The short-form week of 2–8 May 2011

09 May 2011

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Sunday at 11:26pm

Remember on Sept 12, 2001, when you saw people in some places abroad celebrating death? Exactly. Don't be like that.—@EricFidler

Monday at 12:57am

Apparently knowledge of BL's hideout came from careful analysis rather than from anyone imprisoned, coerced, or tortured. A lesson here?—@RBReich

Monday at 05:34am

The universe is...littered with the graves of cultures [that] did not go into space...remembered by the ones who [did]—@ndw

Monday at 05:41am

RT @ndw: The universe is...littered with graves of cultures [that] did not go into space...remembered by ones who [did]—@jeffsonstein

Monday at 06:39am

I can not cheer a single death in this endless, senseless "war."—@diveintomark

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New term: Inchstones = miniature milestones. Hmmm how many inchstones does it take to make a milestone?—@harveybetty

Monday at 09:14am

RT @skepticscience RT @blairpalese: Doctor Who - always at the important events—@mathling

Monday at 12:17pm

Guess what? I took your civil liberties with me.—@OsamaInHell

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I come down heavily on always inserting semi-colons - via @dalmaer: The endless debate over semi-colons;:—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers I come down heavily in favor as well.—@ndw

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I'm a structured person. I use semi-colons in JS, prefer XHTML over HTML, am fond of RDFa, and always wear clean underwear—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers: I was with you until the last part.—@apag
@apag Too much sharing. Way too much sharing ;-)—@shelleypowers

Monday at 02:30pm

An exciting new way to process XML in Documentum: XProc Service (link corrected)—@JerrySilver

Monday at 02:48pm

Scalzi gets it: "the job of a president is a serious one, while the job of tearing down a president can be done by morons, & often is."—@kendall

Monday at 03:59pm

"Use the Force", I get. I'm just not sure where the Rabid Lesbian Athiest of Doom comes in.—@ndw

Monday at 04:03pm

"Hopefully that catharsis will lead us to rethink the liberties we are willing to sacrifice in the name of security." -—@simonstl

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Love simple commits :) rewrite now uses MarkLogic internal memcached-like functionality /at /cc @ndw—@dscape
@dscape yes set-server-field is cool, but I would like to see the same behaviour with map:map on single app server—@xquery
@xquery translation: are the server fields already a map? :) anyway it's kick-ass feature that I've been askin' for ages!—@dscape
@dscape yes, I have my url defs in a map, but considering putting them inside server-field now ...—@xquery
@xquery what I wonder is if I get better performance using xdmp:set-server-field as a map, or putting a map inside a server field?—@dscape
@xquery can you test if rewrite tests pass in your env? They fail in mine but I'm running a nightly that @jpcs confirms is "stricter" :P—@dscape
@dscape not in my current environment (on client vpn) ... I plan to take a deep look at parser.xq this wkd and come up with generic version—@xquery

Tuesday at 07:02am

My #Balisage paper reviews are in. I only saw a small sample, of course, but I smell another excellent conference coming! #xmlgeek—@ndw

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anybody willing to donate their iPhone location database before apple starts deleting them? mine is on ; we want yours!—@dret
@dret I’d be happy to publish (a perhaps partially redacted) version, if you can point me to how to extract it...—@ndw
@ndw you're a maccy, right? this should do the trick: cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/MobileSync/Backup/ ; grep -R "CellLocation" *—@dret
@dret Sweet. Thanks. I wish I could get this data from my Android phone...—@ndw
@ndw that's what i thought: please give me a switch to continue collecting that data for my lifelog. now you have to subpoena verizon...—@dret

Tuesday at 01:11pm

If you could really eat someones brain to gain their powers, there are a few of you out there who wouldn't be safe. From me.—@jrblackwell

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Everytime I write JavaScript, I have to re-make every stupid, lame syntax error possible at least once before I become productive again.—@ndw
@ndw So don't write JavaScript? Use an alternative that compiles to JavaScript? (GWT or, e.g., CoffeeScript:JavaScript as Scala:Java)—@kiniry
@ndw is your friend.—@happygiraffe

Tuesday at 01:14pm

@ndw sounds like me—@marjoleink

Tuesday at 01:15pm

@ndw I do that in every single language I program in, except (oddly) for XSLT. Yes, even Python.—@RepoRat

