That’s a tautology, surely.—@ndw

Friday at 04:05pm

s/The Path to Prosperity/The Path to Obscene Amounts of Prosperity for the Already Obscenely Prosperous Few/g—@kendall

Friday at 06:43pm

Republicans sudden enthusiasm for getting rid of tax loopholes is making me suddenly skeptical of getting rid of tax loopholes.—@chrislhayes

Friday at 07:58pm

More people went to jail for online poker than for massive bank fraud and corrupting our national Economy.—@AnonyOps

Saturday at 05:37am

Must try encFS on Dropbox, I guess. Or is there a Dropbox clone that doesn't keep the encryption keys for my data.—@ndw

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RT @davewiner: Why the password "this is fun" is 10 times more secure than "J4fS!2".—@ndw
@ndw: That's compelling. I'm going to change all my passwords to "this is fun" ;-)—@cramerdw

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“The supreme court could decide to lower that standard of proof”. Because the software patent mess isn’t bad enough.—@ndw
@ndw It's about lowering the standard of proof for the defendant. Now, the standard of proof is higher for defendant than the plaintiff.—@hsivonen

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Interesting post about Emacs modernization.—@ndw
@ndw Nope. Trust me, Norman, that's not an "interesting" post. Steve Yegge's posts on the subject were interesting.—@kamen
@kamen well, I was interested. Pointer to Yegge's?—@ndw
@ndw Ooops, sorry. "The Emacs Problem", here: Right up your street, I think. (+ Xah Lee is a notorious troll).—@kamen

Saturday at 11:29am

Note to self, make note to self about when the license key for your server expires. #embarrassing #fixed—@ndw

Saturday at 11:53am

I might open a shop called "Pi". I don't know what it would sell but it would be open 22/7.—@jacques_aih

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Wondering how to specify that I want to validate against a #relaxng schema with embedded #schematron rules in #xproc #xmlcalabash...—@evlist
@evlist I think the current RNG impl is based on Jing which doesn’t do that. Plugging in MSV would make it work, I think.—@ndw
@ndw: How can I plug MSV in #xmlcalabash? Any direction would be most appreciated!—@evlist

Saturday at 05:13pm

Trying out SpiderOak as an alternative to DropBox.—@ndw

Saturday at 05:30pm

@ndw that looks interesting! thanks for mentioning it—@marjoleink

Saturday at 10:25pm

Militant atheists? Let me clear this up. Militants fly planes into buildings and blow up crowded markets. Atheists write books.—@CatherineDeveny

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not quite got the hang of #photosynth yet.—@leepollington
@leepollington “You’ll be installing Microsoft Silverlight. It’s small and fast”. Uhm. No, actually, I won’t.—@ndw
@ndw hmm, yes. Already had to install it for a PoC. Silverlight maps are actually annoyingly good. Feel dirty just saying it of course.—@leepollington

Sunday at 11:16am

@olivierjeulin SpiderOak seems to work. Bkup/sync more than 1 dir. Better privacy. Not as many svcs integrated. Yet? There's an Android app.—@ndw

Sunday at 03:14pm

My laptop has started to act a little wonky less then 24 hours before I leave for a 2 week road trip. Thanks, Murphy.—@ndw

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#Natty was the easiest in-place upgrade: not even minor "except for's" this time. #MSFT and #APPL could learn a lot from #Ubuntu.—@david_megginson
@david_megginson Oh, ok, you’ve convinced me. /me runs update-manager -d in his everyday Ubuntu VM—@ndw
@ndw good luck - let me know if you like Unity better than I did.—@david_megginson