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In a conversation that started on Monday at 12:02pm

I'm struggling mightily to use a positional predicate to number new identifiers & add them to docs with xdmp:node-insert-after() #xquery—@caschwartz
@caschwartz Happy to help. Drop me a line.—@ndw
@ndw Sorry for late reply. My colleague helped he used fn:count with range expression rather than positional variable to get sequential nums—@caschwartz

Monday at 01:19pm

Wow, there sure are a lot of PCI SATA controllers out there. Looking for six drives. Any recommendations?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 01:33am

This feeling of foreboding, personal and political: paranoia or a more accurate sense of what can and does happen?—@alaindebotton
@alaindebotton I wish I knew.—@ndw

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SGML5 anyone?—@robinberjon
@robinberjon No?—@ndw
@ndw Tentatively?—@robinberjon
@robinberjon SGML5, canal historique ? ;)—@karlpro

Tuesday at 12:14pm

And she's not even a librarian ... RT: @carleton97: my life would be so much easier if everyone else shared my love of accurate metadata.—@eandrews

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 02:00pm

maybe #XQuery's doc() and unparsed-text() try too hard to hide the web, instead of supporting developers to work with it? #REST—@dret
@dret I don’t think they hide the web at all.—@ndw
@ndw how do you use HTTP headers? how can you POST/PUT/DELETE? how can you use other URI schemes, if supported by your implementation?—@dret
@dret Ah. Sorry. I misunderstood what you meant. Yeah, an http function would be nice.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 03:23pm

I don't: RT @timoreilly: Facebook doesn't necessarily get privacy right, I believe @zuck when he says they want to.—@jsuttor
@jsuttor @timoreilly Nor I.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 03:52pm

Shoot. Me. Now.—@ndw
@ndw Reading this post as "let's add to selectors what XPath has and selectors don't", I don't necessarily disagree.—@avernet
@ndw Oy, and verily.—@mathling
@ndw Also, note that I'm talking about XPath 1.0 there.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins Well no one *is* developing XPath 1.0 anymore, so maybe the point is moot.—@ndw
@ndw The reason for that email is that people *are* attempting to "develop" XPath 1.0 in the form of new APIs for it.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins That's not "developing" XPath. That's fixing what we already have in browsers. @ndw—@robinberjon
@tabatkins So convince them that CSS would be better. Asserting that XPath should be dropped because CSS has matured seems antagonistic.—@ndw
@ndw My email argued that they're nearly equivalent in function, so we should only develop one (and that one should be Selectors).—@tabatkins
@ndw Details!—@tabatkins
@tabatkins What details would you like? CSS Selectors are in no sense a reasonable alternative to XPath. Anywhere. Ever. At all.—@ndw
@ndw I argued the opposite. Care to debate in more detail, perhaps in email?—@tabatkins
@ndw @JeniT Some real-world examples of XPath 1.0 that Selectors can't do would help @tabatkins. Xpath 2.0 is easier but would be cheating.—@svgeesus
@svgeesus @ndw @JeniT No real need. I know there are some things, mostly around string/math tests. JS can fix those holes.—@tabatkins
@svgeesus They can’t be extended to do XQuery 1.0, for example.—@ndw
@svgeesus @ndw @JeniT We've had plenty of egs, I don't think that's the core of the thread. @tabatkins wants to pimp up CSS to XPath level.—@robinberjon
@robinberjon @svgeesus @ndw @JeniT Though I challenge the underlying assumption that XPath > Selectors. They're both better than each other.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins I assume you were comparing Selectors 3 with Xpath 2.0? @ndw just checking—@svgeesus
@svgeesus @ndw No, I was comparing Selectors 3/4 to XPath 1.0. Both of these are the versions people are talking about in public-webapps.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins you know XPath can select an attribute, a text node, whatever ?—@glazou
@glazou The attribute axis in XPath is, afaict, syntactically equivalent to attribute selectors in Selectors—@tabatkins
@tabatkins no, you can select an ATTRIBUTE_NODE—@glazou
@glazou I know you can, but that's used either for filtering based on attributes, or for extracting an attribute.Latter can use .map() in JS—@tabatkins
@tabatkins so you're proposing to replace a declarative mechanism by JS ? Warf !—@glazou
@glazou Uh, no. Note that selecting attributes is useless for CSS. Selecting attributes is useful only in JS. Thus...—@tabatkins
@tabatkins @glazou why is selecting attributes useless for CSS - and why for Selectors?—@svgeesus
@svgeesus @glazou Because you can't style attributes. Sometimes useful in JS to extract attrs from a set of nodes.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins the fact we can't style attributes is something weird ; all content should be stylable, including attribute nodes (cont..)—@glazou
@glazou Huh? Attributes don't exist in the page; they're just node data. It wouldn't make sense to style them.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins Tab, you and I should have a long chat around a few drinks, seriously ; i'll open your mind about that ; not kidding—@glazou
@glazou I know that in XML attributes are just a shorthand for child elements. That's not true in HTML.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins What huh?! XML attributes are not child elements. No way no how. //cc @glazou—@gcarothers
@gcarothers @glazou Anytime you have an attribute, you could instead have a child element with the attr value as text content.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins OMG...@ndw, we should show him the old SGML chats with Sharon, Jean, Goldfarb, ...—@glazou
@tabatkins because you think Selectors only for CSS ?—@glazou
@glazou I think that web specs should care about the web, which is de facto HTML, CSS, and JS.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins yeah, like Battery API is about the Web ?—@glazou
@glazou In that the web is run on devices which have a meaningful notion of battery life, yes, somewhat.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins ROFL—@glazou
@glazou I challenge you to create a useful definition of "the web" where XSLT is more important than Battery API.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins easy : remove XSLT and most online retailers die immediately—@glazou
@glazou Are they using it on "the web" that users and browsers see, or on their servers, where web APIs are irrelevant?—@tabatkins
@tabatkins the Web is not only the front-end, it"s a whole, an ecosystem; remove one species and the whole thing collapses—@glazou
@glazou I'm not arguing that everyone should throw away XPath forever. I'm arguing that we should not define new web APIs for it.—@tabatkins
@tabatkins awfully sounds like what xhtml2 said long ago—@glazou
@glazou I'm saying "don't develop XPath1.0 on the web (because nobody's using it), develop Selectors instead (because everyone is using it)"—@tabatkins
@tabatkins I think you have no idea how many people use XPath for Web sites ; ask @ndw—@glazou
@glazou @ndw I know that it's a vastly smaller number than the people who are using CSS and querySelectorAll. Again, on the client-side.—@tabatkins
@ndw the thing that is not mentioned there is that HTML/CSS and XML have quite different views of a node.—@LaurentGoderre
@ndw I, for one welcome our new CSS selector overlords.—@stand
@ndw I've shifted to using CSS Selectors for most of my work, but no, that doesn't make any sense, except as part of the WHATWG jihad vs XML—@simonstl
@simonstl I use them often as well. They’re fine. I’ve nothing against them.—@ndw
@simonstl @ndw I do admire @jreschke 's pushback—@shelleypowers
@simonstl @ndw Was surprised that XPath1 actually works in JS: (can’t query a radiobutton’s @checked state, though)—@gimsieke
@ndw the first sentence conclusion is… interesting—@karlpro
@ndw Check out the XPath expression starting on line 221 here: I'd love to see that as a CSS selector. Love to.—@mdubinko

