The short-form week of 21–27 Jan 2013

28 Jan 2013

The week in review, 140 characters at a time.

This document was created automatically from my archive of my Twitter stream. Due to limitations in the Twitter API and occasional glitches in my archiving system, it may not be 100% complete.

In a conversation that started on Monday at 01:36am

Interesting #OAuth "device token" proposal from my favorite WS-Dudette, Umit Yalcinalp of Adobe—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl Link to the spec proposal or paper?—@zer0n1ne
@zer0n1ne @umityalcinalp There's this blog post with a link, but the paper is behind a pay wall - IETF I-D coming?—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl @zer0n1ne Can you access the paper right? I can download it without payment from—@umityalcinalp
@umityalcinalp @zer0n1ne Nope, sorry, it requires payment for me. You must have a login. #damnauthn—@xmlgrrl
@xmlgrrl @zer0n1ne Interesting! Irony of it as I do not login. Will investigate tomorrow.—@umityalcinalp
@umityalcinalp @xmlgrrl @zer0n1ne Does your employer have unlimited access? Perhaps your IP address is the key?—@ndw
@ndw @xmlgrrl @zer0n1ne Ok, folks. I finally have a copy from my website. Comments welcome.—@umityalcinalp
.@umityalcinalp @ndw @zer0n1ne Re #OAuth device token profile: Thanks very much! Looking now.—@xmlgrrl

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If I lived in a country where this was normal, I'd want to own a gun too. #fb—@mnot
@mnot I will, I fear, eventually have to live in another country.—@ndw
@ndw it's not something to fear :)—@mnot

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We live in the kind of Universe where more things are true than are not. Metaphysically speaking, Yes is truer than No.—@evanlenz
@evanlenz Hmm. AFAICT, things are what they are. Statements about them may be true or false, but I don’t see how true statements outnumber.—@ndw
@ndw Yes, it "should" be 50/50. It's my best attempt at describing an ineffable experience. I rarely denounce anymore. Cf. "reality tunnels"—@evanlenz

Monday at 06:40pm

I hate it when Twitter's down because the place where I want to complain that I can't get on Twitter is Twitter—@Will_Bunch

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The top of my to do list. Paul Graham explains his simple rules for a happy life—@timoreilly
advice by Paul Graham via @timoreilly "Don't ignore your dreams; don't work too much; say what you think; cultivate friendships; be happy."—@amyvdh

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Input: no namespace. Output: namespace. Language: xquery. Result: headache + anger, and finally, solution.—@dauwhe
@dauwhe /me resists the temptation to observe that the input being in no namespace was the bug. Expects to be pilloried for the observation.—@ndw

Monday at 07:48pm

Q: How is standards development like walking the dog? A: In both situations you get to watch animals mark their territory.—@edsu

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I have bananas. In a week or so, I will have banana bread.—@ndw
@ndw Recipe please Norm? Sounds good.—@dpawson
@dpawson I like the “Best Banana Bread” recipe from Cook’s Illustrated.—@ndw
@ndw It's locked Norm? Do you have access?—@dpawson
@dpawson Yes, I subscribe. It’s my go-to place for recipes.—@ndw

Monday at 08:53pm

Has anyone started a service that functions as an alternate resolver for shortened URLs?—@ndw

Monday at 08:57pm

RT @wilshipley: Whenever I think of Turing I’m all, “Thank goodness our government wouldn’t hound a computer genius until he killed hims ...—@ndw

Monday at 08:57pm

RT @pragdave: The more I code web content, the more I rely on xsl to give me _real_ semantic markup. I treat HTML the way coffeescript u ...—@ndw

Monday at 08:57pm

+1 “@ndw: I have bananas. In a week or so, I will have banana bread.”—@kendall

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Never get into a fair fight. The true story of Deadwood.—@kendall
@kendall I really enjoyed your Deadwood tweets. Man, that was a good show.—@ndw
@ndw Oh, thx for saying. Almost done with the retrospective. I think it's my fav ever. David Milch is a genius.—@kendall

Monday at 09:05pm

I’m not sure how to tell:—@ndw

Monday at 09:10pm

It IS about physics. It ALL is.—@ndw

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I ♥ NYC—@mdubinko
@mdubinko I am not a native. I don’t even particularly like NYC, exactly, but I maintain it is western civilization’s uber city. Viva NYC.—@ndw

Monday at 11:29pm

Ok, what asshat at M$ fucked up and a coded a system that allows the HTML quoted parts of mail messages to have lines that begin “From:”?—@ndw

Tuesday at 12:48am

Suicide Linux; any incorrect command issues rm -rf /—@codinghorror

Tuesday at 02:31am

"Girls, time to join the Brownies." "But Dad, I don't know if I..." "DO IT NOW BECAUSE COOKIES!"—@codinghorror

Tuesday at 04:48am

Entrepreneurs are prepared to sacrifice what most wouldn't (lifestyle, salary, work/life balance), so someday they can live like most can't.—@adamblottr