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I just realized: no one gets outraged about anything that happens with HTML5 anymore. Either worn out or just plain indifferent.—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers Or both. There’s only so much energy to fight battles you know you can’t win.—@ndw
@shelleypowers For furrther realization, replace "HTML5" with one of the following: politics, poverty, war in Iraq/Afghanistan, genocide.—@cwilso
@cwilso @shelleypowers Yeah, ain’t that the truth. And I stand by my rationale.—@ndw

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Damn it, I've thought of *another* cool #MarkLogic server project. I wish someone would pay me just to do the cool things I want to. Hmph.—@ndw
@ndw don't we all.—@nicferrier
@ndw ok, norm, what's your cool idea?—@eedeebee
@eedeebee And let you win DemoJam with it! No way, sir! I ain’t tellin’, I is implementin’. In my copious spare time.—@ndw
@ndw speaking of which: ever done anything combing the geo stuff and reverse queries? wondering how well that supports LBS push services.—@dret

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Getting two weeks worth of work done in four days feels good, except for the sustainability thing.—@ndw
@ndw re 2 wks in 4 days. Sustainable if you take the rest of the 2 wks off after the 4 days.—@richardhamilton
@ndw headed for the wall, are we? Don't do that! It hurts! #foundoutthehardway—@JeanKaplansky

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Anyone out there listening got a Nikon D7000? What do you think? #birthday #photography #lowlight—@ndw
@ndw Norm, if you're interested in the low light performance of camera sensors check this site out—@tug
@tug Interesting. Thanks. Looks like the D7000 ranks very well. I wonder how bad the dpreview “tendency to overexpose” is in practice.—@ndw
@ndw casn't help there I'm afraid. I'm a Canon/Panasonic/Ricoh/Rollei/Mamiya shooter:)—@tug
RT @ndw: Anyone out there listening got a Nikon D7000? What do you think? #birthday #photography #lowlight—@jeffsonstein

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How long until use of DRM, App Store, etc., to shut this down? http://⌘.ws/spotify-ipod—@hsivonen
@hsivonen I give it a week.—@ndw

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Once there was productivity and it was good. Then came expense reports and productivity died. #butmustgetpaid—@ndw
@ndw we use Concur here, and I must say I'm very pleasantly surprised by it. It's almost painless!—@martin_probst
@ndw It's not so much that doing expense reports takes time, but that they cause me to procrastinate to avoid the pain of it :-(—@jpcs

Wednesday at 09:26am

♺ @ndw: Once there was productivity and it was good. Then came expense reports and productivity died. #butmustgetpaid—@kamen

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Anyone ever heard of icons just spontaneously deleting themselves of a Windows 7 desktop?—@ndw
@ndw had that phenomenon 3 wks ago. Turned out many files & dirs had become 'hidden', for no obvs reason. Changing props helped—@gimsieke
@gimsieke These were in the trash. A machine you don’t trust is an uncomfortable thing.—@ndw
@ndw It may be the Desktop Icons Disappear bug: Mentioned in this podcast at 24mins:—@garyprusso

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@ndw could depend on what the icons are *for*: files can be removed by utilities running in the background: could be a file or shortcut—@marjoleink
@marjoleink A whole bunch of files, shortcuts, and folders were inexplicably whisked into the trash on my better half’s machine. #annoying—@ndw

Wednesday at 02:46pm

You either trust the source (Obama) or you don't. Why would you trust a photo from a source you don't trust?—@jasonfried

Wednesday at 03:02pm

Way to go, Einstein! We do, indeed, live in a warped universe. NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment—@sciencecomedian

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Have long stick and packing tape, can rescue stylus lost in otherwise inaccessible space between wall and desk. #win—@ndw
@ndw I use trained spiders....—@leepollington

Wednesday at 03:15pm

"It's like measuring the thickness of a sheet of paper held edge-on 100 miles away."—@ndw

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Installing @alfredapp 0.9 just for fun. What could go wrong? :-)—@ndw
@ndw @alfredapp You make those of us still running 0.8.2 feel either wise or foolish?—@kiniry

