The short-form week of 25 Apr–1 May 2011

02 May 2011

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In a conversation that started on Thursday at 12:07pm

@leepollington Aw, fooey. This old Tecra 8200 won’t boot off a stick, I guess. Or I made the stick wrong. Noisy old CD install coming up.—@ndw
@ndw SF subways have cool walls too :)—@leepollington

Monday at 10:02pm

The Palace has a room 666. I wonder if anyone has ever refused it.—@ndw

Monday at 10:04pm

Note to self: if all you've eaten *all day* is a single hamburger, a 30 mile bike ride is ill advised. In other news, FEED ME NOW!—@ndw

Monday at 10:12pm

To all you oh-so-clever Ruby library developers: Magic is an anti-pattern.—@dorkitude

Monday at 10:13pm

Oh, for cryiing out loud. How long does it take to shuck six oysters!?—@ndw

Monday at 10:31pm

Yes, I'm very hungry, but bringing the main course while I'm eating the starter and the desert menu while I'm eating the main is annoying.—@ndw

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I don't know how much battery is left in my phone when the capacity bar is replaced by a red battery with a slash through it. Gonna find out—@ndw
@ndw not as generous as a petrol gauge on a car, I guess...—@johnlsheridan
@johnlsheridan Nope. About 10 minutes and 2 tweets.—@ndw

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Tuesday at 09:23am

you win! MT @cynicalgrrl I reproduced my essential dorkiness. My daughter at age 5 sat her dollhouse people in rows to "take an XML class."—@RepoRat

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Allowing applications to recover from "unfortunate events" in seconds. --Ron Avnur #mluc2011—@ndw
@ndw what about a series of unfortunate events? _snicket_—@happygiraffe

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@hunterhacker @ndw Norms pure XQuery REST has no language boundaries and is therefore less likely to suffer code injection - JH. #mluc11—@leepollington
@leepollington @ndw Ah only sorta. :)—@hunterhacker

Wednesday at 06:03pm

Finished my REST talk with @ndw about an hour ago, then went over and made Sam Neth nervous during his XCC talk #mluc11—@ronhitchens

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Nice! XQuery decoder ring highlights SQL/XQuery similarities #MLUC11—@peteaven
RT: @peteaven XQuery decoder ring highlights SQL/XQuery similarities. Bummed I am missing #MLUC11. I want a decoder ring?—@harveybetty
@harveybetty ring from slide in @mathling's #awesome talk with cool XQuery ring graphic :) we miss u 2!—@peteaven
@peteaven DECODER RING? Awwww man. You're killing me here! What's next, a MarkLogic lantern that lights my way through unstructured data?—@MattioV
@MattioV :) #awesome Great schwag ideas! Ring actually from graphic on slide in @mathling's SQL<->XQuery talk /cc: @MarkLogic—@peteaven

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@ndw come back in October and there will be hawks—@abdelazer
@abdelazer Cool. But please tell me I don't have to cycle to the top of it again!—@ndw
@ndw one of the best hawk watchers does every day in the fall. He also has crappy binoculars that are older and more beat up than both of us—@abdelazer

Thursday at 01:49pm

I wish I'd remembered to mention our experiment with XProc during my REST talk with @ndw yesterday. #mluc11—@ronhitchens

Thursday at 02:05pm

David Singer (as individual): Don't just cure the symptom of behavioral advertising -- the data collection is what's creepy. #w3cdnt—@roessler

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Within minutes: @ndw and @mdubinko talking about Configuration Management #MLUC11—@mdubinko
@mdubinko Can we rely on you to tweet while you present? #mluc11—@lisabos

Thursday at 04:11pm

@mdubinko and @ndw up now, configuration management FTW.—@collwhit

Friday at 07:37am

zombie lie n. A false statement that keeps getting repeated no matter how often it has been refuted.—@wordspy

In a conversation that started on Friday at 07:41am

If you are a man watching the #RoyalWedding, your penance is: dig 3 10' ditches, cut and split 2 trees, brew 1 batch of homebrew beer.—@MattioV
@MattioV Can I do the penance *instead* or do I have to do both?—@ndw
@ndw Instead is my choice as well!—@MattioV

Friday at 09:09am

Public disagreements and dissents from status quo are not acts of censorship or intolerance or thuggery.—@kendall

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Latest TSA weirdness, asking my last name while holding my picture ID and boarding pass.—@ndw
@ndw Weirdly, they did exactly the same in Oslo two hours ago. Never happened before. #notacoincidence—@larsga
@ndw they're trying to keep amnesiacs off of planes.—@simonstl
@ndw re TSA. Thats to find terrorists who havent memorized their fake names.—@DALDEI
@DALDEI I guess. But, really!?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 09:20am

Objects as arguments in JavaScript: where do you draw the line?—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers curiously had similar presentation about args to #XQuery functions this week—@ndw
@ndw So what's your take? Is presentation online somewhere?—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers It's flexible but subverts the compiler's ability to chk args. It's the right ans sometimes but not really about # args—@ndw
@shelleypowers I think it will be online in a bit. Will send link when it passes by.—@ndw
@ndw Thanks, Norm—@shelleypowers

Friday at 09:47am

The US is no longer a spacegoing power after today; I find that to be quite significant and disappointing.—@kendall