Tuesday at 07:04am

Bach has many awesome qualities, but "being able to compete with the sound of a power-drill" is not one of them.—@j4

Tuesday at 07:15am

XML Stars, the journal is out! ▸ Top stories today via @XSLFO @ndw—@dominixml

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Agency Wank: a Tumblr collecting terrible ad agency slogans. “We’re a strategic unicorn cult that will brandify d...—@tommorris
@tommorris Gack! Those are truly awful!—@ndw

Tuesday at 08:58am

Hi, I’m that guy with ten unfinished projects who’d really like to start twenty more.—@rstevens

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 09:22am

I am kind of half-offended & half-just-plain-baffled that my QR code cake is included here:—@j4
@j4 FWIW, my phone decoded the picture of the QR code and got to the right place. Recursion, FTW!—@ndw
@ndw Glad it worked! Someone did manage to decode it from the cake itself at the party, too. :)—@j4

Tuesday at 09:23am

2004: language zealots (self included) try to force xml-everywhere. 2013: language zealots try to force xml-nowhere.—@svgeesus

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 09:28am

Yellow #2 pencil in a dream last night had a little LCD screen on one of its faces into which you could type (how!?) web searches.—@ndw
@ndw I'm sure that's all coming in the next gen Livescribe.—@cramerdw
@ndw What?—@alexmilowski

Tuesday at 09:41am

Hmph. If you “retweet”, when you get the tweet from your stream, there’s an RT in front and it may be truncated. Won’t be doing that anymore—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:02am

"I admit that I framed him. I don't feel no remorse. It was just my way of gettin' even with the man who shot my horse."—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:08am

RT @svgeesus obstructing the cowpaths, if they were made by XML cows #usersAreIrrelevantApparently—@ndw

Tuesday at 10:42am

Never commit to master,, /via, uh, someone.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 12:00pm

I have to reformat the drive to encrypt it. Really, OS X?—@ndw
@ndw Just yesterday I enabled FileVault (for the whole disk I think) and it just rebooted and started encrypting while I continued working.—@RobbertAtWork
@ndw I think you can encrypt in-place by enabling it from Settings. Certainly I did...—@adamretter

Tuesday at 01:09pm

Roe wasn't the start of women getting abortions, it was the end of women dying from them. Keeping it safe & legal is #prolife. #RoeAt40—@NARALNH

Tuesday at 01:23pm

Right now, many thousands of alerts around the world are being ignored. Their human targets correctly suspect they are noise, not signal.—@allspaw

Tuesday at 02:20pm

RT @ndw: Never commit to master,, /via, uh, someone.—@tobias_fischer

Tuesday at 04:27pm

Holy cow! RT @maksim2042 LaTeX has been ported to JavaScript—@ndw

Tuesday at 04:28pm

Yay! :D ♺ @ndw: Holy cow! RT @maksim2042 LaTeX has been ported to JavaScript—@kamen

Tuesday at 04:30pm

Starting the day out making a right fool of myself. If you're going to do a job, don't be half-assed about it, I always say! :-(—@malcolmt

Tuesday at 04:31pm

RT @mikeloukides social (?) shell aliases. Seriously, if you're a command line user, this looks really good.—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 05:02pm

@simonstl If I were to pick a winner, I'd say that CSV kicked XML's ass in the #OpenData world, and JSON didn't turn show up for the fight.—@david_megginson
@david_megginson... show and becomes a lot more about genuine implementation. Bottle of wine? @simonstl—@robinberjon
@robinberjon @david_megginson untyped data wins whether you talk CSV or JSON. (I see way more JSON, but web-centric, so...)—@simonstl
@simonstl @robinberjon XML is also untyped - am I missing something? XSD != XML.—@david_megginson
@david_megginson @robinberjon XML itself is not very typed, but much 'XML' practice/culture built on type assumptions brought into XSD.—@simonstl
@simonstl We're in loud agreement, then. XML is not for object serialization, any more than SQL is for object persistence. Cc @robinberjon—@david_megginson
@david_megginson @robinberjon yes - I just wish markup had resisted the detour into that terrain. Poisoned many opinions.—@simonstl

Tuesday at 05:06pm

Wifi calling doesn’t seem to be an option on either of the recent Google Nexus phones. Is there a technical reason, does anyone know?—@ndw

In a conversation that started on Tuesday at 05:21pm

Turns out if you Ctrl+Click on a drive icon in Finder, there’s an encrypt option. But there isn’t in Disk Utility. Nice UI guys.—@ndw
@ndw that's always been the apple way...secret keys and mysterious icons—@msokolov

Tuesday at 10:39pm

“Mary Elizabeth took a picture of the road and it looked like a whole bunch of Z’s and W’s all strung together”—@ndw

