Back on the bike

Volume 15, Issue 29; 23 Aug 2012

My goal of 100mi a week is out the window, but I finally got another ride in.

Fifth rideOf any note, I'm not counting the five mile ride to the bank or a couple of other, shorter rides.: 17.7 miles at 12.1 mph.

It was a balmy 93° (34° in the rest of the world). With practice, I suppose I'll be able to do this when it's 105° (40°), but I haven't practiced that much yet.

(And, yes, I do know that the stretch of Redbud Trail before the bridge is a little suicidal. Trust me, I am acutely aware.)


In case you don't have it already, the city puts out a nice bike map (available at most bike shops):

—Posted by David Cramer on 26 Aug 2012 @ 05:09 UTC #