Tuesday at 04:26pm

@shelleypowers @ndw agreed- thanks to @jreschke for taking up that cudgel on the W3C list!—@simonstl

Tuesday at 04:34pm

the only thing more amusing than the WHATWG's permanent war on XML is the WHATWG's permanent plea that WHATWG doesn't matter.—@simonstl

Tuesday at 04:41pm

HTML5 is a half-baked collection of partially thought-out specs from a too-small group of people. Unfortunately, it's still an improvement.—@simonstl

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 05:10pm

HTML WG co-chairs are not addressing the <time> issue until mid-January. W3C HTML5 editor's draft last updated November 4. #irrelevant—@annevk
@annevk I’m sorry, which is the irrelevant bit?—@ndw
@ndw @annevk The W3C HTML5 draft.—@tabatkins

Tuesday at 05:12pm

This whole @tabatkins vs Thing He Doesn't Understand debacle makes me think WHATWG's calendar is stuck in 2002.—@dylanw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 06:32am

Let's just suspend the constitution while we're at it; at this point, there isn't much left.—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides I think they did that last month. At a secret meeting.—@ndw

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time keeps slipping into the future—@psd
@psd Not the past?—@ndw

Wednesday at 09:06am The GOP has one mission: to take your money and give it to rich people. All else is hand-waving.—@AmandaMarcotte

Wednesday at 09:13am

Freedom of assembly is against the law in the US now, and there are 5,000 arrests that prove it. #notkidding—@kendall

