Top of Sugarloaf

Volume 15, Issue 24; 20 May 2012; last modified 27 May 2012

An unsuccessful attempt at a half century.

Fourth ride: 37.5 miles at 12.7. But that does include the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain.

View from Mt Sugarloaf
View from Mt Sugarloaf

Aside from the steep ascent up Sugarloaf Mountain, and my failure to manage a half century, the most significant part of this ride is the little notch right about where the word “Hadley” appears in the map.

I abandoned the rail trail in favor of route 9, a crowded, busy commercial thoroughfare. Yes, the corrugated surface of the rail trail in disrepair is really that bad. So sad.

I'm kind of sad about the half century too. I thought about veering off down Bay Road and making the loop through Belchertown center. That would have made 50, I'm pretty sure. I was pretty sure my legs wouldn't do it, either.


Great, now this will be stuck in my head all day.

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