Balisage 2011

Volume 14, Issue 28; 21 Jul 2011

I've been so heads-down working on my Balisage presentation, I almost forgot to mention…Balisage!

It's time once again for the markup geeks to congregate in a funky little hotel in Montréal and talk about all things angle-bracket (and semantic and overlapping and a host of other things) for a week. Yes, it's time for Balisage: The Markup Conference again.

Please consider this my customary encouragement to drop what you're doing and spend a week with us.

This year, instead of DemoJam, we're (that is to say, MarkLogic is) hosting a Chinese Banquet. Please come join us for that too!

Tommie reminded me that the good folks at have developed an XML-based (of course!) mobile app for the conference. How trendy!

And Debbie would chide me if I didn't remind you that there's still time to make a poster. The posters are a lot of fun and they really do get read.

Also returning this year will be the silent auction. I'm hoping to remember to sling a signed copy of the DocBook book into my bag for the auction. And I must remember to wear the SGML pin I won last year.

I'm off to the XSLT/XML Query WG meetings next week, then on to Balisage. See you there!


Gale and I will be there with bells on. Or whistles. Or something like that.

—Posted by John Cowan on 21 Jul 2011 @ 10:07 UTC #