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 10:22am

You know the database where I had carefully constructed a complex configuration data structure. The database I deleted. Yeah. That one.—@ndw
@ndw I have found that Time Machine's hourly backups can help with that kind of things ;-)—@ebruchez
@ebruchez Yeah, if only Time Machine wasn’t such an agonizing resource-hog that it often drives me to detach the backup drive.—@ndw
@ndw It was painful without SSD, but now I barely notice it (also it backs up over wifi). I assume you are using a good old spinning drive?—@ebruchez
@ebruchez Yes. You need a special Apple gizmo to do it over wifi, yes?—@ndw
@ndw Probably. Used Time Capsule, now Airport Extreme w/ ext drive (there have been doubts about robustness of that setup but so far ok).—@ebruchez
@ndw A good reason to always script such configurations, and keep backups of everything! ;-)—@grtjn
@ndw the moral of this story is "don't build databases".—@nicferrier
@nicferrier Perhaps. But it could equally have been a dir on the FS. I shouldn’t have crafted something valuable in a throw-away dev env.—@ndw
@ndw I was joking. I wanted to make an entry in the "totally the wrong thing to learn from a failure". You're right, of course.—@nicferrier

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 10:41am

Well, that's my #xmlprague submission done. Excited by the topic - I feel a bout of #xquery productivity coming on.—@jpcs
@jpcs Then I couldn’t be more delighted that you picked up two of my reported bugs and added them to your stack :-)—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 10:50am

Oh, the irony, it burns. For the first time, ever possibly, Time Machine might have saved me. If only I hadn’t excluded dev scratch space.—@ndw
@ndw Ah, there you go! Hadn't read tweets that far.—@ebruchez

Wednesday at 10:58am

“Weekly” backup disk, dated, uh 24 Oct, FTW.—@ndw

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San Diego police arrest congressional candidate for voter registration in Civic Center Plaza -—@simonstl
@simonstl I wonder if it’s still possible to save salvage democracy in this country.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 12:43pm

Interesting article in IDEAlliance Bulletin about Financial Times's choice to go all HTML5 instead of native iPad app—@lisabos
@lisabos The fact that that article is apparently published as a set of JPEG page images is...well, it must be something.—@ndw
@ndw Annoying! I actually read it in print first, how old-school am I?—@lisabos

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 02:53pm

The only thing I can't figure out how to do with Quicksilver: launch Quicksilver.—@adamwitwer
@adamwitwer Whenever Quicksilver crashes I might as well just shut off my computer and go back to bed.—@liza
@liza ctrl+space! ctrl+space! ctrl+space! why isn't it working!!!—@adamwitwer
@adamwitwer The only sensible option at that point is to throw the computer away and start over.—@liza
@liza @adamwitwer I eventually gave up on Quicksilver because of the crashes. @alfredapp is great replacement.—@ndw
@ndw @alfredapp does look slick. I need to try it. I've configured QS just so, though. @liza—@adamwitwer
@adamwitwer Surely you don't have it bound to Ctrl-space when that's already M-x set-mark!! @ndw—@liza
@liza @adamwitwer Yeah. I have it bound to Cmd-Space.—@ndw
@liza Ha, I swear I'm going to learn to use vim properly some day! I use dumbed-down MacVim. @ndw—@adamwitwer
@adamwitwer Heresy! That was emacs. :)—@liza
@liza Ha, oops. I assumed you were vim-y, for some reason.—@adamwitwer
@ndw Thanks, checking it out.—@liza

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 04:36pm

Achievement unlocked: XML Prague submission. I fear the abstract is a little weak, but I think it’ll be good. But I would say that, right?—@ndw
@ndw Talking of Abstracts, you probably saw this one:—@docum3nt
@docum3nt Alas mine was neither that concise nor that witty.—@ndw
@ndw At least you got it done before pumpkin time, tongith at midnight PDT!—@leighklotz

Wednesday at 10:01pm

.@Newyorkist just now to Sgt Vance, #2156: Q: "Am I being detained?" A: "Yes." Q: "For what?" A: "For being a protester." #FreeSpeech #OWS—@DiceyTroop

Thursday at 04:19am

praising the #LAPD for not beating #occupyLA protesters is is like praising a priest for not raping kids—@UrbanCavemanLA

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The real danger to Privacy isn't Facebook, it's commercial spyware designed for military & secret polce: Scary—@mikeloukides
@mikeloukides Scary indeed.—@ndw

Thursday at 08:36am

@docbook DocBook Stylesheets 2.0.3 released,—@ndw

Thursday at 08:49am

Some Adobe notifier gizmo wants to connect to WTF? Denied. #littlesnitch—@ndw

Thursday at 09:13am

DocBook stylesheets v2.0.3 released, w/improved, backwards-compatible HTML5 output. HT @ndw—@arh

In a conversation that started on Thursday at 01:48pm

@ndw Please mention the 2.0.3 release on docbook-apps.—@abdelazer
@abdelazer Good point. Sigh. I need better release management processes.—@ndw

Thursday at 02:07pm

Comparison of DocBook 1.0 stylesheets vs 2.0.3 stylesheets, suggested by @abdelazer—@ndw