Thursday at 02:35am

The ᐸinnovimax/ᐳ Daily is out! ▸ Top stories today via @ndw @carnage4life @joehewitt @intel_education—@dominiquepere

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Unicode srsly! Where’s my RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH CORNER UPWARDS? U+21B4 and U+21B5 discriminate against my chosen direction of flow!—@hsivonen
@hsivonen Yeah, the unpredictable way that reflexive and rotational symmetry are handled in #Unicode often irks me.—@ndw

Thursday at 05:11am

Existential graffiti in Leicester: "Lif is too short"—@tom_watson

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I’m keeping my fingers crossed for my #yes2av friends across the pond.—@ndw
@ndw The yes vote is a forgone conclusion—@andrewwelch
@ndw re: AV i take it back, despite a hugely vociforous yes vote, signs are the silent majority no vote apparently has it...—@andrewwelch

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xquery tip: I always find it surprising how few people know about xpath id() usage with xml:id—@xquery
@xquery re xml:id, those aren't valid ids are they... need to be valid NCNames (leading a to z)—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch @xquery xml:id errors are explicitly non-fatal.—@ndw
@ndw @xquery converting from //@id = '123' to id('123') is a nice silent gotcha...—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch hehe, a little easter egg ... all impl I know of work with this—@xquery
@xquery Not for me using Saxon... Would it give you any performance benefit when used with a db? (uniqueness check yes, but lookup perf?)—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch re perf benefits in xml database ... yes I would expect an index to be used—@xquery
@andrewwelch in #marklogic $xml/employees/employee[@xml:id eq "n001"] seems slightly faster, did not run query 1000 times, will investigate—@xquery
@xquery interstesting topic, bit limited here, I'll post on xquery talk...—@andrewwelch
@andrewwelch though right of you to point out, as this would most likely not validate through schema processing ... #Iamabadman—@xquery
@xquery @andrewwelch re #lamabadman - did you mean "lambada man"? #serif #font—@martin_probst
@ndw @martin_probst @andrewwelch I am a bad man . I also see some validators (admittedly very old) throwing errors on bad xml:id ... #ohwell—@xquery

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dear #lazyweb I need input for a sample definition list. Please give me some 'term - definition' pairs I could use (best will be published!)—@marjoleink
@marjoleink The Jargon File is full of examples :-)—@ndw

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Can we just start assuming Mac/Keynote instead of PC/PPT as the default presentation format for tech conferences already?—@liza
@liza Set your sights higher than that, Liza. Couldn’t we all start using open formats? Like, you know, a fscking web browser?—@ndw
@ndw Sure, which will also likely work better on a Mac. "Sorry, our presenter PC is only running IE 7."—@liza

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Excellent response from Mozilla to a takedown order:—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides Indeed. Bravo to the Mozilla team.—@ndw

Thursday at 09:09pm

I wonder if/when we'll see a Honeycomb tablet in the smaller Galaxy Tab style form factor.—@ndw

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imagine generically mapping feeds to RDF, completely: this would require you to define a generic XML-to-RDF mapping. a scary idea.—@dret
@dret Re feeds-to-RDF: dealing with extensibility is always a huge problem in format mappings. OTOH, RDF has a datatype for XML literals…—@cygri
@cygri have you seen any #RDF stores storing #XML literals in a dedicated storage structure and allowing XPath/XQuery access on that?—@dret
@dret you should ask @ndw about if MarkLogic can—@dajobe
@dajobe @dret I think efficient querying is probably achieved by normalizing in ways that might make XPath graph traversal...difficult.—@ndw
@dajobe MarkLogic is not really an RDF store, so i could only use it for the "XML islands" in my RDFified feed triple store, i guess.—@dret
@dret @cygri ... yes, but we did it ourselves at O'Reilly and it was very strange. Front end proxy that mixed XQuery (MarkLogic) and SPARQL—@gcarothers
@gcarothers @cygri i am sure it gets very messy because you are mixing two fundamentally different metamodels in storage and querying.—@dret
@dret @cygri Messy is an understatement. On the other hand I'm reasonably sure that it's a very USEFUL kind of messy. Content + Context.—@gcarothers
@gcarothers i just cannot imagine how to non-messily live in a world where a query may result in a set of XML trees and RDF triples.—@dret
@gcarothers it's necessarily messy because you start in 2 different worlds, process 2 different worlds, get results from 2 different worlds.—@dret
@dret No. Support for #XML literals in #RDF implementations isn't particularly good, in my experience :-(—@cygri
@cygri so in most cases you can properly store and retrieve #XML, but you cannot really do a whole lot with it. sounds like early SQL/XML.—@dret

