The short-form week of 14–20 Jan 2013

21 Jan 2013; last modified 22 Jan 2013

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

In a conversation that started on Monday at 01:36am

Interesting #OAuth "device token" proposal from my favorite WS-Dudette, Umit Yalcinalp of Adobe—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl Link to the spec proposal or paper?—@zer0n1ne
@zer0n1ne @umityalcinalp There's this blog post with a link, but the paper is behind a pay wall - IETF I-D coming?—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl @zer0n1ne Can you access the paper right? I can download it without payment from—@umityalcinalp
@umityalcinalp @zer0n1ne Nope, sorry, it requires payment for me. You must have a login. #damnauthn—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl @zer0n1ne Interesting! Irony of it as I do not login. Will investigate tomorrow.—@umityalcinalp
@umityalcinalp @xmlgrrl @zer0n1ne Does your employer have unlimited access? Perhaps your IP address is the key?—@ndw

Monday at 06:51am

'One of the things the Web teaches us is that everything is connected (hyperlinks) and we all should work together (standards).' --@aaronsw—@danbri

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Pilot: Jetway doesn't reach, we have to move a feet forward. Moments later, pilot: Uh, now we have to move a few inches back. #really—@ndw
@ndw So, you are doing the jetway "Time Warp"?—@lcahlander

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Man I love Google Now. Landed in AUS and it justvoffered directions to the hotel, presumably because I searched for it a few times recently—@lmorchard
@lmorchard It is startlingly good at predicting useful cards. P.S. I’d have suggested a meet up, if I were actually in AUS this week…—@ndw

Monday at 07:32pm

Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. - Warren Buffett—@ValaAfshar

Tuesday at 12:27am

RT @maddow: "A gun kept in the home was 43 times more likely to be involved in the death of a member of the household than to be used in ...—@ndw

Tuesday at 05:00pm

Probably not a good sign my "bucket list" is a list of people who I'd put a bucket over their heads and hit over and over with a frying pan.—@textfiles

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You say TAG, I hear httpRange-14 and shut down.—@eranhammer
.@eranhammer Hope TAG-NG shuts down HTTPRange-14 and gets on with real work instead. Total timesuck, when I was on the TAG—@svgeesus
@svgeesus @eranhammer I really tried and failed to keep it off the agenda. I couldn't convince other TAGers the question was malformed.—@masinter
@masinter @svgeesus @eranhammer HTTPRange-14 isn't just a timesuck - it's a sign of how deeply things are genuinely broken.—@simonstl
@simonstl @svgeesus @eranhammer problem is believing in Resources, and that URIs Identify them, Uniformly. Wishful thinking.—@masinter
@masinter @svgeesus @eranhammer and then building massive infrastructure on conflicting understandings of that religion, yes.—@simonstl
@simonstl @svgeesus @eranhammer Massive? Seems to me most real-world linked-data applications just routed around ambiguity, no problem.—@masinter
@masinter @simonstl @svgeesus @eranhammer A real world system that can’t deal with ambiguity won’t work in practice.—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:31am

I felt that my life and that of my children was threatened by the NRA, your honor, so I shot them dead in self defense. #guncontrol #now—@azaroth42

Wednesday at 11:50am

RT @docbook: DocBook V5.1b8 released,—@ndw

Wednesday at 11:51am

So I’m supposed to upgrade Java on my Mac to a release that won’t work with Chrome and will probably break a bunch of other stuff. #joy—@ndw

Wednesday at 12:11pm

Stay calm and inside your homes. You will receive instructions on which militia is now in control of your area.—@pourmecoffee

Wednesday at 01:21pm

Last Call Working Draft of XInclude 1.1 published yesterday:—@ndw

Wednesday at 01:30pm

RT @timbray: MAC addresses and liberty; essential stuff:—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 05:31pm

Whoever came up with Docbook must be a smart dude.—@grechaw
@grechaw Eve Maler, Terry Allen, Paul Grosso, Jon Bosak, Eduardo Gutentag, Murray Maloney, Nancy Harrison, et. al. A whole lotta smart folk.—@ndw

Wednesday at 06:06pm

Really, Firefox, you don’t have an embedded PDF viewer? Really?—@ndw

Saturday at 05:04pm

Sometimes that's what life is: one vile fucking task after another. – Al Swearengen—@kendall

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If this is His will, Reverend, then He is a son of a bitch. – Doc Cochrane—@kendall
@kendall Enjoying Deadwood? :-)—@ndw

Saturday at 10:29pm

RT @kmlawson: “6 months for his original crime…plus a 9.5 year prison term for exercising his constitutional right to a trial” http://t ...—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Sunday at 10:04am

Every time I think my little web-based, personal information manager project is working perfectly, I discover some new timezone weirdness.—@ndw
@ndw I lost hours to a mysterious time zone bug once: ultimately it was due to the same hour repeating when DST occurs in the fall.—@msokolov
@msokolov My current bug is flights recorded in UTC not appearing on the correct day because it's already "tomorrow" in Greenwich.—@ndw
@ndw I had a similar problem (bug title: Day off in New Zealand) and finally fixed it with the help of this:—@msokolov
@msokolov I don’t think it’s a question of detecting the timezone so much as normalizing it all to UTC and accepting lookup over 2 “days”—@ndw

Sunday at 01:05pm

You cannot fuck the future, sir; the future fucks you. – Hugo Jarry—@kendall

Sunday at 04:30pm

:) If a pizza has a radius 'z' and a depth 'a', that pizza's volume can be defined by Pi*z*z*a (via @donaldkoenig) #pizzamath—@danicamckellar

Monday at 08:57pm

RT @wilshipley: Whenever I think of Turing I’m all, “Thank goodness our government wouldn’t hound a computer genius until he killed hims ...—@ndw