XML Calabash 1.0.4 released

Volume 16, Issue 2; 26 Jan 2013

Announcing a new release of XML Calabash.

Version 1.0.4 of XML Calabash is a sort of “checkpoint” release of my XProc processor.

After several months of inactivity (other projects, my day job, life), I returned to working on XML Calabash. I discovered, to my surprise, that it failed to pass a significant number of tests.

I decided, given that I'd been away from it for a while, that I would focus on getting it back to full conformance before working on anything else. Along the way, I fixed some significant bugs in my XML Resolver library and some smaller bugs in XML Calabash.

I'm pleased to report complete success. (I maintain that the single reported failure is actually a “pass”. The specification allows for latitude in how markup is unescaped.)

Hopefully, I'm back on track for more responsive updates.

Here's a summary of the recent changes:

  • Fixed a typo in undeclare-prefixes; the serializer was ignoring that attribute due to the typo.

  • Updated the version of xmlresolver.jar in the lib directory. I fixed several significant errors in the caching code of XML Resolver.

  • Fixed some bugs in the handling of p:namespaces.

  • Handle MIME id, description, and disposition on single-part POSTs.

  • Fixed bug with file:/// URIs in p:log elements.

  • Updated Saxon HE in lib.

  • Fixed an issue with redirects and local resources.

  • Added EBNF sources and tweaked a few of the compact syntax extensions. I've largely abandoned pursuit of a compact syntax, at least for the time being.

Share and enjoy.