XML Calabash 0.9.44

Volume 15, Issue 1; 10 Jan 2012

Announcing what I hope is the last pre-1.0 beta release of XML Calabash.

Let's call it “the Porsche release”. I have finally fixed the long standing bug that prevented XML Calabash from passing 100% of the XProc Test Suite. Which it now does. I assert that the different result reported for unescapemarkup-004.xml is equally valid. The difference in version-001.xml is a little unfortunate, but it's out of my control; I hope it's resolved by a future Saxon release.

If no one reports any bugs in this release over the next week or so, I plan to package it up and put a “1.0” bow on it! I'm not sure what real significance that will have, but you gotta claim victory eventually, right?

The other significant change in XML Calabash is that it is now available in two “flavors”, one for Saxon 9.3 and one for Saxon 9.4. There are more serialization differences in the Saxon 9.4 results, but they're all innocuous, I believe.

I don't routinely announce new XML Calabash releases with a weblog posting. Instead, I just update the project page. I assume if you're interested, you can follow along there, or on the mailing list, or even on Twitter (or Identi.ca). There's even a Google+ page for XML Calabash if that floats your boat.

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