The short-form week of 30 Jul–5 Aug 2012

06 Aug 2012; last modified 07 Aug 2012

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

Monday at 04:30am

RT @ndw: “Shady Characters”, smileys from 1881.—@reis_pt

Monday at 11:53pm

The two most engaging powers of [a photographer] are to make new things familiar and familiar things new. - W. Thackeray—@LightStalking

Tuesday at 08:09am

I've never really been a fan of Sasha Baron Cohen, but his new character 'Mitt Romney' is *hilarious*.—@shinaku

Tuesday at 08:09am

Questions for which there is no good answer: is that a bug or a mouse?—@ndw

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OASIS has updated and simplified its #standards process rules: Kudos to Chet & our Board. #OASISopen—@JamieXML
@JamieXML Oh, $DIETY save me. I have to learn new rules again?—@ndw
@ndw Hah! No: they're are subtractive and permissive, arguably correcting some excesses. (And @ChetEnsign is $DIETY for local values now.)—@JamieXML
@JamieXML - True indeed. Glad I can do my diestic part—@ChetEnsign

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Oh, just another GORGEOUS picture of the Sun.—@BadAstronomer
enGdwarfenated, it is truly a thing to behold. /via @BadAstronomer—@ndw

Tuesday at 02:44pm

@ndw bit of a stretch to say (well, retweet) AGW is as certain as gravity...—@andrewwelch

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Just finished my first presentation written with #impressed.js - - and hoping #balisage attendee will be impressed too!—@evlist
@evlist Very cool. Now I feel inferior with my PPT.—@sgmlguru
@sgmlguru don't, you've not seen it yet!—@evlist
@evlist Nice. I might actually have to see if I can generate that. But probably not in time for Balisage.—@ndw
@ndw To generate the structure would be easy but to generate the layout without loosing options would be most challenging!—@evlist

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"Depart not from the path which fate has you assigned"—@datatomato
@datatomato How could you tell if you did?—@ndw
@ndw right. Fate is fate nothing u can do to change it. I think the phrase means go w/ the flow don't resist. That's how I interpret it.—@datatomato
@datatomato "Due to circumstances beyond my ctrl, I am master of my fate & capt of my soul." There is no destiny, only the choices you make.—@ndw

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Loaded up with books for #Balisage trip: _Futureland_ (Mosley), _The Hidden Reality_ (Greene), _American Fairy Tales_ (Baum)—@mdubinko
@mdubinko Like you're going to have time to read.—@ndw
@ndw This presentation isn't writing itself.—@mdubinko

Wednesday at 06:00am

Dreaming your laptop has been stolen, and then waking up. #relief (Yes, I have recent #backups, but still...)—@ndw

Wednesday at 07:09am

XML Stars, the journal nouvelle édition ▸ Aujourd'hui à la UNE: @ndw—@dominixml

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Undoubtably annoying my colleagues with URI encoding pedantry.—@ndw
@ndw I think of it as amusing, not annoying.—@collwhit

Wednesday at 12:21pm

Hyperbole is DESTROYING AMERICA—@ArthurDelaneyHP

Wednesday at 12:33pm

It doesn't matter *what* we're fighting about; important thing is that LGBT people have to win and haters have to lose. That's the point.—@kendall

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Wow! “Microsoft’s solution was to simply pad those bytes out as 0, making the 3rd DES key 2 bytes long” /via @nazgul—@ndw
@ndw @nazgul Thanks for sharing. Checked the date a dozen times to make sure april was not involved. It bloody wasn't.—@pitrp
@ndw Yeah. That was a shocker. Why not split the pad between the keys?—@nazgul

Wednesday at 01:09pm

Unless life also hands you sugar, you're gonna make some nasty lemonade.—@JasonIsbell

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So much awesome:—@kendall
@kendall He’s done that once or twice before, you can tell.—@ndw
@ndw A time or two. :>—@kendall

Wednesday at 07:23pm

If you talk about "hiring the best" but you only actually hire those willing to move to {location}, you're full of horseshit.—@codinghorror

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“Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!” /via @gridinoc—@ndw
@ndw long predicted in nano :)—@dscape

Thursday at 08:26am

“Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!” /via @ndw -- just like in nano—@dscape

Thursday at 08:26am

RT @ndw: “Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!” /via @gridinoc—@lcahlander

Thursday at 08:26am

RT @ndw: “Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!” /via @gridinoc—@louBurnard

Thursday at 09:01am

RT @dscape: “Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!” /via @ndw -- just like in nano ...—@pgte

Saturday at 05:59am

Prism - a new syntax highlighter—@ntlk

Saturday at 10:35am

heh: Yeah, no gov’t helped this guy:—@dhmspector

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Hmm... CMIS on top of XCC or Corona?—@xml_jim
@xml_jim I’d be inclined to design for the REST API #marklogic—@ndw
@ndw @xml_jim Good point, but isn't Corona the "heir apparent" for RESTful interfaces in ML? #marklogic—@xml_jim
@xml_jim I believe I’m allowed to say that the next #MarkLogic release will have an official REST API designed along the lines of Corona.—@ndw

Saturday at 12:15pm

It might be time to get a 3D printer before they're made illegal—@edd

Saturday at 01:15pm

@simonstl @jtauber @ndw say hi to my colleague @jorgew at #balisage !—@mnot

Sunday at 05:34pm

sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from corruption. #government #technology #opensource—@shanley

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Rogue stock trader that lost millions was actually misdeployed test software:—@webmink
@webmink Makes breaking the build seem not so bad.—@ndw

Sunday at 09:18pm

For those whose favorite parts of the Bible are the ones that reinforce their hateful world view, we pray.—@UnvirtuousAbbey