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"74% of users do not like to be tracked online" —Trust-e #w3cdnt—@karlpro
@karlpro Are we sure the other 26% asked actually understood the question?—@ndw
@ndw see 1% I like it 22% I neither like or dislike 74% I do not like (tracking) Ads tracking in smartphone in usa—@karlpro
@karlpro was there also a question about how many users like or dislike free services and expect those to be available? #nofreelunch—@dret
@dret yes, but so far most of the time, there is no choice between free and paid lunch AND many people do not realize how they are tracked—@karlpro
@karlpro agreed we need awareness and choice, but this survey is as useful as asking people "do you like or dislike police brutality?"—@dret
@dret I would choose another metaphor ;) maybe "do you like or dislike fatty food?"—@karlpro

Friday at 10:13am

What would happen if i had control? App asks for perm to do X, Y, & Z. I grant only X. I guess it might fail in confusing ways.—@ndw

Friday at 10:14am

FT @quinnnorton Wow, a lot of tornados in the South. I guess it's God punishing them for being mean to the gays.—@aaronsw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 10:30am

My brother is having 30 tables at his wedding this Fall. 30. Three. Zero.—@MattioV
@MattioV if his wedding facilities were schema-less he wouldn't need all those tables ;)—@peteaven
@peteaven @MattioV Nice one, Pete!—@ndw
@ndw @peteaven You guys are awesome! ;-)—@MattioV

Friday at 10:39am

Dead trees beat bits. Forgot to charge my tablet. #rookiemistake—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 01:23pm

Curses, my tweet-nemesis @lisabos is at the same session as me again :)—@mdubinko
@mdubinko Hey, you have a full keyboard, no wonder you're faster.—@lisabos
@mdubinko @lisabos Ooh! I want a tweet-nemesis!—@ndw
@mdubinko You'll soon be rid of me!—@lisabos

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(The most fascinating thing about Twitter IMO is which tweets provoke response from others. It's completely non-deterministic IMO!)—@kendall
@kendall How dare you say something like that! That's outrageous! :-)—@ndw

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@gcarothers conceptually bad or poorly designed? I haven't had a chance to look.—@ndw
@ndw Seems conceptually funky? I guess a general way of putting JSON into XML is sort of useful if the world is XQuery ;) Otherwise Yuck.—@gcarothers
@ndw Where as PRODUCING JSON from XML/XSLT/XQuery is VERY useful, JSONx just doesn't look like a simple way to do that.—@gcarothers
@gcarothers Given that XML and JSON solve different problems, I think we can expect to need to convert both ways. If that's easier: win.—@ndw
@ndw Agreed, so long as it's used for conversion. The moment someone thinks that it's a good way to STORE data it goes back to HORRIBLE.—@gcarothers
@gcarothers I haven't looked at the particular fmt, but you'll be hard pressed to persuade me that JSON strings are inherently superior :-)—@ndw
@ndw I guess as an injestion format for JSON's it's not bad either. But I just KNOW that someone is going to store a lot of data that way.—@gcarothers

Friday at 02:58pm

C'mon folks. I'm tired, hungry, and in a hurry. A little signage would kill you? #wheredoiordermylunch—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 03:34pm

In an effort to control my behavior, links don't work on your page until after it all finishes loading. You suck.—@ndw
@ndw YES! I hate that. I was using Plesk on a server, and it does that. It makes me hate with stabby stabbiness.—@pointybrackets

In a conversation that started on Friday at 07:08pm

There's a first: nosewheel steering failed on the runway and our A320 drove into a ditch. #nothomeyet—@ndw
@ndw I suspect the Airbus computer system decided the flight crew wasn't steering properly, and made a helpful correction. #flying—@david_megginson
@ndw whoa.—@RepoRat

Friday at 07:12pm

RT @ndw: There's a first: nosewheel steering failed on the runway and our A320 drove into a ditch. #nothomeyet—@iansmall

In a conversation that started on Friday at 07:12pm

"They're going to send out a tug to pull us in, but don't worry, everything is normal." Normal? Safe, sure, but normal!? I don't think so.—@ndw
@ndw You should have stayed in SF for the #GeekDinner. I tried to warn you.—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens Oh, *that* was the root cause! I should have guessed. Hope it was a wonderful dinner!—@ndw

Friday at 07:15pm

"Do not be alarmed by all the fire trucks and emergency vehicles" Heh. Good thing we were moving slowly.—@ndw

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My concern is this: can a tug pull a plane with a broken nosewheel out of a ditch?—@ndw
@ndw how small is the plane? They pull fully-loaded 747/777, I assume....—@abdelazer
@abdelazer It's an A320. They claim to be hooking up the tug now. I wonder if we got off the active runway before the fail.—@ndw

Friday at 07:33pm

Maybe it only felt like we hit a ditch. They claim to be ready to tow as soon as they clean up a "significant" puddle of hydrolic fluid.—@ndw

Friday at 07:38pm

Underway! Tug, tug, tugging along.—@ndw

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H. O. M. E.—@ndw
@ndw S.F.O. Sigh. See ya next time.—@lisabos

Sunday at 01:01pm

Nice Sunday-morning love letter to the Web and all true:—@timbray

Sunday at 02:07pm

Uh, folks, a comic feed that doesn't actually include an image of, you know, the comic is kinda stupid. #justsayin—@ndw