Montréal, 2011

Volume 14, Issue 38; 17 Oct 2011

August took me to Toronto for working group meetings and Montréal for Balisage.

Continuing my series of photo/travel catch-up essays, here are a few snaps from my August travels to Toronto (for XSL/XQuery WG meetings) and Montréal (for Balisage, my long running favorite XML conferenceOr favorite North American conference anyway, no disrespect to intended.).

I don't really do pictures of people, mostly, but for a variety of reasons, there are several from this trip.

A trip downtown for dinner yielded a couple of shots of the CN Tower.

Any excuse to visit Montreal Botanical Garden is worth taking.

This guy could turn out the most magnificent dough models in just moments.

There's also an album of dinner photographs. I didn't actually plan to publish all of these, but the private link leaked out so I opened them up. If you're in one and not happy about it, let me know and I'll pull it down.