The Grand Canyon

Volume 14, Issue 45; 09 Nov 2011

A short, photographic tour of a visit to the Grand Canyon.

In October, I attended a company meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Let me enumerate the things that I like about Las Vegas: the roller coaster at the top of The Stratosphere and its relative proximity to The Grand Canyon.

Several of us (John, Jim, Alex, and I) were supposed to travel on to California the following week, so we stayed in Vegas over the weekend. The plan was to visit the Grand Canyon. It's a five hour drive. Each way. And totally worth it.

The GPS track above shows our walk along the rim.

Here are a few of my snaps.

I'd just like to observe in parting that the Arizonians really go in for jerky.

Deer, elk, beef, bison are all variations I might try. Alien? Perhaps not. We really didn't drive anywhere near Area 51. Maybe next time.