Tuesday at 11:33pm

Templeton Rye. It's okay, you can thank me later,.—@ndw

Tuesday at 11:43pm

Have started the loudest dishwasher in the world moments before bed. Suspect I have made a tactical error.—@ndw

Wednesday at 01:05am

"@ndw: LaTeX has been ported to JavaScript"—@ond1

In a conversation that started on Wednesday at 07:56am

Someone please explain to me how accessing CVS on can possibly cause my wifi connection to fall over. Or how to debug.—@ndw
@ndw Your Wifi router must be astonished by the packets coming from there! More srsly, what kind of access (Web vs ssh vs ?) on which server—@dontcallmedom
@dontcallmedom cvs+ssh, I believe. Any cvs command to /w3ccvs causes my wifi to stop, which I fully admit makes no f’ing sense.—@ndw
@ndw I love this kind of non-sense bugs :) is wifi stopping on your machine, or is the access point failing?—@dontcallmedom
@dontcallmedom I’m pretty confident the wireless AP falls over momentarily.—@ndw
@ndw if (username='ndw') { exit(1); }—@alexmilowski

Wednesday at 08:39am

"Discard instructions"—@ndw

Wednesday at 10:40am

As the Romulan vessel decloaked, I wondered about all the things that we hide from our partners, and from ourselves—@trekandthecity

Wednesday at 03:44pm

It's fairly sunny here, yet snowing. I think it's cold enough for snow crystals to be materializing out of the quantum foam itself.—@lmorchard

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"Warning: E4X is deprecated. It will be .../... removed in Firefox 18." #fails—@evlist
@evlist Unsurprising. XSLT might be next?—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @evlist xslt 1.0 is barely xml tech in my opinion (no offense intended), clearly xtech will only happen only via js going forward—@xquery
@xquery @evlist Agreed, it’s not a big loss.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @xquery @evlist It’s a big loss if you rely on client-side processing and there’s only one other game in town.—@ndw
@ndw @xquery @evlist But surely there will be open JS impl at some point.—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @xquery @evlist Maybe. It’s an awfully large, complex bit of software to write. In JavaScript. For a very small community.—@ndw
@ndw @xquery @evlist I am betting on Java-to-JS. Of course non-trivial as Saxon-CE shows, but still possible.—@ebruchez
@ndw @xquery @evlist After all we have Linux and mp4 decoders running in JS VM (C-to-JS).—@ebruchez
@ebruchez @ndw @evlist @xquery Here's zorba to js using the same technique—@wcandillon
@ndw @ndw @ebruchez @evlist well there is google.xslt thingie wonder how fast that runs these days ?—@xquery
@xquery @ndw @ebruchez @evlist As far as I know the google.xslt thingy doesn't support unicode. Also couldn't find a strong test suite.—@wcandillon

Saturday at 12:30pm

RT @xmlcalabash: XML Calabash 1.0.4 released,—@ndw

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Are there good Java tools for helping to identify memory leaks?—@ndw
@ndw MAT.—@dehora
@dehora @ndw Agreed. Fantastically useful tool debugging our crazy heap dumps.—@masteinhauser
@masteinhauser @dehora It’s clearly powerful. I’m not sure how to use it to figure out who’s not freeing what, though.—@ndw
@ndw @dehora I don't remember exactly any more, but the site has good tutorials to track it down. Need to know app details too.—@masteinhauser
@ndw YourKit.—@ebruchez

Saturday at 04:48pm

Religious freedom: not using contraception. Religious tyranny: preventing someone else from using contraception.—@kendall

Saturday at 05:04pm

Christian hell: fire; pagan hell: fire; Muslim hell: fire; Hindu hell: flames. Religions think God was born to run a rotisserie. VICTOR HUGO—@qikipedia

Saturday at 05:34pm

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.@dehora MAT to the rescue. XML Calabash memory leak fixed. Not sure I'd *ever* have found it on my own.—@ndw
@ndw Good to hear. It's a great tool when you need it.—@dehora

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Well, I made validation run 3x faster. OTOH I made regression crash several 100 times implementing new search feature. #gooddaybadday?—@mathling
@mathling Call it a #goodday. The results are the same either way and 3x is pretty sweet. <ducks>Do the same for XSLT tomorrow?</ducks>—@ndw
@ndw you are the poster child for #giveamouseacookie aren't you?—@mathling
@mathling Uh, is there an answer that makes CPF run faster? <ducks-and-hides/>—@ndw

Saturday at 08:23pm

RT @UKYoungAstro: We want to follow 1,000 space enthusiasts by the end of this week. Time for a follow spree. RT if you want a follow #W ...—@ndw

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"Carpe Millennium" Long Now shot glass—@mattb
@mattb #want—@ndw

Sunday at 12:02pm

RT @xmlprague: retweet if you going to XML Prague 2013 #xmlprague—@ndw

Sunday at 12:38pm

RT @xmlcalabash: XML Calabash 1.0.5 released, fixed a memory leak.—@ndw