The short-form week of 12–18 Sep 2011

19 Sep 2011; last modified 21 Sep 2011

The week in review, 140 characters at a time. This week, 32 messages in 34 conversations. (With 6 favorites.)

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Monday at 09:24am

Almost finished with my MUGL slides, #xml #marklogic #london—@ndw

Monday at 09:25am

RT @psd "An imperfect technology can be perfected, but you can't fix hubris" ——@ndw

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Sending mail to internal list fails. Me: "How do I configure my linux mail client so this works?" IT: "Use Outlook" #missingthepoint—@mathling
@mathling Welcome to the club. I think they have to tinker with every internal list I join because I refuse to use Outlook. Stand firm!—@ndw

Monday at 12:12pm

i have good ideas, i just don't know which of them are good up front. hence, looking foolish is a prerequisite for looking smart.—@KentBeck

Monday at 12:29pm

Integrating Pygments into the DocBook stylesheets is boosting my productivity more than most hacks, that's for sure. #writing #presentations—@ndw

Monday at 12:30pm

Worry is a misuse of imagination.—@LamaMarut

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Hard to deny climate change when oil companies can drill where it used to be ice—@shelleypowers
@shelleypowers I bet they don’t have any trouble denying it at all.—@ndw
@ndw They pay out millions in order to get others to deny it, too. Has human intelligence peaked, or something?—@shelleypowers

Monday at 01:32pm

Wayne Carr really pinpoints the problem with never-ending specifications - a reality check—@shelleypowers

Monday at 03:34pm

Teabonics: misspellings in Tea Party protest signs—@shelleypowers

Monday at 08:49pm

Careless, Universe. The cable box broke *two* days before I leave on a trip. Left me time to get it replaced. Just.—@ndw

Tuesday at 01:01am

British government condemns "culture of greed and violence" among inner-city poor; hosts world's biggest arms fair and invites dictators—@sredniivashtaar

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@ndw If BP is too far fro your day trip this might give you some ideas for alternatives—@tug
@tug Very cool, thanks John!—@ndw

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Southwest Air put a new interface on their website. Fancy doesn't equal better. Sometimes Web2.0 gets in the way of functionality!—@harveybetty
@harveybetty Amen, Betty.—@ndw

Tuesday at 02:12pm

Con: I have no office. Pro: soon I will be looking at that color for the last time.—@ndw

Tuesday at 09:10pm

Things I did not get done before this trip: full backup. What did I say the other day about a careless Universe?—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:21am

"Random number generation is too important to be left to chance." -- Robert Coveyou—@bsletten

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I'm not convinced that removing all the presentational attributes from #HTML5 tables is a net win.—@ndw
@ndw Me neither—@komputist

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RT @xquery [...] #MarkLogic User Group meeting in London tmrw ! #marklogic #xml #xquery w/ @ndw as special guest—@peteaven
@peteaven Well, “guest” anyway. Not sure I qualify as “special”. #marklogic #xml #london—@ndw
@ndw Dude! You're humility just increases your overall awesomeness. Wish I could be there to see you in action. Have fun!—@peteaven

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Should '<colgroup span="3" style="border-right: 0.4pt black solid"/>' put a border on the right hand side of all three columns?—@ndw
@ndw rule in the typesetting sense of a horiz or vert line, that is.—@AnxiousBulldog
@ndw Or is it on the right of that group. Gah, I have no idea.—@gcarothers
@ndw tables <shudder/> styling examples page shows bugs & implies just the colgroup—@jeffsonstein
@ndw My intuitive response would be that the "span" causes the 3 columns to be treated as 1. If so, this instruc. should produce a 1 rule.—@AnxiousBulldog
@AnxiousBulldog I might have thought that too, except that other properties (color, width) seem to be inherited by all the columns in span.—@ndw

Wednesday at 04:45pm

Somehow, I've never before noticed how big the 777 engines are!—@ndw

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just an fyi to @peteaven and @ndw looks like MarkLogic has a new person for the XQDT project at #eclipse—@kingargyle
@kingargyle @peteaven @ndw yep it's Haitao - dunno if he does the twitter thing...—@eedeebee
@eedeebee @kingargyle @ndw #awesome thanks for the heads up!—@peteaven

Thursday at 01:37am

“Browsers style tables poorly.” Great. And yet that’s what (all that!) I’m expected to use?—@ndw

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There are many nice things about flying business class. The arrivals lounge at Heathrow is not least among them.—@ndw
@ndw oooh, you're flying posh this time. Yes, the business lounges in Heathrow are nice.—@laurendw

Thursday at 02:04am

.@ndw @AnxiousBulldog Ah. border-collapse: collapse plays a significant role. More exploring to do, I guess.—@ndw

Thursday at 11:11am

If you happen to be near London, make way to the MarkLogic UG meeting and find out what it's all about @ndw is there.—@grechaw

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Time to spruce myself up a bit and head over to MUGL #london #marklogic #xml—@ndw
@ndw wish I was going MUGL #london #marklogic #xml—@xquery
@xquery Oh, you will my friend. You will. #MUGL—@ronhitchens

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Is very happy to have met @ndw at @mlugl—@migueldemelo
@migueldemelo @mlugl Ditto.—@ndw

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Another great #MUGL is in the history books. Still at the pub. @ndw, @leepollington, @dscape and @jpcs have gone in search of food.—@ronhitchens
@ronhitchens @leepollington @dscape @jpcs Rasa Samudra gets highest marks.—@ndw
@ndw @ronhitchens excellent. Try Red Fort next time.—@leepollington

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If it requires getting up to catch a 6am train, have you considered the possibility that you're doing it wrong?—@ndw
@ndw doing it wrong? Oh... <thinks> You're saying I might be doing it wrong *every* day?—@johnlsheridan

Saturday at 04:30pm

@ndw may be down, at least subscription mail fails. You are listed as contact here:—@vogella

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.@vogella OASIS reports “scheduled maintenance” today and tomorrow. If the problem persists next week, let me konw.—@ndw
@ndw thanks for the fast reply. I wasn't aware of this scheduled maintenance, sorry for the incorrect error report.—@vogella

Sunday at 01:25pm

Hey! Something was easier than I expected. I wish that happened as often as the opposite.—@ndw

Sunday at 01:27pm

Missing the #xmlss opening reception, but looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.—@ndw

Sunday at 06:29pm

I'm happy to report my PechaKucha talk for #XMLSS "trends and transients" is done. #cool #stuff #xproc #surprise—@ndw