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Volume 14, Issue 27; 14 Jul 2011

The robin nesting above our deck was successful.

Years ago, we bought a planter in Italy that is designed to hang on the side of a wall. Ever since it arrived, it has been languishing under the sideboard because I'm reluctant to drill holes in our home's vinyl siding. This spring, Deb found some hooks designed to solve this problem (they slip under a seam in the siding), so we hung the planter and potted some Nasturtiums in it.

The next day, there was an odd bunch of crud under the pot: straw and some sticks. I brushed it away. Later, I found even more crud below and in the pot and came to realize that someone was building a nest in it!

A robin, it turned out:

Despite some misgivings about the wisdom of that spot, given the dogs going in and out several times a day and our use of the deck for cooking and eating, we let her build it. If she could be tolerant of our comings and goings, it seemed an otherwise safe spot.

Before long, there were eggs.

And just the day before we left on vacation, the tiniest of chicks.

They were still there when we returned from vacation, three little open mouths poking above the nest. Yesterday lunchtime, I finally took another snap of them.

There appear to be only two, but I assumed the third was just nestled under and between them. In retrospect, I think the third had probably already flown the coop. By dinner time, they were all gone.

Bon chance, little birds! Watch out for the pigs!


This has to be your coolest post to date.

—Posted by Derek Read on 14 Jul 2011 @ 07:30 UTC #

simply amazing

—Posted by simo on 15 Jul 2011 @ 12:22 UTC #