Mobile phone blues

Volume 15, Issue 3; 31 Jan 2012

Running CyanogenMod7 on my T-Mobile G2. Cyan is a sort of blue, get it?

A few weeks ago, I rooted my T-Mobile G2. On the whole, I feel better for having done it. It's a little more flexible, and maybe a little faster, but it's mostly an emotional thing. I got to burn off a bunch of bloatware crap I didn't ask for and it's not running any operator-installed spyware (not that I really thought it was).

That said, it sure is a crashy thing. It reboots, hangs, or otherwise crashes on a nearly daily basis. Moving between cell towers seems to exacerbate the issues, but I've got no hard evidence for that.

If I really relied on my mobile, I'd probably be quite annoyed. As it is, it hasn't caused me too much pain. But I am looking forward to the Nexus becoming available on a GSM carrier.


And mangenta is the colour of Deutsche Telekom (of which T-Mobile is a subcompany). They actually tried sueing people for using their shade of mangenta.

So how do you complete your CMYK? :-)

—Posted by Simon on 01 Feb 2012 @ 06:09 UTC #