Friday at 02:44am

Syntax rewriting done (bit more than expected), all running except Twitter connection. Ready to test @ndw oauth.xqy. @socialito_2010 @EllnvB—@grtjn

Friday at 07:17am

Osama Bin Laden decided not to attack U.S. railroads after he discovered that the U.S. Congress already destroyed them.—@Naparstek

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oh my, only IE treats application/xslt+xml properly (when found in a stylesheet PI)—@jreschke
@jreschke What problem does application/xslt+xml solve compared to text/xsl?—@hsivonen
@hsivonen it solves the problem that people looking at the specs and trusting them don't get a transformation—@jreschke
@jreschke Maybe the specs are saying the wrong thing, then.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen go ahead and complain to the W3C XSLT WG, IANA, and Microsoft.—@jreschke
@ndw @jreschke That problem is better solved by the IETF aligning its outdated charset (and linebreak) rules for text/* with reality.—@hsivonen
@hsivonen @jreschke *shrug* I suggested a problem it solves. I didn’t expect that suggestion to have any impact.—@ndw

Friday at 10:51am

I bet you can hold your breath for 30 seconds too.—@ndw

Friday at 02:50pm

Torture doesnt work. It's illegal. Immoral. Demeans us. Radicalizes our enemies, spits on the Constitution & lowers us to terrorists level.—@David0Monroe

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RT @AndySeaborne: Much relief. We have now received the software grant from HP for Jena so it's all systems go for the Apache incubator ...—@danbri
@danbri @AndySeaborne grant - much to do to build community? Jena would be nice to run on things like hbase/cassandra (a la mahout/hadoop)—@dehora
@dehora @andyseaborne i've heard of some experiments with sparql over hadoop (eg Pig), see also larkc ... Not sure if Jena in the mix—@danbri
@dehora Jena is open source - contributions (ASL) welcome. Start experimenting!—@AndySeaborne

Friday at 03:56pm

RT @psd Inventing the 21st century is encumbered by 20th century IP—@ndw

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"A codified set of the builder's, crafter's, maker's rules" /via someone at Make/O'Reilly—@ndw
@ndw I'm seriously unsure about "projects are stackable" in so many ways—@danja
@danja I have so many projects stacked so deep, it’s basically projects all the way down.—@ndw
@ndw have you tried assorting your projects in a "Grarff" structure? (no idea what the fellow is, but the English speak highly of it)—@danja

Friday at 11:20pm

H@M $@NDW!CH... TH@T WH!T3-BO!!! FEAT D.G by KENDALL LANE via #soundcloud—@KENDALL_LANE

Saturday at 03:44am

Posted a new song: "H@M $@NDW!CH-TH@T WH!T3-B0!!! FEAT D.G"—@KENDALL_LANE

Saturday at 03:44am

Posted a new song: "H@M $@NDW!CH-TH@T WH!T3-B0!!! FEAT D.G"—@KENDALL_LANE

Saturday at 04:15am

"H@M $@NDW!CH-TH@T WH!T3-B0!!! FEAT D.G" @KENDALL_LANE put your songs on ->—@music_message

Saturday at 05:29am

What marketing genius decided to name a song "H@m S@ndw!ch" in the age of #Twitter? I see a lot of random noise coming my way.—@ndw

Saturday at 05:50am

On the plus side, at least it’s an awful song. Uh. Wait. What?—@ndw

Saturday at 04:15pm

Hello Nikon D7000. Happy (early) birthday to me.—@ndw

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So. The US premier of the new season of Dr. Who was last week. Is that right? #curses!—@ndw
@ndw Two weeks ago in fact. Last night was episode 3.—@gfxman
@gfxman Yeah, but they rebroadcast 2 first, so I only missed one. But I missed one! #wwwaaaahhhhh!—@ndw
@ndw There's a pretty good episode one recap here—@gfxman