Thursday at 06:57pm

Coupon: $ off 2 pkgs of 1lb or larger. Product: sold in pkgs of 14oz. Naturally. #asshats—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 04:50am

Nerve racking, waiting to find out if my paper will be accepted for #xmlprague—@adamretter
@adamretter mental note, remember not to have Adam review his own paper !—@xquery
@xquery Dammn, you have seen through my plan!—@adamretter
@xquery Are papers being reviewed? Need a hand with it?—@robinberjon
@robinberjon @jirkakosek will dole out papers for review to Program Committee which you are on—@xquery
@xquery @robinberjon Yep, I will send details about review to PC members probably on Monday. I'm catching up after business trip.—@jirkakosek
@jirkakosek btw running slightly late, will be with you around 1615 latest—@xquery
@xquery @jirkakosek Ah, great, thanks, I wasn't sure if I was there or not :)—@robinberjon
@xquery @adamretter No, let me do it >:)—@ndw

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Retweet this if you can't bear to RT tweets containing spelling/grammar/punctuation errors, even if their really funny.—@j4
@j4 *snicker*—@ndw

Friday at 08:59am

I f’ing *love* the fact that github notices issue numbers in commit messages and automatically inserts a link into the relevant issue.—@ndw

Friday at 09:10am

Hey, @evernote, my attempt to use the API has been reporting “Host is down” for a while. Is that really true, or is there some API bug?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Friday at 09:12am

On the surface, absurd, but when you consider the rationale, ISO 3103 does make some sense.—@ndw
@ndw If you like ISO 3103, you'll love ISO 3591!—@SheltieJim
@SheltieJim I have long wanted one of those, Jim!—@ndw

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Federal jobs are at lowest per capita level since 1962. If, you know, facts matter at all.—@kendall
@kendall Facts? Facts!? Communist!—@ndw
no tweecency RT @ndw: @kendall Facts? Facts!? Communist!—@RedScareBot

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I’m tempted to try replacing my laptop’s optical drive to install an SSD.—@ndw
@ndw We have free install videos to show you how to replace that optical:—@macsales
@macsales I just submitted the order. Upgraded the HD in my previous Mac with your parts/videos. Looking forward to it!—@ndw
@ndw Way easier than stringing up tangled holiday lights ;-)—@macsales
@ndw I did that a couple weeks ago. I definitely don't regret it.—@speedocowboy
@speedocowboy Did you put the SSD in the optical bay, or swap the spinning rust drive over there?—@ndw
@ndw at least for my macbook model. but super easy to swap out the hard drive in the main bay.—@speedocowboy
@ndw SSD in the main bay; spinner in the optical bay. There are reports that 6Gbps SATA drives don't work well in the optical bay.—@speedocowboy

In a conversation that started on Friday at 02:45pm

Temptation resisted fail: ordered 120Gb SSD, optical drive bay converter kit, and external optical enclosure.—@ndw
@ndw SSD should make you happy.—@ebruchez
@ndw You know, it's not Xmas yet!—@mortenf

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Bash shell rejecting !indent=yes, says "event not found" - how come I haven't seen this before?—@michaelhkay
@michaelhkay You’ve never used ! to access history? Me neither. Marks me as a Unix weirdo, but that’s ok. You want “histchars=“ in .bashrc—@ndw
@ndw Thanks. Escaping it with backslash did the trick.—@michaelhkay
@ndw So ! is for history? I always get that error when I'm excited in commit comments, never grokked it though. cc @michaelhkay—@robinberjon

In a conversation that started on Friday at 04:52pm

Just in case you think editing is easy, I've spent the last hour trying to craft a single sentence. For marketing purposes.—@bphogan
@bphogan If you think editing is easy, you’ve never done it.—@ndw
@ndw Indeed.—@bphogan

Saturday at 03:08pm

RT @xmlcalabash XML Calabash 0.9.41 released,—@ndw

Saturday at 06:14pm

RT: @ndw: RT @xmlcalabash XML Calabash 0.9.41 released, #xproc #xml—@d0cster

Sunday at 09:14am

TSA at xray: boarding pass? Me: It's on my phone. TSA: Oh, ok. #securitytheater—@ndw

Sunday at 01:25pm

I didn't even know ORD *had* a terminal F. Glad I have time...—@ndw

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Facebook buys location service Gowalla—@jdvogt
Facebook buys Gowalla? Well, time to delete that app, I guess. /via @jdvogt—@ndw

Sunday at 01:50pm

Doing my best sardine impression. I make this s#!t look goo...oh, who am I kidding; I look and feel like a squashed bug. SFO here I come.—@ndw