Countdown to XML Prague!

Volume 15, Issue 2; 19 Jan 2012

See you again in Prague!

Ok, not a countdown quite so much, but XML Prague is coming up fast! I'm going and so are a record number of you! Hope to see you there!

The run-up to XML Prague was a bit funny for me this year. I was trying to be a little coy in my abstract, I wanted to have a little surprise for my talk. That didn't work out so well. Note to self: being coy with peer reviewers is stupid. Don't be stupid next time.

So I wonder how I'm going to justify going and the organizers set me up to moderate a panel. Easy enough. Then Robin asks me about co-presenting his cross-pollination ideas and, of course, I agree, because working with Robin's gotta be a blast. Now it looks like I may be presenting for one of my MarkLogic colleagues who's being pulled into an important meeting half a world away on the same weekend. And MarkLogic is hosting Demo Jam again.

The lesson, apparently, is that it's a whole lot more work to go to a really good conference when your paper is rejected than when it's accepted. Note to self: next year, get your [expletive deleted, -ed] paper accepted! Who'd have thunk?

In summary: great conference, great location, great people (and lots of them), great papers (exclusive of mine, but now I know what I'm going to write for Balisage so silver lining), Demo Jam! It's all good!

Register now and don't miss it!


Every year peer submission gets more difficult ... just wanted to mention that the few folk (like yourself, Michael Kay, Robin Berjon, Michael Sperberg-McQueen, George Bina) that have supported XML Prague over the years are directly responsible for its year on year growth.

A conference's success is dependent on its speakers and attendees quality and willingness to engage. XML Prague single track is good for focusing the minds of so many smart people; lets hope this year that the new venue with more people enhances that. Look forward to seeing you and everyone.

—Posted by Jim Fuller on 20 Jan 2012 @ 12:50 UTC #