England, 2011

Volume 14, Issue 40; 20 Oct 2011

Rounding out my recent travel, I spent about ten days in England where I spoke at MUGL, visited my mom, and taught at XML Summer School.

Speaking at MUGL (MarkLogic User Group London) was a lot of fun. If I lived in the vicinity, I'd go every month.

I spoke about making it easier to build REST web services in MarkLogic Server. More about that after the next release. (No, we didn't meet at 30 St Mary Axe, I just think it's a pretty building.)

After MUGL, I visited my mom for a few days.

Then I made my way down to Oxford for XML Summer School where I gave a couple of lectures on document management and web technologies.

XML Summer School always includes extra-curricular activities, like punting.

And pub crawling [photographic evidence elided to protect the guilty —ed].

The college is beautiful. Speaking of beautiful, I got a bunch of new pub signs in London! The other sets, England and XML Summer School have some more photographs.