The short-form week of 4–10 Jul 2011

11 Jul 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 17 messages in 15 conversations. (With 4 favorites.)

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Wednesday at 01:42am

@bortzmeyer: +++ATH walks into a bar, you mean ?—@regnauld

Wednesday at 11:08am

Ship must be routing packets through a German ISP. Everyone still thinks I'm in Germany. I agreed to something Google asked. I think.—@ndw

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#XProc in #scala. Concurrency with actors or streamability by compiling down to #Saxon pipelines? If you had to pick only one...—@ndw
@ndw How about Akka, distributed Actors for Scala - im itching to use them...—@adamretter
@adamretter For, I think it's a question of passing around full XDMs w/actors or trying to build lower-level streams.—@ndw

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@peteaven Oh! That does sound like a useful function. I'll try it as soon as xdmp:vacation() returns false()—@ndw

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@ndw try logging on to Google with your gmail address now... it may be open again, & invites may be working again—@jeffsonstein
@jeffsonstein not me, at least not yet.—@ndw
@ndw oh well... fwiw you are nr 1 in my 'get invite out queue—@jeffsonstein

Thursday at 11:19am

Reservations at Paul Bocuse and a head cold. Great timing on my part. #not #pout #cancelled #regrets—@ndw

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This is quite stunning “@JeniT: Hixie on microdata/RDFa task force:—@kendall
@kendall @JeniT Stunning? It's utterly typical.—@ndw

Friday at 03:07pm is unsurprising since the whole debt crisis is a bipartisan farce to give the rich more more more of everything.—@kendall

Friday at 03:12pm

There's no other conclusion: Obama is, more or less, a socially liberal, Reaganite Republican. That's not why I vote Democratic Party. :(—@kendall

Friday at 11:26pm

RT @borkborkbork: RT @gregorthecat: Total lifetime cost of space shuttle program was $196 billion vs AIG bailout alone cost $182 billion.—@yoonkit

Sunday at 02:08pm

Hello IAD.—@ndw

Sunday at 02:37pm

Once more through the passport, baggage, security, transfer gate gauntlet... Just shy of 90 minutes. Completely possible.—@ndw

Sunday at 03:32pm

Made it. Just. Connections through IAD are the suck.—@ndw

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Arrived BDL. Almost home. Now what is this work thing you speak of tomorrow?—@ndw
@ndw We've been setting aside the ugly bugs for you...since you'll be fresh as a daisy tomorrow.—@collwhit
@collwhit Aww. That's sweet; you missed me. But I think I'll call in sick tomorrow. *cough* *cough*—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 07:04pm

Still no google+ for me. Ah, well, I'm still on #vacation so who cares?—@ndw
@ndw I've got invites if you need 'em dm me your gmail—@christo4ferris