the sources

Volume 15, Issue 15; 18 Apr 2012

If you're interested in running your own photo server, this is the bits.

After I published, several folks asked me for the bits, so I put them on github.

Actually, I posted them a few days ago and told myself that was it. There were the bits. The rest was your problem not mine. But my subconscious just wouldn't leave me alone until I at least attempted to document how to get it all setup and working.

So I've done that now too.

YMMV, and there may be the occasional hard-coded username or path lurking about, but I used the instructions to stand up a new site on a clean server running on a VM so I'm reasonably confident they work.

Share and enjoy.

P.S. I'll probably rework how logging is done. That'll remove the need for the amp and provide more useful statistics. I'm going to model it on the way that this weblog works. But that's a “later this summer” sort of project.