Photo catch up

Volume 15, Issue 10; 12 Mar 2012

Catching up with photographs from England, Prague, and the Caribbean.

My photography has suffered a bit of late. Too much work, too cold outside, too many excuses. I took a few snaps in England earlier this year

and in Prague around XML Prague.

Our vacation in paradise was another opportunity. Mostly panoramas, flowers, and iguanas. But crabs this time too.

Much to the annoyance of staff, Coral World Ocean Park does not sell the kite they were flying. Shame too, cause we all would have bought one.

Fuscia. Fuchsia. The word you're looking for is “fuchsia”.


No, the word you're looking for is fuchsia. Think how the spelling "fucks ya" (but don't pronounce it that way!)

—Posted by John Cowan on 12 Mar 2012 @ 06:09 UTC #