DocBook V5.1 Beta 4

Volume 14, Issue 25; 24 Jun 2011

Announcing DocBook V5.1b4, the fourth beta release of what will become DocBook V5.1. Version 5.1 includes significant new features for topic-based authoring as well as a number of bug fixes.

DocBook V5.1b4 is an incremental test release. If you've been experimenting with assembly markup, you will find that its changed somewhat. I think this is an area that's finally beginning to stabalize, but I wouldn't go so far as to promise that there won't be any more changes.

I've also published an updated DocBook: The Definitive Guide that documents the current beta.

Questions, comments, etc., most welcome on the DocBook mailing list.

Changes in DocBook V5.1b2

Here's a quick summary of the changes in DocBook V5.1b4 as compared to DocBook V5.1b2, in case you're interested in the gory details.

  • Changed the namespace used to identify Schematron rules to the official ISO Schematron URI.

  • Allow topic in chapter and appendix (as an alternative to narrative content).

  • Fixed RFE 3150303 Broaden content model of contrib.

  • Fixed RFE 3227210 Fix attributes on HTML version of informaltable.

  • Fixed RFE 3274136 Allow production to contain more than one rhs.

  • Fixed RFE 3287339 Support istc as a biblioid class.

  • Fixed RFE 3199793 Allow xi:include in set.

  • Fixed RFE 3174769 Add securitycontext and other to systemitem.

  • Fixed RFE 3171553 Allow dedication in article.